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Missing Man: Brian Barton - WA - 03/10/2005

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Name: Brian Roy Barton

Classification: Endangered Missing Adult
Date of Birth: 1979-08-06
Date Missing: 2005-03-10
From City/State: Federal Way, WA
Missing From (Country): USA
Age at Time of Disappearance: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Bi-racial
Race (Other): White/Pacific Islander
Height: 76 inches
Weight: 180 pounds
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Medium

Glasses/Contacts Description: Glasses with wire or plastic frames.

Identifying Characteristics: Tattoo of the numbers "726-5917" on inner wrist, tattoo of "flames" on arms extending from wrist to middle of forearm, tattoo of an "angel" on arm, tattoo of a "ball and chain" on ankle, tattoo of a "skull and crossbones" on shin, freckle on right cheek.

Circumstances of Disappearance: Unknown. Brian was last known to be at his residence after 5:00pm in the vicinity of the 1300 block of SW Campus Dr. in Federal Way, WA. All personal belongings were left behind.

Investigative Agency: Federal Way Police Department
Phone: (253) 835-6751
Investigative Case #: 053531

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Project Jason submitted these missing persons to be included in the next GINA Webcast Concert for the Missing:

Brian Barton, Anna Waters, Clinton Nelson, Coreen Wiese, and Angie Yarnell. To see other missing persons, please go to - Webcast


Saturday, January 27, 2007

6:00 pm (Pacific)


GINA for Missing Persons presents a GINA Concert featuring recording artists Jannel Rap, Yvonne Perea, Gary Floyd, Clementine, Harriet Schock, Carey Colvin, & Ronni Rae Rivers


To get out the faces and stories of the missing and bring them home!

This is an interactive webcast. Encourage your friends and family to watch, and write in. Thanks for your attention!

- Jannel Rap

You can help! Forward this e-mail to your friends and log on Saturday night!

HOW TO WATCH ONLINE:Just go to Welcome to - Uncovering Missing Pieces To Find The Missing

Click on the Webcast Button at the top of the page


ABOUT GINA: Singer/songwriter, Jannel Rap's sister Gina Bos, disappeared Oct 17, 2000. Gina's story had no scandal, no suspects and lacked the hook and intrigue to get the attention of the national public. Gina had simply vanished after performing at a pub in Lincoln, NE. Six months of slamming doors inspired Jannel into action . . . and the concept of using entertainment to get attention for the missing was born.

In 2001, Jannel organized a concert series in honor of her sister, called GINA for Missing Persons, bringing together recording artists from all over the country in an effort to raise awareness of all the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children who go missing every year. In addition, through GINA (Welcome to - Uncovering Missing Pieces To Find The Missing) Jannel has produced a television series called "America Lost and FOUND", and now hosts a monthly international webcast featuring missing persons from around the globe.

For more information contact:

Jannel Rap, Founder


Welcome to - Uncovering Missing Pieces To Find The Missing

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My name is Jenn, I live out in CA and am an old friend of Brian Barton. I was wonder if there has been any information regarding him being Missing???

Someone Please Help....I miss my friend....

Jah Bless & Thank You,



I'm so sorry about your friend, Brian. There isn't any news on the case that I am aware of. I communicate with his mom on a fairly regular basis.

With Hope,


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Jenn, I am Brians mom and there isn't any news. Thanks for the inquiry. Thanks for helping kelly. I just registered to see the posts. Did you go to school with Brian? You can give me a call.


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Details of Disappearance

Barton was last known to be at his residence in the vicinity of the 1300 block of southwest Campus Drive in Federal Way, Washington sometime after 5:00 p.m. on March 10, 2005. He has never been heard from again. All of his personal belongings were left behind. Few details are available in Barton's case and it remains unsolved.

