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Bad Spark Plugs Symptoms




Spark plugs are a huge part of the vehicle ignition system. This is because if there is no spark, there is no way the fuel will be ignited in the combustion chamber. Spark plugs are created to transmit an electrical signal sent from the ignition coil at a set period to form a spark that ignites the air-fuel combination in the combustion chamber. Every car needs a certain kind of spark plug created from particular materials and with a specified spark plug gap that is predetermined by a mechanic at the time of set up. As a result, if you discover that your car isn’t starting, you should check your spark plugs as a bad plug will not burn fuel efficiently. Here are some other signs to look out for.

Trouble starting the car

One of the usual signs of a bad spark plug is difficulty starting your car. When the spark plugs are worn out, the car won’t start as usual. When you experience such an issue, you shouldn’t come to conclusions as there are a number of car issues that can make the car start with a lot of difficulties. Take it to the mechanic and enable them to check what the real problem is.

Engine misfiring

Engine misfiring can be caused by a number of things and bad spark plugs is one of them. When carbon deposits form on your car spark plugs, this may lead to one or even more cylinders misfiring. If this happens, the car will perform poorly. In addition, this can lead to increased emissions. Tackle the problem right away for a smooth and perfectly performing car.

Lack of acceleration

This is one of the most usual signs of a bad spark plug. If your car is accelerating badly it is simple to tell as it becomes unstable. Also, delayed acceleration when you step down the pedal may be a good sign that the spark plug is bad. Go to a mechanic and get the spark plug repair or replaced so that the car can run smoothly.

Bad fuel economy

A good spark plug functions the right way. But if it’s damaged, the fuel doesn’t burn well and a lot of it is used. A good spark plug assists burn fuel efficiently in the combustion cycle. If this happens, your car can attain better than average fuel economy. Bad spark plugs are usually a result of the gap formed between the spark plug electrodes which may be too far or very close. As a matter of fact, most of the mechanics take out spark plugs, check them and change the gap to factory settings, instead of replacing the whole spark plug. When the fuel economy of your car falls, it can be a sign of a bad spark plug.

Engine surge/hesitation

If you experience power surges and hesitation in your car, this might be an indication that your car’s engine is functioning inefficiently. This can be really life-threatening if it takes place while you are in traffic. When you notice a surge, get your car checked and repaired.

The engine has a rough idle

The sound of your vehicle’s engine is needed to be constant and smooth. So, if your car is making more noise than before, then get it inspected by a professional mechanic. It may be running on bad spark plugs.

Bottom line

Keeping a keen eye on your vehicle can help take note of damages or bad functioning parts such as spark plugs and other engine parts. Inspect your car regularly so that you can be certain that it is functioning well and excellently. Take it to the mechanic for inspection and drive smoothly without any fear.


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