BlueDriver Bluetooth Adapter – Best Wireless OBD2 Review

BlueDriver Bluetooth Adapter ReviewsThe BlueDriver Bluetooth OBD2 scan tool offers a perfect mix of advanced features and wireless versatility. Without a doubt, its one of the best Bluetooth OBD2 adapters available, plus it’s compatible with both Android or iOS.

Convenience- Data reading and communication is instantaneous between the adapter and your smartphone. It’s never been easier to diagnose and view real-time data on the fly!

Advanced Features– BlueDrive’s range of smart features blows other Bluetooth OBD2 adapters out of the water. It can even perform advanced tests such as emissions reading.

Who Is This BlueDriver Scan Tool For?

  • Car Owners who want to save money on costly repairs
  • Professional Mechanics who want to easily diagnose vehicle problems
  • Car Enthusiasts who wish to monitor crucial data in real time
  • Anyone who wants to keep a close eye on their vehicle’s health

Bluedriver Professional obdii Bluetooth Adapter Review

Easy to Set Up and Operate

BlueDriver’s OBD2 Bluetooth scanner turns your smartphone into a powerful vehicle diagnostics tool. Both professional mechanics and car owners can quickly check up on vehicle health and diagnose problems.

If you’re after a Bluetooth OBD2 scan tool, BlueDriver is amongst the leading products available on the market. It syncs perfectly with the free BlueDriver App, or other compatible applications.

When you begin using this device, you’ll be amazed at the simplicity of the interface and range of diagnostic ability available from your mobile device!

Powerful Diagnostic Features

The BlueDriver OBD2 scan tool tracks down exact issues and provides probable causes immediately. Once you carry out a diagnostic, you will receive a detailed repair report generated from a database of over one million fixes.

The report provides you all possible causes of issues with the vehicle, including exact code definitions. With vital insight, you can repair the vehicle while avoiding costly fault finding. Features and codes include:

  • Pending CEL Codes
  • Confirmed CEL Codes
  • Permanent CEL Codes
  • Enhanced Codes – ABS, Transmission, Airbag
  • Code Definitions with Possible Causes
  • Display features – Real-time, Graphical
  • Supports all the protocols of OBD2; updates automatically and saves data to as PDF
  • Emissions testing will tell you if your vehicle will pass a smog test or not

Great Connectivity & Compatibility

Gaining access to your vehicles’ ECU is simple. Simply plug the Bluetooth OBD2 adapter into the OBD2 connector port. Next, you’ll need to install the BlueDriver app on your mobile device and sync the system. The BlueDriver OBD2 scanner is compatible with a vast range of makes and models of vehicles, but it always pays to double-check before purchasing. The application can be run on both iOS and Android devices.BlueDriver Scan Tool

BlueDriver Scan Tool Review Conclusion

More often than not, the convenience of wireless Bluetoothtechnolo
gy comes at the expense of durability and functionality.
Yet, this is simply not the case with the BlueDriver scan tool.

The sheer variety of data available, plus pending and permanent codes is astonishing. It even reads enhanced codes such as errors in transmission, errors on the airbag and ABS. Besides performing accurate scans on your vehicle, the BlueDriver goes further, generating comprehensive reports and exports them as PDF files.

So, if you’re looking for the best OBD2 scanner that uses the convenience of Bluetooth technology, you can’t go wrong with the BlueDriver Bluetooth Adapter!