Car Making Squealing Noise While Driving

Most car owners know the importance of having their cars kept in good condition all the time. Though, this isn’t usually the case as the car may develop some issues from time-to-time. For instance, strange sounds such as a squealing noise from the car might be very irritating and annoying. For fun and easy driving, you need to tackle any problem that your car might be having the moment you detect it. A squealing sound might be caused by brakes, belts, or even bearings. So, if you have noticed that your vehicle is making a squealing noise as you drive, here are some of the possible causes of such a noise. Also, you should fix them so that you don’t get embarrassed as you drive your beautiful vehicle in a public area or to work.

Squealing connected to your belt

When you are in the process of accelerating and hear a squealing noise, then the noise may be associated with your belt. The noise might be even louder if your car is just warming up. This issue usually takes place in colder regions of the world. The thing that makes the car squeal when you turn it on is either a loose or worn out belt. Just in case the fan belts happen to be worn out you’re probably going to require viewing the timing belt also. Other people link this squealing noise to cold which might have some part to play in it. Also, this means that you will be needed to replace the belt or two.

Squealing linked to brakes

One of the car parts that should always be kept in check is the brakes. All motorists usually ensure that they have fully functioning brakes so that they don’t end up having brake failures in the hour of need. So, when you hear a squeal while applying brakes can point out a number of things. A light squeal would mean less harm. But if you hear a loud squeal that sounds like metal when applying brakes, this could mean that the brake pads are worn out and needs replacement. This isn’t something to joke with and it shouldn’t be replaced immediately. Visit your car repair or mechanic to view the issue and if the brake pads are worn out, replace them with quality new ones.

Squealing connected to worn out bearings

Another cause of the squealing noise may be as a result of worn-out alternator bearings. This problem is hard to figure out unless you pay your mechanic a visit for them to perform a checkup. The alternator is a very huge part of your vehicle, and just in case the bearings are worn out and are making your vehicle squeal, then you will be required to tackle the problem very quickly and solve the issue for a smooth and fun driving of your car without the squealing sound.


A squealing noise from a car is something many motorists are used to. At times, it can be something easy that just needs a quick repair, but in some cases, it is something serious that needs major fixing. That’s why it is important to know how to inspect and fix small troubles for your car as car mechanics can charge you heavily for some simple jobs that you can handle. The above causes of a squealing noise which include the belt, brake, and bearings should always be checked out before taking the car to a mechanic. Fix them in time so that you prevent the problem from causing more havoc.

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