Autel AL329 Scanner Review

Autel AL329 Review 2024 [Upgraded Affordable OBD2 Tool]

Do you want to experience the features of displaying live vehicle data, one-click I/m readiness test, Freeze frame data, playback function, and DTC lookup option with one obd2 scanner tool? The Autel AL329 is an OBD2 scanner tool that can provide you with these outstanding characteristics at a meager price. The scanner shows retrieved codes as well as vehicle information and provides a multilingual menu altogether at a very reasonable price. Besides these, it can offer you scan operation, an Easy plug-in, and broader compatibility. So to get more unique feature details, stay tuned in this Autel AL329 review article.

AL329 is the upgraded version of the Autel AL319, and it is considered the first code reader. Since an OBD2 scanner is crucial for operating a vehicle, the buyer has to be more careful and sensible in choosing this part for their car. An appropriate OBD2 scanner tool can reduce your car maintenance cost as well as it can save you valuable time and energy. 

Technical Specification Of Autel Autolink Al329 OBD2 Scanner

Features Autel AL329
Display:  TFT color display (220×176 dpi)
Dimensions:  9.7 x 6.5 x 1.9 inches
Weight:  155.2 gm
Connectivity:  USB mini 2.0 OBD II DB16
Operating System: Android 4.4
Power Source:  Battery Powered
Language Support:  English, Spanish and French
Operating Temp:  0 to 60 ℃ (32 to 140 ℉)
Storage Temp:  -20 to 70 ℃ (-4 to 158 ℉)
Power:  8.0 to 18.0 V provided via the vehicle battery
I/M Readiness Key: Yes
Read & Clear DTCs:  Yes
View Freeze Frame Data:  Yes

Let’s give touch on the significant characteristics of the Autel AL329 scanner tool to understand whether it is perfect for you or not. 

One-Click I/M emissions readiness key

Emission tests are an essential part of the vehicle maintenance system. It is mandatory to know the high time to test the emission readiness. When you want to know the probable result before testing the emission, it is necessary to have an OBD2 scanner that provides a one-click I/M emission readiness key feature. This outstanding feature reduces the carbon footprint cost and saves the vehicle owner from unwanted hassle. Moreover, by knowing the emission test status, you can be concerned about the emission and contribute to the environment. 

Retrieve Codes and Vehicle Identification Information

The Autel AL329 OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool can read the specific manufacturer diagnostic trouble codes DTCs. It can be possible to clear the DTCs after a repair. With the help of this aspect, one can easily retrieve these error codes. It can retrieve manufacturer-specific (P1, P3, and U1) codes, generic (P0, P2, P3, and U0) codes, and pending codes. On the other hand, the scanner tool retrieves vehicle identification information of Calibration Identification Numbers (CINs), Calibration Verification Numbers (CVNs), Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN), and CALID.

Auto Vin Technology

Very few vehicles have the characteristics of the latest auto VIN technology. The technology is very effective when identifying any identification number or searching for any tested vehicle.

The device allows you to experience this new adventure so that your operating skill of any vehicle can be more smooth and convenient. You can figure out the tested car or whether the vehicle has been repaired or not with the Auto VIN procedure. Moreover, this outstanding aspect helps you retrieve the car’s previous history. You can keep yourself up to date and smart with the help of this marvelous feature. 

Views Freeze Frame data

To find out why the check engine light is turning off, you have to get help from the scanner tool to view the freeze frame data. If any malfunction attacks your vehicle, you can figure out the reason behind the malfunction with the obd2 device if it supports the feature of viewing freeze-frame data. The Autel AL329 allows this feature. It is undoubtedly a marvelous concept to offer this characteristic. 

Reads and displays I/M monitor 

It is possible with the OBD2 diagnostic scanner and code reader to display the emission monitor. This monitor shows the gas quality when it is released into the fresh air. If there any chaos occurs, then it sends a trouble code. The onboard monitor stores the code. 

