Best Actron Scanner Reviews For DIY & Professional 2024

With the Actron scanner device, you can make vehicle maintenance tasks very easy and quick. The brand ensures you that, in every critical situation, it will help you and save you precious time and money. The brand always wants to add more compelling features and improve its qualities. It pays attention to the compatibility and coverage of an OBD2 scanner tool that the mechanics, professionals, and technicians love to try. The Actron brand makes it possible to get many types of diagnostic scanner tools for various kinds of consumers. As it supports beginners, it welcomes professionals too. On the other hand, the scanner brand supplies different types of prices based on the affordability of a buyer. So check out the whole Best Actron Scanner Reviews article before deciding on which OBD2 scanner you want to invest your money in. 

Top 6 Best Actron Scanner Reviews

Actron OBD2 code readers will help you find out any problem instantly and overcome the hassle. You can afford different Actron scanner models with outstanding qualities at a meager price. So let’s check some of the top Actron OBD2 tools you can buy this year.

Actron CP9670 Trilingual OBD2 Tool (Our Top Pick)

It is one of the popular products of the Actron brand. You can find very effective characteristics and performances here with speedy outcomes. One of the most impressive matters of the Actron CP9670 trilingual OBD2 diagnostic scanner device is live data presentation. The tool allows you to view the real-time user data, and when the engine runs, you also can get the opportunity to have vehicle sensor reports elaborately. Furthermore, it provides a color LCD screen that enables a user to realize the entire interface conveniently. Without understanding the codes, you can not solve the disturbances correctly. Actron CP9670 diagnostic device

The scanner device can read as well as remove the battery and alternator codes, ABS codes, and powertrain codes. Not only these, but the automotive trilingual OBD2 code reader allows one to experience code definition which covers vast compatibility with vehicles. Actually, the scanner device is very effective for an average vehicle user, or, more specifically, the device is beneficial for the customer who wants to use it regularly. The tool is perfect for a home mechanic and DIY user. Now let us consider some key pros and cons of the Actron CP9670 trilingual OBD2 diagnostic scanner device to know more about its advantages and setbacks.

Some Pros of the Actron CP9670 diagnostic device

  • The gadget serves as a color screen to make the user understand easily.
  • One can handle the tool very conveniently.
  • It offers a larger display for the betterment of the consumer.
  • The diagnostic device is a very budget-friendly scanner tool that anyone can afford.
  • Actron CP9670 diagnostic device has the feature with which a consumer can have an updated list of code definitions.
  • With the help of Actron CP9670, you can record data. Even the gadget allows reviewing data to your advantage.
  • You will be able to receive instant outcomes with the scanner device. 

Some Limitations

  • Sometimes some difficulties may occur in updating the machine.
  • Actron CP9670 trilingual OBD2 diagnostic scanner device may have a compatibility problem with some vehicles. 

Best Actron Code Scanner CP9680 Plus

When you search for an OBD2 scanning device, then it is indispensable to read thoroughly about the brands in the market. Every brand has its signature style to impress the consumers. By reading the best Actron scanner review, you can understand which product suits you more. Among different models of the automotive scanner tool, the Actron CP9680 is one of the famous goods of this brand. With very outstanding and impressive features, the device costs very low. It provides a comprehensive data source of code connect that serves more than twenty-six million tested fixes. Moreover, for the betterment of the user, the diagnostic tool includes a large LCD colorful screen. Actron Code Scanner CP9680 Plus Scanner

The scanner tool is compatible with domestic and foreign vehicles from 1966 to 2013, including Hyundai, Ford, Honda, Chrysler, and so on. The device can supply three different languages, so, among these, you can select one according to your necessity. On the other hand, the gadget will serve you the opportunity to experience SRS airbag and ABS coverage, print data to the computer, monitor the Battery system, and AutoID. Furthermore, the device can record, graph, and playback the live engine data.

Some positive sides of the Actron CP9680 plus diagnostic device

  • The diagnostic scanner tool allows the alternator and the battery both for charging purposes. 
  • You can see the repairs and fixes that have been certified and varied with the help of professionals on the scanner tool.
  • It can read and check the engine light and airbag codes accurately and immediately.
  • You can operate the tool without any advanced knowledge of OBD2. So it is very straightforward to use.
  • This scanner gadget is very compact, sturdy, and handy, so anyone can hold it easily.
  • The Actron CP9680 plus diagnostic device provides an LCD screen so that the user can understand the interface clearly.
  • It gives excellent customer care services.
  • Actron CP9680 plus supports the internet and provides a USB cable to the user. 
  • It costs comparatively lower.

