Autel Autolink AL319 Review [Affordable OBD2 Scanner]

The automotive industry is getting more developed day by day. In the recent era, most vehicles are controlled by computers. Some systems have their own operating modules. Since many sensors and systems work together in a vehicle, this process makes it very difficult to diagnose an issue manually. As a result, an inexperienced person cannot find a solution to any problem. So it would be essential for him to figure out the correct tool to diagnose the car’s issue. An OBD2 uses different sensors to monitor a vehicle’s systems. As Autel is a popular brand all over the world, it always tries to invent useful and advanced OBD2 tools. The Autel AL319 is one of their more affordable models (cheaper than the Autel AL539B). To know more about this device, you must know the features we have listed in our Autel Autolink AL319 Review article to understand if it is worth buying.

Technical Specification Of Autel Autolink AL319 OBD2 scanner

Features Autel Autolink AL319
Display:  TFT color display (220 x 176 dpi)
Item Dimensions: 0.71 x 4.61 x 2.83 inches
Item Weight:  6.2oz
Vehicle Coverage:  Works on all 1996 and newer vehicles
Language Support:  English, Spanish, French, etc.
Turn Off CEL:  Yes
Freeze Frame Data:  Yes
I/M Readiness:  Yes
Live PCM Data Stream:  Yes
O2 Sensors: No
Ignition Test:  Yes
Fuel Pressure:  No
Fuel Trim:  No
Free Update:  Lifetime Free Update
Warranty:  One-year

Autel Autolink AL319 Review 2023

Autel AutoLink AL319 is an OBD2 scanner as well as it is an aid in the diagnostic procedure. It is a diagnostic tool that has been designed to operate in servicing and repairing job sectors. The AL319 is used to detect vehicle problems, synthesizes certain vehicle functions, and tunes cars according to one’s requirements.

Autel Autolink AL319

If anyone can tell about the Autel Autolink AL319, it comes first; it is a very cheap and budget-friendly gadget. But it includes in itself several features, surprisingly! Which services do you expect with a high-quality scan tool? You can find these services here too. Even you can easily find all functions of the classic OBD2 scan tool. Warning amps of other vehicles and even checking engine lights can be deactivated using this Autel AutoLink AL319. So this scan tool serves you access to diagnostic trouble codes and also serves other options that help aid in any check engine light-related repair. 

Compatibility and Coverage

Autel AutoLink AL319 has classy compatibility and coverage. Since it is an OBD2 tool, it declares very compatibility with the cars of 1996 to the modern age. To a professional mechanic, it is crucial to have a compatible vehicle scanner. Cause a compatible vehicle scanner can work on a variety of different vehicles. 

Not only compatibility but also this device provides you with a better level of coverage. Better coverage is essential with a vehicle scanner when you want to use it with more vehicles. 


Read and clear

It is most common for all of the OBD2 scanners to have an operative code reader. As  Auto Autel AL319 is an OBD2 scan tool, it definitely has the power of compelling code reading. It has the capacity to read trouble codes rapidly from vehicle systems. And even it can also clear code errors in vehicles too. After completing repairing, this tool can erase the code error from the vehicle system. It is essential for a mechanic to erase all error codes from the system, and this gadget makes it easier and faster.

Autel Autolink AL319

Reading and erasing, respectively, codes and error codes are the most critical function. It is a challenge for any scanner tool to be performed well. Autel AutoLink AL319 is one of the devices which can perform well in reading and clearing. 

Smog test 

This device is handy for completing a state emission readiness check. To scan the emission system of the vehicle, this device runs well. Not only scanning but also providing you with the readiness status of the car. It will inform you about the possibility of the vehicle passing impressively in the emission test. Before sending your vehicle to a high-priced state emission test, it is beneficial to know whether the vehicle will be passed or not. So this device will save you money, energy, and time at time. 

Check engine light

With AutoLink AL319, you can also use the function of disabling the check engine light. After engine repair, you have to turn your check engine light off all the time cause it is a part of your vehicle repair. Otherwise, it will not work at the time when any problem arises. Your engine light should be illuminated at the time when any trouble occurs. So this feature is essential for your vehicle to be disabling your check engine light. This device is very useful for turning tire pressure monitors off and expert checking oil and transmission malfunction indicator lights. 

Live data 

Autel AutoLink AL319 offers the feature of solid live data. From across different vehicle systems, this device serves real-time data. It displays this real-time live data which is very helpful in locating problems within vehicle systems.

Autolink AL319


This device includes versatility. It can support seven different languages. So this variety of other languages feature makes user life more comfortable. It is another cause why people like this scanner tool. This feature can build a user-friendly and versatile situation.


Bright and TFT color screen is an excellent feature of Autel Autolink AL319. It helps users to experience a good reading, visualizing, and understanding facility. The hard plastic shell of the color screen with an extra rubber grip protects the code reader from any kind of accident. This device is known as an ultra-portable device because of its durability and dimensions. Anyone can use this device anywhere. Now let’s check some pros and cons of Autel Autolink AL319.

Pros of Autel AutoLink AL319

  • It is very affordable that helps its users.
  • It has broader vehicle coverage which is essential to all users that have it.
  • The brand offers a wide range of functions that provide the device’s versatility.
  • It has a multilingual menu that makes its use easier.
  • Its lightweight and compact scan tool can be helpful to all users.
  • The device is straightforward to control.
  • Autel Auto AL319 has a large display screen that provides better support to users in code reading.
  • There is no need for a battery or charger to use, making it beneficial for saving energy.
  • There have lifetime free online updates and a one-year warranty that makes people interested in using this. 
  • It has been made with a heavy-duty plastic case that protects it from accidents or damage.

Cons of AutoLink AL319

  • It can read codes but can’t tell the problem.
  • The device is very cheap, so it does not provide all of the services contained in an expensive scanner tool.
  • It has a short OBD2 Cable that sometimes creates problems also.


One of the most compelling advantages of Autel AL319 Autolink is its cheapness. Though it is budget-friendly, it offers more to its users. This gadget is a prevalent OBD2 scanner tool all over the world. It is suitable for every US, European and Asian vehicle. This device is very powerful with its most essential and practical features. Autel AL319 Autolink is easy to use and carry. For average users, this scanner tool is very efficient.

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