3 Common Bad Brake Light Switch Symptoms

When you realize that the brake lights stay on when they are not needed to or when they do not turn on at all, then you may be required to change your brake light switch. A brake light switch is an electrical switch that is in charge of activating the brake lights. When you press the pedal of your car, the brake light switch makes contact, and as a result, the brake lights are illuminated.  Even though brake switches’ precise designs can differ, they all perform the same role of activating the brake lights when the pedal is pressed. The brake lights are very crucial as they alert the driver behind you when you are slowing the car. So, when the brake light switch fails, in most cases, the car will show various symptoms, and a repair or replacement should be done right away.

Bad Brake Light Switch Symptoms

Brake lights are small devices that connected with the brake pedal. So when you press the brake pedal, the brake lights started illuminating. Many internal mechanisms such as Vehicle Stability Control or Antilock Brakes might stop operating if the brake lights don’t work properly. For a safe drive, it is essential to replace the faulty brake light immediately. So in this article, I have listed three major signs that indicate that your vehicle has bad brake lights.

Brake lights stay on

A common sign of a bad brake light switch is when the brake lights stay on at all times, even when not in use. If the brake light switches shorts internally, it may make the brake lights remain illuminated, even in the situation where the pedal is not being pressed. This will lead the brake lights to burn out sooner than they are needed and also build a parasitic drain on the battery.

Brake lights do not work

Another symptom connected to a bad brake light is when the brake lights do not work. If the switch fails, it won’t be in a position to activate the lights when the pedal is pressed, and due to this, the lights will not work.

Brunt Bulb

If your car is an old one, then you need to change the bulb frequently because the older version does not feature LED lights. So every time you spend your foot on the brake pedal, the bulb will illuminate continuously. During that entire period, the filament of the bulb starts heating and brunt at the end. Newer models use LED bulbs that last longer than ordinary bulbs used in old vehicles. But replacing the brunt bulb is so easy and you can do it manually with some basic set of tools like a Phillips screwdriver.

Other Signs for faulty brake lights

Some other signs you may consider if your brake lights don’t work properly which I listed below:

  • Cruise control will stop working
  • You stop your vehicle but the brake light still stays on.
  • The brake light is blinking or not working.
  • The car won’t start without pressing the brake pedal
  • The traction Control light, also known as ABS stays on while driving.


The brake light does a great job of alerting the car (s) behind you that you’re slowing down. Hence, for you to avoid any accident or other troubles, it’s crucial to repair or replace a bad brake light with urgency. You can visit a professional mechanic to assist you in checking and replacing the bad brake light with a new one.

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