Investigating Agency

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:

Federal Way Police Department


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Posted Image

Missing Rocker's Family Turns To AMW

"One time, when Brian was 8 years old, we were at a restaurant and I told him I would give him five dollars if he would eat a hot pepper. He did, and he cried for an hour because it burnt his tongue," said Bonnie Olhausen, the aunt of 25-year-old Brian Barton, who went missing in March 2005 from his Federal Way, Wash. apartment.

More than two years later, Brian's family has not given up hope and are still searching for the beloved rock band member.  "I need to find him," Bonnie said when she contacted AMW for help.  "I never gave him the five bucks."

Fate" Band Member Is Unknown

Witnesses told Federal Way police that Brian, who worked for a plastic molding manufacturer, was last seen on March 10, 2005, at his apartment in the 1300 block of SW Campus Drive, shortly after 5:00 pm. Cops say all of Brian's personal belongings were left behind, and the only peculiar clue that was discovered at the house was a sliding screen door that was found off of its track.

Brian was a member of the rock band As Fate Would Have It, which performed gigs at bars, clubs and tournaments.  According to cops, the band had recently received a recording contract from southern California record company, but Brian, who was preparing to quit the band, was holding out. Fellow band members, cops say, were trying to convince Brian to go to California with them.

Days after Brian vanished, detectives discovered a 1976 Ford pick-up truck that belonged to one of the band members at a local junkyard.  The truck was completely destroyed, and cops were not able to find any new clues that aided the investigation into Brian's disappearance.

Brian's Disappearance Turns Into Cold Case

Cops say Brian had recently learned that he was adopted.

"Brian was always happy, and always had a smile on his face," Bonnie said.  "He was adopted at birth, but we never gave it much thought after bringing him home from the hospital. So many times growing up, Brian would make comments like, 'Grandpa I have your hands.  Aunt Bonnie, I have your big feet.'  Hours later it would hit us that he could not have his grandpa's hands or my big feet."

In 2007, the King County Sheriff's Department Cold Case Squad took over the investigation into Brian's disappearance.

Let's help reunite Brian with his family. If you know where Brian Barton is, or anything about his disappearance, call AMW right now at 1-800-CRIME-TV.

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Residents & Military Take Sides on New North County Area Code

Reported by: Eric Collins

Last Update: 9/05 6:58 am

Video at link

More than 100 North County residents and business owners speak out against a plan to split the 760 area code.

"This could severely impact us.  I urge you, please don't take away our identity," said William Ims,  a North County realtor.

This past April the California Public Utilities Commission approved a new 442 area code for 14 North County communities stretching from the coast all the way east to Borrego.

"How can they do this to us," said Maureen Barton.

Barton's 29 year old son Brian has been missing for more than three years.  Her phone number is listed on numerous websites and posters and fliers across the country, but if she's forced to take a new area code,  she worries Brian or tipsters won't be able to reach her.

"Our telephone number is our lifeline,  our communication with him if he is somewhere around and wants to contact us," said Barton.

State regulators signed off on the split because we're running out of telephone numbers, but members of the military are asking for a compromise.

They want the P.U.C. to institute an area code overlay,  which would only assign the 442 area code to any new telephone customers.

"We get on average 2.5 million phone calls monthly on base," said Colonel Jim Seaton.

Seaton is the Commanding Officer at Camp Pendleton.  He says an area code split would also severely impact more than 10,000 local marines and sailors who are currently overseas.

"Their family members that stay back here have a lot of rocks in their pack right now,  if you will.  There are a lot of things going on.  This is another irritant that they probably don't need to contend with at this point.

Only one member of the Public Utilities Commission attended tonight's public hearing.  He's the only commissioner who actually voted for the area code overlay.  He believes he can convince some of his fellow commissioners to change their minds.

The final vote on the area code switch will happen in mid October.

Note: Project Jason assisted Brian's family by submitting a protest letter to be read at the hearing. We hope the PUC does the right thing.

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Missing Federal Way man to be on America's Most Wanted

A man who went missing from Federal Way in 2005 will be featured on a Sept. 13 airing of America's Most Wanted as part of the search to find him.

