Bafx Products 34t5 Review [Wireless Scan Device]

As an Android user, you can never get the best OBD2 scanner tool rather than the Bafx 34t5. If you are waiting for an OBD2 scanner tool that performs best at a meager price with long-lasting characteristics, please don’t make any delay picking up this one. It is not a big deal what you are; this gadget is suitable for a mechanic as well as a beginner. You will experience stable connectivity and quality with excellent performance. You can link a free application up with your android or windows PC using the google play store. As it is a wireless device, you do not need to carry any cable to operate it. It will provide quick information about your vehicle through a Bluetooth connection. Check our Bafx products 34t5 Bluetooth OBDii scan tool review to get all the basic features and functionality of this OBD2 scanner.

This user-friendly and handy OBD2 scanner tool serves you brilliant comparability with some necessary services. It can read OBDII Check Engine Light Codes as well as read and display other sensors like O2 sensor, EOT, Revs, Throttle, Boost, Speed Fuel Trim, and so on. Also, it can read and erase  Diesel Particular Filters temperature.

Technical Specification Of Bafx Products 34t5 OBD2 scanner tool


Bafx Products 34t5

Item Dimensions:  2.75 x 1.5 x 1 inches
Operating System:  Android 4.0
Item Weight: 81.65 gm
Connection Type:  Bluetooth
Vehicles Coverage:  Cars & trucks in the USA that are the model year 1996 or newer
OBD2 Protocols:  ISO15765-4 CAN,SAE J1850 VPW, AE J1850 PWM, ISO141-2, and ISO 1430-4 KWP
Read/Clear CEL:  Yes
Emissions Readiness Test: Yes
Live Data:  Yes
Check emissions readiness:  Yes
Freeze Frame Diagnostics:  Yes
Graph sensor readings:  Yes
Warranty:  2-year warranty

Android and Windows Compatible Bafx Products 34t5 Review 2023BAFX 34t5 Product Scanner

Good coding capability

This outstanding OBD2 scanner tool has the capability of transmitting error codes. Moreover, this scanner tool displays at least  3000 error codes on it. With a vast quantity of functions and features, this device protects your vehicle from being distracted. 

Views freeze frame data

This Bafx 34t5 helps you to view freeze frame data. It is required to monitor freeze frame data when the check engine light turns on. You get informed by checking out freeze frame data why any malfunction occurs in your vehicle. If you have the chance to view this feature with your OBD2 scanner tool, then you will be able to detect malfunctions and figure out the cause behind malfunctions. 

Bafx 34t5 Shows O2 sensor reading 

For monitoring the oxygen level of your vehicle, it is necessary to have an o2 sensor reading capability in your OBD2 scanner device. With the help of an o2 sensor, your engine can maintain a certain air-to-fuel ratio. It protects the power of fuel, the emission state of your vehicle and balances power. With the Bafx 34t5 OBD2 scanner tool, it is possible to read and display an o2 sensor that benefits the consumer. 

Read and clear trouble codes significantly faster

You can read and clear the trouble codes very smoothly with the Bafx 34t5. This device makes you feel faster and more competent in maintaining your vehicle. When it is fast to read, detect and understand, anyone can fix this problem more quickly. 

Compatibility and coverage

When you are a mechanic or professional, this device assists you more because of its huge range of compatibility and coverage. This gadget is compatible with all five OBD2 protocols like ISO15765-4 CAN, AE J1850 PWM, ISO141-2, SAE J1850 VPW, and ISO 1430-4 KWP.  You can rely on the  Bafx 34t5 for OBd2 compliant  U.S. vehicles from 1996 and the latest. This OBD scanner tool works excellently on Chevy, Mercedes, Suzuki, Hyundai, Toyota, Honda, BMW,  Audi, Nissan, Ford, Volkswagen, Jaguar, GM, and Land  Rover. 

Lightweight Design of Bafx 34t5 Bluetooth Scanner

The Bafx 34t5 is small and handy, with only 8 x 4.2 x 1.5 inches. Its weight is 2.4 ounces that you can carry it without any difficulties. Though it is simple in size, it serves you amazing performance. Lightweight Design of Bafx 34t5 Bluetooth Scanner

Flexible to use

Real-time sensor information can be transmitted to your phone by linking this device with your android phone or windows computer. To link up this device at first, you have to take help from a third-party application to use it on the phone, and a PC program is needed to connect this with a computer. You can choose any application from the applications list at a cheap. But this device suggests you select the ‘Torque pro app’  from the application list. For reading, understanding, and erasing codes, this gadget is a better choice. Without the trouble of bearing any wire or cable, you can feel free with it. 

Warranty BAFX 34t5 Product Offers

Service quality and warranty offerings can measure the authenticity of any product. This outstanding OBD2 scanner offers 24-month warranty services. By keeping consumer advantages in mind, the manufacturer invites them to the support team if any issue occurs. 

Pros of Bafx 34t5 device

  • This device works fast and smoothly. 
  • It serves real-time sensor information and also transmits it to a phone via Bluetooth.
  • The Bafx 34t5 is wireless that makes a user comfortable. 
  • It has great compatibility and coverage. 
  • The OBD2 scanner tool offers a 24-months manufacturer’s warranty to its consumers. 
  • It is easy to use the free application ‘Torque’. 


  • The device is not applicable to iOS users. The OBDLink MX+ Bluetooth scanner would be ideal for IOS devices.
  • It may perform poorly outside of the U.S.A. Lightweight Design of Bafx 34t5 Bluetooth Scanner Review


You can get a cost-effective and quality full OBD2 scanner with this  Bafx 34t5. Using this gadget, you can also save more money and time than previous vehicle maintenance. This device is beneficial for both DIY users and mechanics. With various compatibility and functionality, it makes you feel stressless. The OBD2 scanner will serve you better execution. It can detect the issues of your vehicle very smoothly that you can fix it instantly. So without any volatility, you can grab this device.


Question: Is it applicable for beginners?

Answer: Undoubtedly yes!  You can apply this device as an expert or as a beginner. This gadget will be very helpful to you cause its functions are built to make consumers comfortable and easy.  So don’t be late to grab it as a beginner. 

Question: Is it possible to read ABS/TPMS/SRS on my vehicle with the Bafx 34t5?

Answer: Unfortunately, it is not possible to read ABS/TPMS/SRS with Bafx 34t5. You have to buy a specialized scanner tool to get a specific facility. With the help of this OBD2 scanner, you only can get access to reading and clearing check engine lights and real-time-engine data.

Question: What application is suitable to run this device?

Answer: You have to use the third-party “Torque”  application, available in the google play store for free. This device recommended the application to link up. But you can use any other application too from the application list. Do you have additional queries related to Bafx Products 34t5 Review? You can comment on your question below.