Autophix 7910 Review [Best OBD2 For BMW Cars]

If you are looking for a quality-full, perfect, and affordable OBD2 scanner for your BMW car, then this is for you! This AUTOPHIX 7910 OBD2 diagnostic tool is treated as a doctor of BMW. It will give special treatment to your BMW. With the high-quality features and functions, it maintains and protects your vehicle from being useless or unoffended. It contains all ten OBD2 test modes and is designed as a factory-level diagnostic tool. So check our Autophix 7910 Review, where we have discussed some essential and impressive features and functions of this OBD2 diagnostic tool.

This  Autophix 7910 diagnostic tool will reduce your mechanical cost for vehicle maintenance purposes. With a large display and user-friendly gestures, the device can read and erase codes from some essential systems.  It also provides a warranty Offer and lifetime free software upgrading advantages to prove itself genuine.

Technical Specification Of Autophix 7910 OBD2 Scanner


Autophix 7910

Item Dimensions:  9 x 4 x 2.5 inches
Screen Size:  8 Inches
Item Weight: 1.25 pounds
Operating System:  Windows 7
Operating Temperature:  0 to 60°C (32 to 140 F°)
Storage Temperature:  0 °C to 80°C (32 to 176 F°)
External Power:  8.0 to 18.0 V power is provided via the vehicle battery
Advanced service functions:  Oil service, ABS Bleeding, Battery Registration, etc.
Bi-directional Controls:  No
Coding/ Programming:  No
CBS Reset/ Service:  Yes
Reset Service interval indicator: Yes
Vehicle Compatibility:  BMW 1998 and later, Rolls-Royce RR Series (1-56)
Language:  English, French, Finnish, Spanish, German, Russian, Swedish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Danish.
Update:  Lifetime Free

BMW Car Scanner: Autophix 7910 Review in 2023

Read and clear error codes

A scanner tool has to read and erase error codes instantly. This device can immediately read and remove error codes of essential functions such as SRS, ABS, SAS, TPMS, Replace DPF, Reset Fuel Pump, Reset oil service, Engine, EGS Clear Adaptions, Force DPF Regeneration, Battery Health Check, Reset Steering angle Sensor, Reset Electronic Parking Brake,  and more. 

Battery Maintenance 

Autophix 7910 can evaluate battery charges for BMW users. It also can monitor closed-circuit current for battery maintenance purposes.

This excellent scanner tool resisters the battery in an easy process. For registration, at first, you have to diverge the previous battery and install a new battery. Then you have to enter twelve digits code accurately. By following this simple process, you can swiftly resister your battery. 

CBS Reset And Correct

CBS stands for condition-based servicing, which is an essential system for your BMW vehicle. This CBS system constantly monitors Spark plugs, Rear brakes,  Front brakes, Engine oil, Brake fluid, Microfilter, Coolant Vehicle inspection, Exhaust emission inspection, Vehicle check, and Diesel particle filter.

The 7910 will allow you to reset and correct this condition-based servicing system. So with this OBD2 scanner tool, you can easily reset and correct twenty-two functions of condition-based servicing.

Autophix 7910 Has ABS Service 

Antilock braking system or ABS is considered an active protection system for your vehicle. Someone called it the anti-skid baking system also. This system protects your vehicle from an accident due to wheel-lock. The device will serve you the advantage of controlling and activating this anti-lock brake system. 

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Programming

The Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) is beneficial when a tire’s air pressure falls under twenty-five percent or less than the recommended cold inflation pressure. Monitoring tire sensor IDs and resetting are essential for a vehicle owner.

With the help of this device, it is easy to monitor tire sensor IDs from the vehicle ECU. This device offers you to operate the Tire Pressure. Autophix 7910 Scanner

EPB Service

Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) system is an electronically controlled parking brake that features brake pad wear sensing and dynamic actuation. It helps to decline mechanical systems erosion also. In an emergency condition, this Electronic Parking Brake system will try to save your vehicle.

It is possible to operate and maintain this system with this device. On where the  EPB suites, you can activate or deactivate bleeding brake fluid, setting brakes after disc or pad replacement opening, closing brake pads, and brake control system there. It initializes the wear indicators when new pads are installed. It also can diagnose the capital functionality of EPB.

ECU reset

An electronic control unit is known as ECU. This simple device stores error codes. This electronic control unit needs to be reset to set the trim values to the impartial default values. It is necessary to erase trouble codes by resetting ECU.

 With the help of the scanner tool, you can easily reset the ECU. This gadget provides wonderful quality to its consumer.

Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) Calibration

The steering Angle Sensor is a very crucial part of the Electronic stability control. For any vehicle, it is essential to measure the angle of the steering wheel. You can measure this position angle with his system. 

After any classification or any replacement of the steering system, you just need to recalibrate the SAS. It is possible to perform calibration of SAS with this AUTOPHIX 7910 BMW OBD2 diagnostic tool.

Vehicle Coverage of Autophix 7910 BMW Scanner

This 7910 diagnostic scanner has excellent compatibility with all BMW vehicles after 1998. Though this device is more suitable for BMW, you can also apply this on any OBD2 compliant vehicle. You may like it for its attractive power on compatibility and coverage. 

Easy to Operate

The scanner device is easy to use with a .8″ TFT 262K  true colored  LCD screen. You can handle the device smoothly with its outstanding silicone keypad. So you can clearly observe the outcomes on your display as well as menu options. Moreover, it contains a rugged drop-proof case that saves your device from being destroyed. So you can read and understand the outcomes on your display more efficiently than previous with the gadget. 