Brian Roy Barton, who a Federal Way police spokeswoman said is not suspected of any crime, was last seen on March 10, 2005 at his apartment in the 1300 block of SW Campus Dr.

Barton was a guitarist in the rock band As Fate Would Have It, which signed a record contract shortly before Barton's disappearance. In June 2005, police impounded his 1987 Toyota pickup, but that didn't produce any strong leads, Federal Way police spokeswoman Cathy Schrock said.

Federal Way detectives did work on the case throughout 2006, she said. The last activity was in 2007 when police interviewed more witnesses in relation to his disappearance.

"At this time, it's a cold case," Schrock said Thursday.

The America's Most Wanted segment airs at 9 p.m. Saturday on FOX, broadcast in Seattle on channel 13.

Anyone with information on Barton's disappearance is asked to call Federal Way Police Det. Greg Wells at 253-835-6751.

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New photo provided by the family:

Posted Image

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Posted Image

Project Jason announces the featured missing persons in the July 2009 issue of the Online Magazine, which can be viewed at  This month's ad is on page 10. The site receives thousands of visitors per day.

Each month, publishes a full color ad in their popular online magazine which will feature 5-6 of Project Jason's missing person cases from across the country. The ad has clickable links which take the reader to additional information about the missing person, and a link to their printable poster.  Readers are encouraged to sign up for the AAN program and help with poster distribution. "You can be a Hero" is the theme of the joint venture.

Awareness Angels Network (AAN). AAN, begun by Project Jason in 2008, provides a way for the public to assist the families of missing persons. Missing persons posters designed specifically for the AAN program are disseminated via email to those enrolled in the program. Participants can then upload the posters to websites, print and place the posters in public areas, and forward them to their contacts. The program helps spread the word and increase the chances of finding the person.

In the July issue, the following missing persons were featured:

Brian Barton, missing from Federal Way, WA since 3/10/2005:

Monica Carrasco, missing from Balmorhea, TX since 10/1/2003:

Angela Finger, missing from Las Vegas, NV since 6/25/2006:

Emillie Hoyt, missing from Highland Beach, FL since 1/2006:

Melanie Metheny, missing from Belle, WV since 7/19/2006:

Brian Sullivan, missing from Rochester, NY since 7/7/2007:

You can read more about this program at

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AAN Annual Poster Notify Sent to AAN Subscribers  Code 76

Help us find the missing: Become an AAN Member and receive notifications about missing persons via email.

Click here to become a part of the solution:

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Bartons' hold hope that son is found

Part I of II

Shelli DeRobertis

Staff Writer

Thursday, May 13th, 2010.

Issue 19, Volume 14.

Maureen Barton said that it’s hard to talk about, and that she doesn’t even talk about it at her workplace anymore, but the thoughts and hopes are always with her that one day her 30-year-old son, Brian Barton, will come walking through her front door.

March 6 marked the fifth year since anyone has seen or heard from Barton, who was 25 when he went missing from Federal Way, Washington, which is located between Seattle and Tacoma.

Barton graduated from Buena Vista High School in 1997 and at age 21 moved near Seattle to submerge himself in the music culture and become part of a band, Maureen said.

She said he established a life there and had a job, a girlfriend, and was part of the punk rock band, "As Fate Would Have it," that had recently signed a record contract before Barton went missing.

Maureen described her son as having lots of friends and a close relationship with his two brothers – one of whom was in college at the time Barton went missing - and the other who lived nearby and was planning on getting married on Barton’s birthday.

Then Barton’s parents received the call that their son had gone missing.

"All of the sudden on March 6 my husband and I came home from work and we had a phone call on the machine from his girlfriend," said Maureen Barton. "His girlfriend had reported Brian missing to the Federal Way Police Department."

