Buyer’s guide to diagnostic tools

Even as a full-time mechanic, deciding on the right scan tool could be challenging since there are a variety of options out there, which ranges from the low-cost, straightforward trouble code reader to the thorough, stand-alone diagnostic device which can set you back tens of thousands of dollars. Buying one comes right down to several important aspects: functions necessary within the scan tool to establish information on how in-depth the vehicle repairs will probably be, precisely how many various motor vehicles will be diagnosed, and how realistic the cost will be.

The actual functions within the scan tool actually rely on the details that’s going to be required to carry out the diagnostics, as well as your level of comfort with all the vehicle repairs to be carried out. Any low-priced, basic trouble code reader displays most of the diagnostic trouble codes which have been set and will direct someone to the potential location associated with the problem. Often times though, this actually only shows the info at a fairly generic level. Usually, additional diagnostics tend to be needed to determine what triggered the trouble code to end up being set to begin with. Trouble code readers are usually helpful with regard to viewing just what DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) are set, yet may well not properly identify the cause of the problem.

OBD Scanner Buying Guide 2024

In order to properly identify a problem as well as symptom, a lot more information has to be gleaned via the system. Generic, effective scan tools deal with almost all of the trouble codes as well as diagnostic capabilities to be able to repair most commonly encountered sensor difficulties, misfire troubles, as well as performance issues. These types of vehicle repairs can be easily carried out the home garage area and may also be sorted out along with parts sold at a good number of nearby auto parts outlets. As a result, this kind of scanner should certainly help approximately 90% of the problems that take place.

Whenever complications happen in manufacturer-specific vehicles, i.e. FordGMToyota and so on, professional-level scan tools are usually needed. They are required to identify problems in control modules such as anti-lock braking systems, drive-by-wire modules, climate modules, and so forth. These types of enhanced functions within the professional scan tool certainly are a must when attempting to correct these systems, However, as a result of the complexity of the many of such systems, as well as the lack of replacement parts at the nearby auto parts store, a number of these repairs would be better left to specialist repair shops.

Manufacturer-specific codes

In picking a scan tool, it is important that it not only supports every one of the generic PIDs (Parameter IDs), yet it ought to support the manufacturer-specific PIDs for motor vehicles which are to be diagnosed. It is important to be able to support this kind of extended manufacturer data in order to precisely determine any sort of problem.

Price range of scan tools

Scan  tools  (alongside  with  trouble  code  readers)  can certainly  differ in  cost  from  as inexpensive  as $15  all  the  way  to  exceeding beyond $10,000. Quite a few auto parts stores read codes free of charge, which usually can be  an  excellent  starting  point  when  starting out  to  identify  OBD-II issues.  Budget  usually  drives  capabilities, however  at  a  bare minimum, in order to correctly as well as instantly identify issues, the subsequent features are highly recommended in a scan tool:

  • Is capable of supporting generic as well as manufacturer-specific PIDS
  • Scans and also clears diagnostic trouble codes
  • Scans freeze-frame data
  • Records real-time data
  • Queries status of system monitors
  • Features Internet based assistance for DTCs and PIDs
  • Offers upgradable software for new makes, models, and years
  • Comes with good sized display and is also easily readable in daylight conditions

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