Some opposing sides

  • It may not offer PCM programming and individually test sensors like the other standard scanner diagnostic tool.
  • It allows just three languages, including Spanish, French, and English.

Actron CP9125 C Pocket Auto Scanner and Code Reader

Since the Actron CP9125 C diagnostic code reader is very simple to use and is considered a pocket scanner machine, anyone can use the product with comfort. You can maintain this without any high knowledge about the OBD2 device. The most amazing thing is that one can get many fundamental features, qualitative performances, and instant outcomes at a very cheap rate. Moreover, the most valuable aspect of the Actron CP9125 C is that it offers extensive compatibility and coverage. It supports 1996 and the latest vehicles, including different light trucks, SUVs, and vans. On the other hand, it allows more than five thousand fault databases that make the device appropriate for many more vehicle models. It gives you the opportunity to apply the tool with the1994 to 1995 OBD2 compliant vehicles. Actron CP9125 C Pocket Auto Scanner Review

Apart from these, you can get a portable and compact design with a simple way to upgrade the Actron CP9125 C diagnostic code reader software. It can read and remove trouble codes, engine diagnostic trouble codes, and so on. One can get the DTCs in the screen to detect the actual reason for immediately illuminating the check engine light. Besides, it is possible to view the emission status with the scanner tool before the annual state emission test. Now let us consider some positive and opposing features of the Actron CP9125 C OBD2 diagnostic scanner device to know more about its problem and advantages.


  • The most attractive thing about the automotive diagnostic scan tool is its durable and handy design.
  • This OBD2 scanner device is a very budget-friendly tool with much more features and opportunities.
  • It supplies impressive compatibility and coverage for the benefit of the consumers.
  • Advanced then the Actron CP9580A Enhanced ODB2 device
  • With a very straightforward process, one can upgrade the software in the scanner device. 
  • The Actron CP9125 C OBD2 scanner device offers twelve months of warranty to the users. 


  • The Actron CP9125 C OBD2 diagnostic scanner device may fail to provide an error definition on the screen. 
  • The scanner tool can not support advanced technological features for users.
  • Sometimes, the Actron CP9125 C provides a poor connection for upgrading the software.

Actron CP9695 Pro OBD2 Car Scanning Device

If you want to grab any OBD2 device that supports the fundamental aspects at a reasonable price, then you can think about the Actron CP9695 pro scanner gadget. Because this tool supplies you with more essential features than it costs. On the other hand, the OBD2 diagnostic device is very effortless to use and carry. To know more information, you have to read this best Actron scanner review thoroughly.

With this OBD2 scanner tool, you can get excellent compatibility because the device suits all the OBD2 and CAN compliant domestic or foreign vehicles of 1996 to the latest. Moreover, it supports the OBD2 equipped cars of 1994 to 1995. The device has excellent coverage with Audi, Chrysler, BMW, Land Rover, Toyota, GM, Mercedes, and so on. It can read engine diagnostic trouble codes, shows, and capture ABS Datastream for Domestic and enhanced powertrain. Actron CP9695 Pro OBD2 Scanner

Besides these, the Actron CP9695 serves the opportunity to get the features of reading and displaying airbag codes with the definition and OBD2 live real-time data. On the other hand, you can record, playback, view the vehicle sensor, relay inputs, and switch even if the engine runs. More than three hundred possible data PIDs are available here, but it depends on the category of the vehicle. The Actron CP9695 pro is a marvelous code reader and diagnostic scanner with all the basic functionalities and extra advantages in a one-sentence. Now check some key advantages and disadvantages of the Actron CP9695 pro scanner tool.

some key benefits

  • The scanner tool is very straightforward to maintain. 
  • The LCD screen that the device provides is very beneficial to the consumer in reading and understanding any default code. 
  • Actron CP9695 Pro OBD2 scanner tool gives the opportunity to use a battery.
  • You can get colossal coverage and compatibility with the scanner gadget. 
  • It serves qualitative performance with appropriate outcomes. 
  • The CP9695 Pro contains a backlit screen.
  • It has the capability of having code connecting to the source with over-approved and tested twenty million fixes. 


  • Sometimes the device may have malicious software.
  • The price may be a little high for some buyers. 

