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Component VS Coaxial Speakers




The two major categories of speakers are the component and coaxial speakers. When you want to upgrade or create a sound system for your car, you will definitely have to choose between these two. Between these two, the most common sound system is the coaxial speaker, also referred to as full-range speakers, as it is virtually found in every OEM car stereo system. The two types of speakers have more than one drive, which enables them to produce a wide range of audio frequencies. Before just picking anyone these speakers, it is important to understand their merits and demerits, and as well their differences, so that you can install the speakers that will make you enjoy your sound system.

Parts of a speaker

Different car manufacturers install different types of speaker models into their vehicles to satisfy the car owners with better sound quality. Coaxial speakers offer an affordable price with an easy installation system. On the other hand, Component car speakers provide melodious sound quality, but it is costly than a Coaxial speaker. So you need to get some idea about the speaker’s components before comparing these two widely used car speakers.

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This is a speaker utilized to reproduce bass and midrange notes. A woofer is also known as a bass speaker, usually produces low-frequency sounds.


These are specialized speakers dedicated to the lowest frequencies in an audio track. They are normally large and are mounted in a trunk space or in other rear compartments.


These are small speakers dedicated to high-frequency reproduction. This loudspeaker typically produces 2 kHz to 20 kHz sound frequency.

Supper tweeter

These are small drivers dedicated to ultra-high frequency reproduction. They are normally alongside regular tweeters in 4 way or 5-way coaxial speakers.

Mid-range speakers

These ones are responsible for handling middle frequencies and are applied together with tweeters and woofers for greater detail.


External crossovers are applied in component systems. Their major use is to direct particular frequency ranges to the appropriate speaker parts – low frequencies to the woofers, mid frequencies to the mid-range, and high frequencies to the tweeters. Coaxial speakers also have built-in crossovers.

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Component speakers

The component speaker system is made up of several separate speaker components. The range of human hearing is considered to be around 20 to 20 000 Hz. That spectrum is generally broken up into a handful of different categories when it comes to speaker technology. Every component speaker handles a single portion of that range. Tweeters, the lowest by woofers, produce the highest frequencies, and on the other hand, mid-range speakers fit in between the two extremes. Every component speaker comprises just one cone and one driver, and they fit well into these categories. Here I listed some advantages of component speaker that you can check.

  • Component speakers provide better tonal quality with its crossover network system.
  • It sounds like more authentic audio by upgrading your tweeters to the dashboard.
  • The speaker offers more accurate sound imaging with its raised soundstage and frequency separation.
  • It increases more power handling capacity. (Around 75-100 watts RMS)

Coaxial speakers

These are also referred to as full-range speakers. This is because they are designed to reproduce a larger range of audio frequencies from a single unit. These speakers have the same types of drivers that are found in component speakers, but they are combined to save on money and space, too. One of the common configurations is that of a woofer with a tweeter mounted on top of it. Also, there are 3-ay full-range speakers with a woofer, mid-range speaker, and tweeter. Let’s check some advantages of a Coaxial speaker.

  • A cost-effective, affordable sound system that offers easy installation.
  • You can find a different range of tweeter quality and crossover designs.
  • It can solve poor frequency response.
  • Upgrading and replacing is so easy because you will find this widely popular speaker in any mechanic store.

Difference between component VS Coaxial speakers

If you are on a budget and don’t want to spend a lot on the speakers, the coaxial speakers are the best choice for you. These are cheaper than component speakers. For a quality sound, the components speakers are the best, but you will have to spend a good amount of cash to attain them. In addition, component speakers are very easy to customize as you can install them in different areas of your car for better sound quality. On the other hand, full-range speakers can just be set up directly. Finally, coaxial speakers don’t need a crossover, but component speakers do.


To sum up, both component and coaxial speakers are great depending on the needs of the user. If you are looking for a quality speaker with great sound and boom, then the component speaker is the best. But if you simply want to replace the speakers in your car and have a speaker that costs less, then the full-range speaker is the most ideal.


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