Ancel FX4000 Reviews 2024 [Battery-Powered TPMS Scanner]

Everyone wants a diagnostic scanner tool that can support all the necessary features with extra advanced facilities to make life easier. The Ancel fx4000 is one of the advanced diagnostic scanner tools compared to Ancel AD310 with super versatile characteristics. It performs with the help of its own display and cord that the user can handle without any hardware. Furthermore, It solves common disturbances, or you can say more specifically that the device performs all ten OBD2 test modes. One can experience the aspects of reading data stream, I/M readiness test, O2 sensor test, freeze frame, reading, clearing the pending and stored code, etc. So if you are curious and want to clarify more about the automotive diagnostic scanner tool, read through the Ancel fx4000 reviews. It will give you a clear conception of this product. 

The Ancel fx 4000 scanner diagnostic device performs on most problematic and particular issues like battery control, ABS problems, brake system failure, oil service light problems, etc. The basic services that the tool serves are Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Immobilizer System, Steering Angle Sensor, ACC System, and Transmission System. With the advantage of getting a lifetime free software upgrading opportunity, the scanner tool provides a multilingual menu also. Since one of the most significant matters for a mechanic or car enthusiast is compatibility and coverage, the versatile tool offers excellent range and compatibility. 

Technical Specifications of  Ancle FX4000 OBD2 Scanner

Features Ancle FX4000
Dimensions: 9.45 x 6.69 x 1.97 inches
Display: 480 X 272 TFT
Weight: 2.9 pounds
Screen Size: 5.6 Inches
OBDII Protocol: ISO9141, KWP2000, J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW and CAN
Operating Voltage: 12 Volts
Support Languages: English, Spanish,  Japanese, Italian, Korean, French, Polish, Russian, German, and Dutch
Vehicle Convergence:  Asian after 2003, European after 2001, and Americans after 1996
Oil Reset:  Yes
I/M readiness test:  Yes
O2 sensor test:  Yes
EVAP:  Yes
live data stream:  Yes
Tire Pressure Monitoring System:  Yes
ABS Bleeding:  Yes
Free Update: Lifetime

All System Automotive OBD2 Scanner Ancel FX4000 Reviews

Let us see some valuable features of the Ancel fx4000 OBD2 automotive diagnostic scanner device. Ancel fx4000 OBD2 automotive diagnostic scanner device

ABS Bleeding

If you want to protect your vehicle tires from any friction with the ground, then you need the ABS function in your vehicle. Besides this, the feature saves the car that the wheels cannot be locked up while braking and declines tire gear. One needs the ABS after changing the wheel cylinder. By doing this, the adaptation will be complete. 

The diagnostic scanner tool maintains some crucial and critical functions. ABS bleeding is one of the most significant features of this fx4000. It can read as well as remove the error codes from the procedure. After clearing codes, it switches off the dashboard light.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

For monitoring the real-time tire pressure while driving, the TPMS enables the user. It also sends a signal to protect you from any disturbance when the pressure is low. 

This fx4000 OBD2 automotive diagnostic scanner device reads and removes fault codes of the tire pressure monitoring system and switches off the TPMS warning light. Maintaining the vehicle is an essential and critical task to keep a car safe and smooth. 

Ancel FX4000 Performs Oil Reset

It is significant to reset the service lamps on the instrument cluster. It assists the user in understanding when the vehicle needs service. But it should be kept in mind that every car does not allow this oil reset function; instead, it depends on the ultimate characteristics of different vehicles. 

The Ancel can perform this crucial reset function to let you know when the vehicle requires any servicing and helps to reset the servicing lamp.

Safety Restraint System

When the airbag control unit figures out any system malfunction, the SRS light turns on automatically. It is indispensable to find out the reason for malfunction immediately to keep the system rerun. For saving the vehicle from any probable accident, the safety restraint system contributes a lot. 

It is possible for the fx4000 to read and remove the fault codes of this system. The device protects from the collision between the interior and occupants of the vehicle when any crash occurs.

Transmission System

When you want to read and remove the diagnostic trouble codes, the scanner device helps you do these through the transmission system. Just like Ancel FX2000, this automotive diagnostic code reader finds out the issue by reading the transmission system codes. The gadget can also monitor the car’s health status with the help of displaying a live data stream.