"He had gone to work, cashed a check, and gone to an appointment. She [barton’s girlfriend] said she talked to him during his workday – he went to his appointment and nobody had seen him since. All of his personal belongings were left behind – his car, wallet, cell phone, and car keys were left at home," Maureen said.

Maureen said that her husband called the police that same night, but was told that since Barton was 25 years old he could take off when he wanted, philosophizing that he may have wanted to start a new life or take off from friends.

"We were very upset," said Maureen. "We knew he wouldn’t do it."

Officer Raymond Bunk, a spokesman with the Federal Way Police Department said that the department’s policy doesn’t put an adult into the system if there is no history of a medical or mental condition, or a suspicion noted at the scene, such as blood on the floor.

"If you’re over 18, you’re allowed to take off," he said in a phone interview May 7. "First and foremost we understand sometimes adults want to leave the situation they’re in."

Bunk said an example of that might be a domestic abuse situation that someone wanted to get away from.

In Barton’s case, however, after the initial call in mid-March, Bunk said it was considered suspicious.

"It looks like we did do a police report at that time but there was not enough [evidence] to go further and put a detective on the case," he said.

Maureen and her family began their own search to find their son.

"My husband went up a week later after he went missing and put up posters with his friends," she said. "I went up the beginning of April and hired a private investigator. My sister and I met with the public safety officer, put up more posters, and met with his friends."

Maureen said she had postcards made out and sent them all over to police departments and churches and bars.

"I got on the Internet and found a bunch of places that host bands, mostly in the Washington area, but have sent some to New York, and sent them to wherever I feel there are a lot of people," she said.

By nine weeks into Brian’s disappearance, there had still been no sightings or trace of him anywhere.

Maureen said that up until that point in time her son’s bank account had not had any activity, and that there was money in it from a recent income tax return.

However, at the nine-week point, some suspicious activity was found and the Federal Way Police Department had a reason to request a polygraph on two people.

See the next issue (May 20, 2010) of the Village News for Part II of this story.

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Bartons’ journey to find son fraught with obstacles

Part 2 of 2

Shelli DeRobertis

Staff Writer

Thursday, May 20th, 2010.

Issue 20, Volume 14.

Five years ago Adam Barton spent his week-long spring break from college helping search for his 25-year-old missing brother, Brian Barton, who had disappeared from his home in Federal Way, Wash., without his truck, wallet or cell phone.

Adam and his father, both of Bonsall, searched from Seattle to Tacoma in hopes of finding Barton or any leads relating to his disappearance.

Adam has since graduated college and works in the legal field, but Brian Barton has never been found.

"This whole ordeal is ever-present in my mind. It always weighs on me on a personal level," Adam said.

In 2009 he established For Our Families Foundation, which provides grants to law enforcement agencies for training on missing persons and cold case investigations.

"We decided to set up the foundation because we needed to have something proactive come out of this," he said.

Adam said there were obstacles his family experienced while searching for his brother and they were irritating.

He said the purpose of his organization is to provide police officers, or whoever is willing to go, scholarships to receive up-to-date training on handling missing persons cases at an annual conference hosted by Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, Wis.

He said current training is important because it is something that evolves, such as updates on how DNA information can be used.

Regarding his brother’s disappearance, Adam said a lot of suspicious things happened that made him think foul play was involved.

In September 2008, America’s Most Wanted aired a brief story on Brian Barton, which reported that prior to his disappearance Barton’s Washington-based band had "recently received a recording contract from a Southern California company, but Brian, who was preparing to quit the band, was ‘holding out.’ Fellow band members, cops say, were trying to convince Brian to go to California with them."

Then, according to the show, just days after he vanished, a 1976 pickup truck was discovered in a local junkyard by detectives.

They reported that the truck had belonged to one of the band members and was found completely destroyed, adding that the police were unable to find any new clues that aided the investigation into Barton’s disappearance.