Autophix 7910 Scanner Has Multilingual Menu

When your machine can support more than one language, it may be more friendly with its consumers. The scanner tool offers ten different languages, including Swedish, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Finnish, English, Portuguese, Danish and Norwegian. This feature can be outstanding and fabulous to any potential buyer. Autophix 7910 Scanner Has Multilingual Menu

There should have no barrier in the case of language. Every person likes to use their device in their native language. 

Lifetime free software upgrading opportunity

BMW Autophix 7910 serves lifetime software upgrading opportunities for free. This offer is very beneficial and effective for the user of 7910. You can keep yourself updated with the running technologies in the world. 

For the upgrading process, at first, you have to download the software from the AUTOPHIX website. Then you can instantly upgrade this by following the instruction on your display. The instructions will come automatically to reduce your trouble. 


When there is a warranty, there is popularity. Because you definitely will be more willing to buy a product with a warranty card than a product without a warranty card.  This offer may increase the product demand to the consumer. The offer also can raise the acceptancy of a good. With Autophix 7910, you will get a twelve-month warranty that indicates the scanner tool’s authenticity to its buyer. 

Short Feature review of Autophix 7910 Scan device

  • Autophix 7910 is a very cheap and flexible device. 
  • This scanner tool has much more functions to operate. 
  • The OBD2 scanner has a very user-friendly design for users. 
  • This device includes all ten OBD2 test modes.
  • It has the advantage of upgrading software free for a lifetime. 
  • The diagnostic tool is suitable for all systems of BMW. 
  • It offers a twelve-month warranty to its buyer. 
  • The coverage and comparability are very remarkable. 


  • It is not possible to apply this device in the vehicle before 1998.
  • Like the Actron CP9580A enhanced tool, the device fails to support a bi-directional test.
  • This scanner has the facility of upgrading software only with windows. 

Final Thought on Autophix 7910 Sacn Tool

This outstanding and fabulous gadget can make its buyer impressed. With its outstanding performance and captivating features, anyone will want to get this. Almost all of the vehicles with OBD2 protocols can apply this gadget. It will make your vehicle smooth. With the help of Autophix 7910, you can be tension-free if any fault arises in your vehicle. This diagnostic tool will protect your vehicle with a brilliant performance. You can also save money for vehicle maintenance purposes by using the gadget. so hurry up to get this

I hope you have already gone through our Autophix 7910 review article. So if you have any questions related to this product, you can comment below.


Q: What is the Autophix 7910 scanner?

A: The Autophix 7910 scanner is a professional diagnostic tool designed for BMW and Mini vehicles. It helps to diagnose engine, transmission, airbag, ABS, and other electronic systems.

Q: Which vehicle models are compatible with the Autophix 7910 scanner?

A: The Autophix 7910 scanner is compatible with most BMW and Mini models from 1996 to the present.

Q: Can the Autophix 7910 scanner read and clear fault codes?

A: Yes, the Autophix 7910 scanner can read and clear fault codes from various vehicle systems, such as the engine, transmission, airbag, and ABS.

Q: Does the Autophix 7910 scanner support live data streaming?

A: Yes, the Autophix 7910 scanner supports live data streaming, allowing users to monitor real-time data from various sensors and systems in the vehicle.

Q: Can the Autophix 7910 scanner perform bi-directional tests?

A: No, the Autophix 7910 scanner does not support bi-directional tests or advanced diagnostic functions.

Q: Is the Autophix 7910 scanner easy to use?

A: Yes, the Autophix 7910 scanner has a user-friendly interface with a clear display and intuitive navigation buttons, making it easy to use even for beginners.

Q: Can the Autophix 7910 scanner perform battery registration?

A: Yes, the Autophix 7910 scanner can perform battery registration, which is essential when replacing the battery in BMW and Mini vehicles.

Q: Can the Autophix 7910 scanner reset service reminders?

A: Yes, the Autophix 7910 scanner can reset service reminders for oil changes, brake pad replacement, and other maintenance tasks.

Q: Does the Autophix 7910 scanner require a software subscription?

A: No, the Autophix 7910 scanner does not require a software subscription. It comes with preloaded software and free updates for life.

Q: How do I update the software on my Autophix 7910 scanner?

A: You can update the Autophix 7910 scanner software by connecting it to a computer via USB and following the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Q: Can the Autophix 7910 scanner perform an electronic parking brake (EPB) reset?

A: Yes, the Autophix 7910 scanner can perform EPB reset, which is helpful when replacing brake pads or performing other brake maintenance tasks.

Q: Does the Autophix 7910 scanner support TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) diagnostics?

A: No, the Autophix 7910 scanner does not support TPMS diagnostics.

Q: Can the Autophix 7910 scanner read VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) information?

A: Yes, the Autophix 7910 scanner can automatically read and display the vehicle’s VIN information.

Q: Is the Autophix 7910 scanner multilingual?

A: Yes, the Autophix 7910 scanner supports multiple languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, and more.

Q: Can the Autophix 7910 scanner perform DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) regeneration?

A: No, the Autophix 7910 scanner does not support DPF regeneration.

Q: Does the Autophix 7910 scanner have a color display?

A: Yes, the Autophix 7910 scanner features a 2.8-inch color display for easy.


Q: Can the Autophix 7910 scanner perform injector coding?

A: No, the Autophix 7910 scanner does not support injector coding.

Q: Does the Autophix 7910 scanner require an external power source?

A: No, the Autophix 7910 scanner is powered directly by the vehicle’s OBD-II port, so it does not require an external power source.

Q: Can the Autophix 7910 scanner perform throttle body adaptation?

A: Yes, the Autophix 7910 scanner can perform throttle body adaptation, which is useful for maintaining optimal engine performance and fuel efficiency.

Q: Is there a carrying case included with the Autophix 7910 scanner?

A: Yes, the Autophix 7910 scanner comes with a carrying case, making it easy to store and transport the device when not in use.