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How to Choose 2 or 3 Wheel Scooter For 5 Year Old Kids?




Many parents are usually stuck choosing between a 2-wheeled and 3-wheeled scooter for their children. This is very challenging, especially if your kid is new to scooters. However, if you know your kid well and what to look for in a kid’s scooter, then things become somewhat easy.

So, whether you’re looking for a scooter to teach your kid how to balance, gain confidence, enjoy the ride, or learn some skills, this guide will help you know what scooter to select between a 2-wheeled and 3-wheeled scooter for your 5-year-old child.

What to consider when picking a 2-wheeled or 3-wheeled scooter?

Age of the rider 

A critical consideration to look at when picking a 2-wheeled or 3-wheeled scooter is the rider’s age. It is recommended for toddlers to start with a 3-wheeled scooter to develop confidence in riding and improve their balancing skills. After your kid has grown and developed more confidence riding a 3-wheeled scooter, you can now introduce them to a 2-wheeled scooter.

Balancing and turning 

If balancing is not a problem for your toddler, then you can introduce a 2-wheeled scooter to them. However, get them a 3-wheeled scooter as they are good at stabilizing kids who are still learning how to balance a scooter. Besides, kids can learn how to balance and gain confidence in riding.

Turning also plays a part in which scooter to select. 2-wheeled scooters require the rider to lean-to-steer to turn, while a 3-wheeled scooter can be turned using the scooter’s handlebars. So, if your kid is having issues leaning to turn the scooter, a two-wheeled scooter may be the solution.

Scooter design 

A vital factor to look at when picking a 2-wheeled or 3-wheeled scooter is the scooter’s design. Note that 3-wheeled scooters usually have a more oversized deck than two-wheeled scooters. Therefore, a kid just getting started will be more comfortable on a three-wheeled scooter’s larger and lower deck.

Since the decks of 3-wheeled scooters are low, they balance better than the 2-wheeled scooters, making them perfect for starters.

Wheel size 

Aside from checking the rider’s age, scooter design, and balancing, you also have to look at the size of the wheel when picking a 2-wheeled or 3-wheeled scooter. Smaller wheels are suitable for toddlers, while larger wheels are great for bigger kids or adults. Yes, smaller wheels may not be fast, but they are very convenient.

Nonetheless, if you have a big kid or teenager, getting a scooter with large wheels is the best option. They are faster, comfortable, more durable, and stable. Nevertheless, controlling them can be slightly challenging compared to smaller wheels.

Weight of the scooter 

Whether you want a 2-wheeled or 3-wheeled scooter, the scooter’s weight is very crucial. Ensure to select a scooter that doesn’t outweigh your kid. Make sure your kid can carry the scooter from place A to B without any struggle.

What are the different types of 3-wheeled scooters?

As its name suggests, a 3-wheeled scooter comes with three wheels. It can have two wheels at the front and one at the rear or vice-versa. 3-wheeled scooters are the best for beginners as they are easier to control and safer than two-wheeled scooters.

However, since there are different three-wheeled scooters, it is vital to pick the right type for your kid. Here are the four types of 3-wheeled scooters:

Two front wheels, one rear wheel, with bicycle-type steering

If your kid is just getting started, this is the ideal scooter to purchase. This scooter doesn’t require any balancing skills. Therefore, it does not better balance motor skills for riding a scooter. However, your 2-or 3-year-old kid will benefit by strengthening their leg and calf muscles.

What’s more, it is a beautiful scooter for kids struggling with a lean-to-steer scooter. It can help them to gain confidence as they move forward.

Two front wheels, one rear wheel, with lean-to-turn type steering

This is the most popular three-wheeled scooter on the market. Unlike the previous scooter, this unit allows young kids to learn how to lean as they steer the scooter to turn in their preferred direction. Nonetheless, it does half of the work of balancing. For instance, when your kid goes forward, the scooter balances itself.