Actron CP9660 plus Pocket Scanner 

The Actron CP9660 plus pocket scanner tool is another famous product of the Actron brand. The scanner tool is very straightforward to use, and its price is meager that anyone can grab this. It is actually an entry-level scanner device with fundamental features. The tool displays I/M monitors for emissions, view freeze frame data, read and display pending Diagnostic Trouble Codes, reads and indicates vehicle VIN, and so on. On the other hand, the device gives you accurate and fast feedback. You can see the results in the dark because the gadget has a backlit screen. It Reads and removes Anti-Lock Braking System, resets Malfunction Indicator Light, switches off the check engine light. Actron CP9660 plus Pocket Scanner Reviews

Moreover, the Actron CP9660 plus OBD2 scanner tool has excellent compatibility and coverage. It supports OBD2 and CAN compliant almost all domestic and foreign vehicle models and makes from 1996 to 2013, including Hyundai, Nissan, Ford, Honda, Chrysler, GM, and so on. Besides, the device has compatibility with OBD2 compliant vehicles from 1994 to 1995 also. But the diagnostic tool does not support the AUDI brand. Now see some crucial positive and opposing sides of the Actron CP9660 plus scanner tool.

Some prime benefits of the Actron CP9660 plus pocket diagnostic scanner device

  • The scanner device serves as an opportunity to view live data to find out the problem instantly and fix these immediately.
  • With the help of the scanner gadget, one can use it in low light because it contains a backlit light.
  • Because of having small and durable design, anyone can hold it with one hand only. 
  • Not only suitable body construction, but you can maintain the scanner device without any technical or advanced knowledge about diagnostic tools. 
  • Anyone can afford the code reader because of its cheap cost. 
  • Actron CP9660 plus pocket OBD2 scanner device gives you a chance to get immediate and accurate feedback.
  • CP9660 plus pocket device offers Patented TrueLink and CAN Technology.

Some setbacks

  • Since it is not a professional scanner tool, you can not get any advanced technology or features with the Actron CP9660 plus diagnostic scanner code reader.
  • Sometimes the Actron CP9660 plus pocket diagnostic tool may cause compatibility problems with some vehicles. 

Actron CP9600 U-Scan CAN Diagnostic Tool

The specialty of the Actron CP9600 u-scanner diagnostic tool is that it costs very cheap. For the DIY user, it is a very suitable and budget-friendly scanner device. With this diagnostic tool, you can get many more advantages that make you feel comfortable and convenient in maintaining the vehicle. This scanner tool supports all the OBD2 and CAN compatible domestic and imported cars from 1996 and the latest. Moreover, the device can read and remove the diagnostic trouble codes and switch off the check engine light. Apart from these, one can get diagnostic trouble code definition through the quick check feature of this Actron CP9600.Actron CP9600

This Actron CP9600 u-scanner diagnostic device can display and read sensor readings, RPM, coolant temperature, pending Diagnostic Trouble Codes, Inspection Maintenance (I/M) readiness, and so on. Furthermore, the scanner gadget performs on the airbag, anti-lock braking system, and checks engine lights via a smartphone application and with the help of a plug and play characteristics.

Features we like

  • You can get the scanner device at a very cheap rate. 
  • It can be possible to read and view Diagnostic Trouble Codes with the CP9600.
  • One can operate the Actron CP9600 U-diagnostic and scanner device with just a simple play and play feature.
  • The device allows a smartphone application.
  • Actron CP9600 provides the opportunity to get access to the database of code connect.

Some detriment

  • The Actron CP9600 tool can not provide the advanced or latest technology to the consumer.
  • It has a Compatibility issue. 
  • This CP9600 only can perform with a U-scan application.


With the help of the Actron best scanner review, you already have gathered a better conception of the Actron brand. When you are a beginner or an entry-level user, then you should not take any advanced OBD2 device. You may not cope with the advanced and challenging features in the very beginning period. In addition, it is not possible to afford a diagnostic code reader that serves high-end facilities with a low budget.

On the contrary, when you are an expert and have enough knowledge about the latest characteristics and technology, you should take a diagnostic tool that has facilities with a professional level. But it should be kept in mind that the professional-level scanner gadgets are not as cheap as the average level. According to one’s demand, capability, and affordability, she should grab a diagnostic scanner tool of a reputed brand. So, based on the above review, do not forget to try the OBD2 scanner tool among these six.