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Bad Water Pump Symptoms




It is crucial to maintain a constant operating temperature so that you can drive smoothly and well. This is especially during extreme weather conditions such as in summer. A consistent temperature is needed for the engine to function well and this is done through the consistent flow of coolant supplied from the radiator to the engine. The part in charge of maintaining this flow is the water pump. As a result, a bad water pump can lead to engine failure and should be rectified as soon as possible when noted. Below are various signs that can show if you have a bad water pump.

Overheating engine

A totally damaged water pump fails to circulate coolant through the engine block. This condition leads to overheating of the engine and if not repaired or replaced very fast, it can cause additional harm to the engine such as a pushed head gasket, cracked cylinder head or burnt pistons. So, when you notice that your engine overheats, you should visit a professional mechanic to check out what the issue is. Don’t assume it to just being a water pump as it is a sign of various issues.

Coolant leak at the front of the car

If you see water coming out from the center of your vehicle, this can be a possible indication that the water pump is damaged. The water pump is made up of several gaskets and seals that keep the coolant contained and make sure the consistent flow of the coolant is delivered from the radiator to the engine. After years of use, these gaskets and seals become worn out, dry up and then break. In this takes place, the coolant will leak from the water pump and fall to the surface, mostly in the front of your vehicle and in the center of the motor’s position. When you see such a scenario, call or visit a mechanic right away and have them tackle the problem before it runs out of hand.

Steam emanating from radiator

The vehicle is needed to maintain a constant temperature if the water pump is functioning very well. In case you see steam emanating from the front of your vehicle as you drive or stop the car, this should be a symptom of an overheated engine. Driving an overheating engine can be really dangerous to the driver and he or she should seek the services of a mechanic to take care of the problem. Having a fully functional water pump will allow the engine to maintain a consistent temperature. Repair it instantly to avoid costly repairs in the long run.

Loose water pump pulley and whining sound

At times, you may hear some funny noises coming from the front of the motor. This is normally a high pitched sound. The sound can be linked to a loose belt that forms a whining sound as it circulates. When the pulley becomes loose or the bearing that operates the water pump assembly becomes worn out, this causes the belt to be loose. The moment the bearings fail inside the water pump, this implies that the unit is beyond being repaired and it will need to be changed with a new one.


Never ignore any of the bad water pump symptoms. Whether it is a coolant leak, overheating of the engine, whining sounds or steam coming from the radiator, all of these should be identified in time. When not rectified quickly, a bad water pump may cause more harm. If you notice one of the above-named signs, go to a professional mechanic to get it repaired or replaced and drive your vehicle without worrying about anything.


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