Compatibility and multilingual menu

This AL329 offers broader compatibility. The device supports almost all Asian, European, and domestic manufactured vehicles with EBOBD or OBD2 compatibility made from 1996 and the latest. Moreover, this gadget is compatible with Windows software, so one can link it up with a PC while updating. Furthermore, you can use this device with many different vehicles, making it convenient for saving your money. 

On the other hand, this versatile scanner tool has a multilingual menu with which it offers many different languages. Including English, it supports French, Spanish, German, and many more. So, this is not a matter of stress if one is weak in English because she will get another option to choose from this multilingual menu.

Autel AL329 Water-Resistant

For the consumer, the device provides a water-resistant context. This feature can raise the demand and reliability of the scanner tool. Most of the potential buyers search for a tool that will be waterproof. This feature increases the flexibility and vitality of the diagnostic device. 

With Autel scanner, you can get the chance to consume this offer. It has a waterproof aspect so that the user does not have to face any disturbance if it comes close to water. 

Real-time live data

This feature is one of the vital features for vehicle maintenance purposes. With this characteristic, operating the vehicle smoothly will be more comfortable. The consumer can watch the real-time live data feature with Autel. To instantly identify the issue, this feature assists a lot of users. 

Autel AutoLink AL329 is Easy to use

With a TFT color display of 220×176 dpi, USB mini 2.0 OBD II DB16 connectivity, and an operating temperature of 0 to 60C (32 to 140F), you can experience excellent services using the incredible device. The Autel AL329 OBD2 scanner tool provides scan operation and an Easy plug-in process that will be convenient for the consumer. The diagnostic device includes -20 to 70C (-4 to 150F) Storage Temperature. Furthermore, it offers External Power provided by the vehicle battery of 8.0 to 18.0 V. Autel Autolink Al329 OBD2 Scanner

So it is transparent that the obd2 device provides the aspects that will make the user comfortable by providing various outstanding supports. The scanner gadget also serves a bright screen and a backlight feature. 

Now, let’s check out some benefits and cons listed below in this Autel AL329 review section so that the decision-maker can find the right path to choose the appropriate product. 

Benefits of using Autel AL329 scanner

  • With the help of the Autel AL329, you can experience the Auto VIN technology that is included in very few devices only. 
  • The gadget is comparatively very cheap, and anyone can afford the device. 
  • This scanner tool includes a bright-colored display with the opportunity to get the backlight feature. 
  • It is considered a genius and the first code reader in the market. 
  • The Autel contains a one-click I/M readiness key button.
  • It displays live data so that the user can instantly find out the problem when it arises. 
  • AL329 can read and erase the Diagnostic Trouble Codes.
  • The gadget supports broader coverage.


  • The device has to be connected to the internet while updating.
  • Autel AL329  does not show transmission temp.
  • The device does not provide airbags. 

Final Verdict on Autel AL329

The first thing a vehicle owner notices is whether the diagnostic scanner tool can reduce the hassle and keep it smooth and problem-free. Scanning devices play a vital role in operating a car with flexibility. A perfect car scanner device can protect time, energy, and money. It keeps the unwanted hassle away from its user.

Since the Autel AL329 is the upgraded version of Autel AL319, the user can get more stuff with it than the previous one. For the DIY user or car enthusiast, this OBD2 diagnostic tool can be appropriate. Since the average car owner always wants to get some diagnostic scanner tool and code reader to get all the essential features with reliable outcomes at a very reasonable price, this AL329 can assist them. In the above Autel Autolink AL329 reviews discussion, you can understand that the Autel AL329 can offer you many more contexts than what it costs. 


Question: Does the Autel AL329 record the data while driving the car?

Answer: As I mentioned above our Autel code reader al329 reviews that the AL319 can record the data when you drive. It can assure you that when the car will be ready for a smog test. If all the checkmarks turn green, you can realize it is the perfect time to test. 

Question: Does the Autel AL329 work for an international truck of 1998? 

Answer: The OBD2 scanner device and code reader have broad coverage and compatibility. When you have any vehicle with an OBD2 or EBOBD compatibility, it can usually serve that vehicle’s performance. 

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