Are OBD scanners universal or country-specific?

An OBD reader or an OBD scanner is a trailblazer or the trendsetter in identifying the errors of the vehicle’s internal system. A vehicle is a machine that might collapse someday; when it tends to collapse then, how would you know what is happening inside of the vehicle? The scanner might figure out all those faults and also provide a remedy for those deferred impacts. 

Are the OBD scanners universal by default? 

Basically, an OBD reader lodges a tight connection between the vehicle and the diagnostic software. A scanning device is an ideal tool that, at the same time, can reestablish the error memory and data recording in the vehicle systems. The concept of the OBD is traditionally taken from a handheld diagnostic computer that can examine almost anything in a vehicle. The main purpose of the scanner is to diagnose fault codes and also tell the faulty location. The absurdity implies when the scanner fails to locate the actual place and the symptoms of a defective car. A multitude of features is the prime interior facades of a lost dimension for a car.

An OBD reader must be universal in terms of the variables. It is necessary that all the scanners must be in a universal mode. The communication strategy, reading, and clearing of all the fault codes could be the biggest deliverables of the universal scanners OBD. These have the capabilities of evaluating the ABS, SRS, TMPS, reset oil life management, and all other delusional elements, and these are given by default. A scanner works while you put it at the OBD2 port in your car to access the onboard monitoring systems. The scanner can apprehend the vehicle’s trouble codes and also can tell the exact way of having it in a tutorial dimension.

What do you mean by universal OBD scanners?

First, We need to know what a universal obd scanner is. That device or scanner capable of measuring and evaluating all the data and performing the diagnosis of almost any vehicle brand can be termed the universal scanner obd. The terms and criteria of being a universal obd2 scanner are, 

  • That scanning device should be capable of diagnosing almost any vehicle around the world.
  • The stunning capability of checking a car’s latest possible items and settings is truly amazing. 
  • The scanning device must be compatible with the algorithm, protocols, and internal outstanding and must have the amenity of live stream data. 

The OBD2 seems like a trailblazer in the industry of automotive vehicles. The predicament of not having the ideal scanner can be a disaster for the vehicle. It is a hidden fact that most OBD2 scanners do not imply all types of cars. The groundbreaking assumptions of buying a scanning tool can be proven a decisive surmount of the vehicle dynasty. All the cars that have been trading since 1996 should be equipped with the OBD2 scanners. The year 1996 has been taken as a landmark in the arena of OBD2 compatible scanning devices. 

What are the types of universal OBD scanners?

There are some types of furious universal obd scanners. I am mentioning some of those types in a revised and intellectual way. 

Vehicle specific Scanner

The most common type of scanner around the globe is the Vehicle specific Scanner. These scanners are particularly built for specific models of vehicles. For instance, you can find different scanners compatible with Ford, Mercedes, BMW, or Maruti. Only the exact type of scanners can diagnose the internal issues. Vehicle specific Scanner


These can read and clear all codes, whether they are generic or specific. It can test the on and off Switching functions to a particular brand of car, and these can provide information regarding the Software updates and perform the motherboard calibration and adaptional information. These can assess the multi-channel waveform by using live frame data.  

Bidirectional Scanning tool

The workshop-level tool is compatible with almost all the menus and settings regarding any profitability. It is bidirectional in nature as it is capable of receiving data composers. It makes the user send commands to the primary control module. These are associated with a hard case monitor with an embedded touch screen and wireless Bluetooth. The data link connectors always play a vital role in the values’ cogent diversity.


These can also read and clear all codes related to all the generic or specific ones. It can also examine the cohesive ignition functions of a particular car brand. These can provide information regarding the maneuverability updates and perform the motherboard calibration in a deferred manner, and the live frame data is also a key factor in generating the bidirectional values of the system. 

One-directional typical car code reader 

The typical code reader for cars is very much associated with the diversity and commandments of rational insurgence. They are incorporated with a tiny sheltering maneuver. It has an LCD screen and OBD2 wirings, making it a primitive level scanner that can easily read and clear fault codes.One-directional typical car code reader  


These basic scanners’ main purpose is to read live streaming fault codes and Clear those powertrain fault codes. Checking the live data readings is also one of the major elements of the One-directional typical car code reader. 

Positive sides of the universal OBD2 scanners: 

The universal obd2 scanners are the torch-bearer in the car diagnosing arena. There have been some of the greatest outputs provided by universal scanners. Let us have those positive sides in a nutshell. 

  • The OBD2 scanner can be very impressive in measuring the Coolant temperature and the engine speed that has been glimpsed on the car’s dashboard. 
  • The universal OBD can evaluate the electrical system’s voltage using specific electrical sneaking elements.
  • It can also sneak out the real-time Fuel consumption and the transmission gear of the vehicle. This scanner also can measure the even ambient temperature of the vehicle. 
  • These universal scanners can evaluate the electrical wirings, circuit control, and the other rational sensor imaging of the vehicle. It can also check the OCV, TPSM, filtering modules, crankshaft rotation, and so on.

Are obd scanners worth it? 

A fault code is always life-threatening for the vehicles. These codes may have shown that the car is in grievous trouble. The cheap fix to avoid the catastrophic car-scrapping problem is always one of the first priorities before starting the diagnosis of the vehicle. Buying a scanner might be a costly cost that needs to be sumptuous to make the vehicle on the go. It is always a safe play to buy your own OBD2 scanner rather than having to depend on others for the diagnosis procedure. If you want to buy the least expensive scanning device, you only need to start from $50. But I will not give you the guarantee that these cheap scanners can provide you with the maximum output.

Alternatively, the expensive scanners have the guarantee of providing you service for a decent amount of time. Most of the time, a loose gas cap or low tire pressure are the culprits of emanating the check engine light. That suggests a periodical repair of the vehicle. If you intend to buy the OBD2 scanner, always check the model and compatibility of the car with the scanner. That may give you the privilege of having the utmost workable scanner in all the arenas.