Even though this scooter comes with a handlebar for holding, the bars do not turn when you try to change direction. You can only turn the scooter by leaning in the direction you desire. This style of riding assists young riders to quickly and intuitively comprehend the dynamics between the position of the rider’s center-of-mass and the speed of the turn. Additionally, it builds the riders’ confidence to lean off-center, understanding that they can recover. This confidence is crucial as it helps them learn how to ride a two-wheeled scooter or bike.

One front wheel, two rear wheels, with bicycle-type steering

Like the first 3-wheeled scooter on this list, this scooter does little to help the kid learn how to balance. It is meant for fun and to strengthen the kid’s muscles. Unfortunately, this scooter is even more challenging to ride as the broader base is at the rear and not the front. What’s more, since the rear wheels stick out, it can distract your toddler as they try to push the scooter.

One front wheel, two rear wheels in a V-Shape arrangement

This is a unique scooter that is created for a particular riding style. It is not ideal for toddlers as it requires some riding skills. Unlike the three-wheeled scooters on this list, this unit is propelled forward not by pushing with one foot but with a hp twisting movement that carves the scooter along.

How can I comprehend if my child is ready to ride a scooter?

Before you invest in a 2 or 3 wheel scooter for your 5-year-old kids, you should identify if your kid is ready to ride one or not. This is important as it also helps you know which types of scooters to acquire for your kid. Since kids differ in motor skills, you should observe your child closely and determine whether they are ready to ride a scooter.

One of the best indicators is physical ability. Some people use age, but it is not a good predictor. Typically, any child who can walk with a steady stride should ride a kick scooter. Hence, this implies that kick scooters can be ridden by 2-year plus kids.

As with any sport, the earlier they start, the better. So, if your kid delays starting riding a scooter, their motor skill development will also be delayed. Since most kids learn how to ride a bike by 5-years, a scooter can be learned even earlier.

The critical thing to remember before introducing a kick scooter to your kid is that they should start with a more effortless and safer scooter as they become pros.

Why should you buy a kick scooter for your kid?

A kick scooter has many advantages for your kid. Some of these include:

  • To develop your kid’s motor skills and build their physical confidence
  • Use it as a preparation to learn how to ride a bicycle
  • It helps diversify your kid’s outdoor activities
  • To help your kid have fun or learn some scooter tricks


Generally, a 5-year-old can ride on a two-wheeled or three-wheeled scooter. If the kid is just getting started, it would be best if you introduced them to a three-wheeled scooter and, later, a two-wheeled scooter when they have learned to balance and gained confidence.

However, if your 5-year-old knows how to balance and can ride a bike, you don’t need to introduce them to a three-wheeled scooter as they can learn to ride a two-wheeled scooter much faster. All in all, the best scooter for a 5-year-old physically stable kid with confidence should be a 2-wheeled scooter.


Can a 2-year-old kid ride a 2-wheeled scooter?

No, it’s not recommended. It is crucial to start developing your kid’s motor skills and help them gain confidence by teaching them how to balance on a 3-wheeled scooter. However, if your kid is a fast learner and knows how to balance and has confidence, then they can ride a two-wheeled scooter. But this shouldn’t be encouraged at all.

What age is a 3-wheeled scooter for?

A 3-wheeled scooter is best suited for a kid aged 3-plus years. Nonetheless, it can be used by a 2-year-old kid, as long as they are confident and willing to learn how to balance. A two-year-old kid should only ride a two-front wheel, one rear wheel, and a bicycle-type steering 3-wheeled scooter.

Which one should I purchase for my child – a 2-wheeled scooter or a 3-wheeled scooter?

Buy a 3-wheeled scooter if your kid is just getting started with a scooter. A 3-wheeled scooter is also perfect for a kid who needs help with confidence and stability on a scooter. Besides, it also helps kids develop balance but keeps them safe at the same time.

On the other hand, a 2-wheeled scooter is suitable for a kid who has learned how to balance a scooter. On top of that, they should have confidence as it needs proper control compared to the 3-wheeled scooter.


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