Electrical Park Brake

This versatile gadget provides the opportunity to read and erase the EPB trouble via EPB functions. Moreover, it turns the warning light of the brake on the dashboard. It will be very effortless for the DIYers to release the caliper through this electrical park brake function while replacing the brake pad. 

Ancel FX4000 Scanner Diagnose Engine System

It is very straightforward to read and clean the engine trouble codes with the help of the Ancel fx 4000 OBD2 diagnostic scanner gadget. When the engine light illuminates, then it indicates any disturbance. With the fx4000, it is possible to detect the problem and turn off the engine light automatically. On the other hand, you can retrieve the vehicle identification number with the device instantly. The scanner tool always works hard to keep the vehicle smooth and active.  

Full OBDII Functions

The Ancel fx4000 OBD2 diagnostic scanner gadget allows complete OBD2 test modes for the consumer. It offers an O2 sensor test, I/M readiness test, freeze frame and retrieves vehicle information. Apart from these, the OBD2 scanner tool supports live data stream, EVAP, etc. 

Furthermore, you can get a TFT display with high definition, and thousands of diagnostic trouble code tips from the tool. In addition, the diagnostic scanner offers a gaming hand-held design and Anti-skid. Besides, for the consumer, this incredible gadget provides an easy-to-read UI also. 

Excellent compatibility and coverage with a multilingual menu

fx4000 OBD2 diagnostic scanner device supports EOBD and OBD2 protocols. This diagnostic tool is suitable with the vehicle of  Asian after 2003, European after 2001, and Americans after 1996. Moreover, it allows KWP2000, J1850 VPW, ISO9141-2J1850 PWM, and Control Area Network OBD2 protocols. You can use this gadget for Ford, ISUZU, Daihatsu, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Chrysler, Audi, etc. 

On the contrary, the consumer can enjoy multilingual support with various languages. It offers German, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, French, English, Polish, and Spanish. So most customers all over the world can experience the automotive device according to their desired language. Now let us see some important pros and cons of the Ancel fx4000 OBD2 diagnostic scanner gadget.OBD2 Scanner Ancel FX4000 Reviews

Short Feature Review of Ancel fx4000 automotive diagnostic scanner device

  • This versatile gadget serves lifetime free online updates.
  • You can get multilingual support with the outstanding diagnostic tool.
  • For the betterment of consumers, the fx4000 supports both the gasoline as well as diesel models.
  • You do not need to charge it because it has the characteristics with which the scanner device can perform the self-charging activity.
  • There is no hassle in operating the device. Anyone can maintain this gadget.
  • It provides an Anti Theft feature to maintain the security of the vehicle.
  • Ancel fx4000 automotive diagnostic scanner device supports excellent compatibility and coverage. So for a professional mechanic, it can be a very handsome product easily.

Some Limitations

  • It can not be good enough for beginners because the appliance cannot explain the code in detail.
  • With the foreign vehicle models, the diagnostic scanner device may perform very slowly.
  • The diagnostic scanner device is not a bi-directional tool.

Final Overview

Since Ancel is one of the reputed companies all over the world, you can trust them and can pick up a device from here. Through the Ancel fx4000 review, you already have gained a conception of the fx4000 automotive diagnostic scanner tool. It is an OBD2 gadget that provides various characteristics and incredible performance for its consumers. The widget is the best product for mechanics, technicians, and professionals who require more advanced and qualitative features.  

On the contrary, a DIYer and a car enthusiast can also depend on the diagnostic tool. The most significant aspect of the fx4000 is it serves many more features. You can ensure a smooth and active car with the help of this product. So, now the verdict is completely up to you.


Does the Ancel fx4000 read engine compression and performance?

Yes, why not! The Ancel fx 4000 diagnostic scan tool supplies many features and characteristics for the betterment of the user. The scanner tool and code reader offer the aspect of reading engine compression as well as engine performance also.

Is it possible to clear the pre-collision system warning with the help of the fx4000 diagnostic scanner gadget?

Yes, you can. Like many other fantastic characteristics, the OBD2 scanner tool gives you the opportunity to remove pre-collision system warnings.