Autel AL619 Review [Upgraded Version of AL519 & ML519]

You can get a versatile 0BD2 scanner tool at a fair price with the Autel AL619. This Autel scanner tool will ensure your comfort and security. With many more features and quality-full services, this scanner tool can be an ideal OBD diagnostic scanner for you. When you search for a long-lasting diagnostic scanner, then you should try this out. Comparatively, We will discuss the reason why this device is better than Autel AL319 and AL519 in this Autel AL619 review article. AutoLink AL619 supports all ten modes of OBD2 test such as Read and Erase Codes, I/M Readiness Status or Smog Check, On-Board Monitor Tests, Retrieve Vehicle Information, O2 Sensor Tests, DTC Lookup, Module Present, View live Freeze Frame data, Components Tests, and PID data stream of multiple sensors in a graph.

Besides these, It can lead to some crucial activities, including retrieving generic codes, pending codes, manufacturer-specific codes. Moreover, it can diagnose ABS as well as SRS Codes, etc. For a car enthusiast, DIY user, and professional mechanic, this diagnostic tool can be preferable. 

Technical Specification Of The Autel AL619 OBD2 Scanner

Features Autel AL619
Display:  TFT color display (320 x 240 dpi)
Dimensions:  7.87 x 4.13 x 1.5 inches
Operating System:  Android 4 4
Operating Temperature:  0 to 60°C (32 to 140 F°)
Storage Temperature:  -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158 F°)
Item Weight: 9.9 ounces
Protocols:  KWP2000, ISO2000, ISO9141, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM and CAN
External Power:  8.0 to 18.0 V power provided via vehicle battery
Read & Erase Codes:  Yes 
O2 Monitor Test: Yes 
Viewing Vehicle Info: Yes 
On-board Monitor Test: Yes 
View Live Data: Yes 
Freeze Frame Date: Yes 
Component Test: Yes 

ABS and SRS code reader

Anti-lock braking and airbag sensors are the other most crucial parts of a vehicle. It is essential to monitor these systems thoroughly cause these two can save you from the period of any probable accident. 

The device can read, erase and retrieve codes of the Anti-lock braking system and supplemental restraint system. to keep your vehicle safe and smooth, and you can trust this device. 

O2 Sensor Tests

It is an essential part of any vehicle maintenance activity to monitor the oxygen level. Since this system is crucial, it is required to have the advantage of measuring or testing the O2 sensor. Specific air-to-fuel ratio maintenance is possible with an O2 sensor cause it balances power, protects the ability of fuel, and maintains the emission state of your vehicle. With the help of AL619, you can test the O2 sensor of your car instantly.

Autel AutoLink AL619 Supports All 10 Modes of OBD2 Tests

The Autel AL619 is an OBD2 scanner; it serves all the OBD2 functions. Besides reading and erasing codes, it offers many roles like On-Board Monitor Test, O2 Monitor Test, view freeze frame data, view Vehicle information, diagnostic trouble codes lookup, view live data of custom multiple sensors, and Module Present, etc.

This device will reduce your troubles for vehicle maintenance purposes with its various functions and advantages.

I/M Readiness Status or Smog Check

I/M readiness status test or smog test is significant to know about the emission status of your vehicle. If you know whether the car can be passed or not in an annual emission status test, then it will be easier to reduce carbon footprint costs. Furthermore, this feature can minimize the risk to the environment by concerning you about your carbon emission. 

Views freeze frame data

If there any malfunctions occur, then it is required to observe freeze frame data. By checking this system, you can detect the reason why your check engine lights turn on. When you can instantly figure out the exact problem on the vehicle, you can rapidly fix the problem. So it is essential to view freeze frame data.

With the help of this device, you will get a chance to view freeze frame data. 

Display DTC Definition on the TFT Color Screen

When you can watch the definitions of the codes on your display, it will be easy to identify the issue. Unfortunately, there are many diagnostic scanners in the market which have no opportunity of a DTC lookup function to watch data definition instantly on the screen. In these cases, you are to search the meaning of codes via google. 

For saving your valuable time, the device serves you the opportunity to show DTC definitions via the function of DTC lookup in the built-in DTC library.

Compatibility of Autel AL619 AutoLink

The Autel AL619 has extensive compatibility. The device is suitable for ISO9141, CAN, J1850 PWM, KWP2000, J1850 VPW, and ISO2000. It supports all OBD2 compliant American post-1996, Asian, and European post-2000 vehicles. It contains more than fifty brands, including Land Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes, Honda, VW, Mitsubishi, Ford, Subaru, BMW, Peugeot, Hyundai, GM, etc. 

So if you are a mechanic who works with more than one vehicle, do not delay grabbing it. Autel AL619 AutoLink

Multilingual Menu Available

A multilingual menu can be a great opportunity provided by this scanner tool. When a device supports many a language, then it becomes straightforward to use that device. Whether a diagnostic scanner tool is versatile or not, you can understand by considering its multilingual menu. It allows changing the default English language. Instead of English, you can use German, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, French, Korean, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

Multilingual menu, broader display, quality-full features, huge compatibility, and reasonable cost, this gadget makes you free from vehicle maintenance trouble. For a DIY user or a professional mechanic, this device means a lot. You can save yourself from the harassment of repairing vehicles. 


A warranty can increase the beauty of a product. If there is a warranty, there is reliability. Contracts can ensure the authenticity of a good most of the time. It may increase the demand for that product to a potential consumer. 

The Autel AL619 provides a thirty days replacement order to its buyer. Furthermore, it also gives a twelve-month warranty. So with AL619, you can replace the product in any trouble. Moreover, you can get a warranty card for the advanced benefits. Through our Autel Autolink AL619 review, you have got all the technical feature details related to this product. Now let’s check some of the pros and cons the product has.


  • This diagnostic tool offers quality features at a lower price.
  • It is effortless to use this device.
  • Autel al619 has wider compatibility and coverage. 
  • This device can read and erase together with SRS and ABS code.
  • It contains a DTC lookup library.
  • AL619 provides a twelve-month warranty to its customer.
  • It has the opportunity to free update. 


  • It may cause a disturbance while updating the device. 
  • The device does not provide a customer service center.  


Is it necessary to download the software using this device?

English software has been installed on AL619. So it is not necessary to update the software before using it. You can update this according to your requirement. 

Are there any differences between AL519 and AL619?

Of course. When a new product arrives, it generally comes with some different features than the previous one. The Autel Al519 is useful to diagnose vehicle engines. On the contrary, Autel AL619 is very useful to diagnose airbags and ABS. Moreover, there are price differences between Autel AL619 and AL519

Final Thought on Autel AutoLink AL619 OBD2 Scanner

When arises the concept of reliability and quality, you may trust this device. With a fair price, incredible performances, and services, this device provides you with more benefits, which may not be possible with most of the other scanner tools in the market. 

This diagnostic scanner tool provides a user-friendly design that helps to maintain it comfortably. It supports a warranty and a free updating opportunity to its customers that is very catchy and convenient.