Back in 2005, after Barton had been missing for just over two months, Brian’s mother, Maureen Barton, said a private investigator she hired was working on the case and that a detective from the police department had not yet been assigned.

As reported earlier, authorities said they did not yet have enough evidence at the time of Barton’s initial disappearance to assign a detective to the case.

But Maureen was diligent about staying in contact with the police department every couple of days, she said.

On approximately May 19 it was discovered that Barton’s roommate had Barton’s driver’s license and was using his cell phone, she said.

"I called the police chief and got a detective [assigned] that day," she said.

Maureen said that she and her sister made another trip to Washington in search of answers, and that Barton’s belongings were still in the house that he had shared with at least two roommates.

She was still hoping that her son would return, she said, so she decided to leave his belongings there. However, she did take his cell phone and said her sister retrieved the text messages in hopes of finding a lead.

Then the police obtained a subpoena for Barton’s cell phone records, Maureen said. They also impounded Barton’s two trucks that had been left behind.

Barton’s money was also left at his place, and Maureen paid his bills for the first month after he went missing.

Today, she still has his wallet with everything in it just as it was left.

But there is still no trace of what happened to her son.

Maureen said she feels that something happened to him.

"We did all sorts of investigating into this and were unable to determine any foul play was involved" said Officer Raymond Bunk, public information officer for the Federal Way Police Department.

As Maureen searched for answers, she found the National Center for Missing Adults (NCMA) online, which she said helped provide information on additional steps to take.

She said it also led her to Project Jason, an organization that provides assistance to families of the missing.

Project Jason was founded by Kelly Jolkowski, the mother of a 19-year-old who disappeared without a trace from the family’s driveway in 2001.

Maureen said Jolkowski was a "Godsend" in the wealth of information that she shared, and that she wished she would have learned about helpful organizations sooner. Jolkowski said Project Jason assists families in understanding how to dialogue with law enforcement and obtain information.

The organization also provides information such as on the three identifiers that should be gathered immediately after a person has been reported missing: dental records, fingerprints and DNA. These identifiers should then be placed in a national database.

In September 2006, Maureen provided a sample of Barton’s hair from a brush, and at that time, the police handed the case over to King County for some assistance. The hair samples went to the state crime lab and Barton’s DNA was entered into the system, Bunk confirmed.

That was the last report written before three separate polygraphs were administered in the summer of 2007 by the King County Sheriff’s Department.

The summary report about the polygraph states that the test was comprised of two questions regarding Barton’s disappearance, and that all three people tested passed the test.

"We did lots of statements and brought out the polygraph, which is pretty substantial," Bunk said. And, according to Bunk, that’s where law enforcement has left it.

"We have no arrests and zero leads. It’s a classic cold case, if you will," Bunk said.

Commenting about the For Our Families Foundation, Bunk also said that anytime a law agency can find "extra dollars" or funding for training, it’s definitely appreciated.

Bunk said officers at Federal Way do receive training on missing persons, but that it varies from person-to-person, depending on what they are assigned to.

As for the ongoing anguish experienced by the Barton family, Maureen said, "You hope for the best, but on the other hand you have to learn to live with it, because you don’t know."

"You have to adapt your life to this situation. You still have to work and pay bills."

For more information on the For Our Families Foundation, visit

To comment on this story online, visit

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Investigation Discovery


January 24th 2011

The Final Chord

Brian Barton has a successful punk rock band in Seattle, Washington. But Brian suddenly quits the band, breaks up with his fiancée, and disappears. Investigators wonder if he walked away, killed himself, or if his bandmates committed foul play.

Check your local listings for the show and time.

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Brian Barton

Posted Image

Twenty-five year-old Brian Barton seems to have everything going for him. He has a successful punk rock band, a close-knit group of friends, and he is engaged to be married. But in early 2005, things begin to change. His relationship with his fiance, Breanna, starts to falter, and he seems deeply upset about it. He becomes withdrawn and depressed. He also begins to talk more and more about being adopted, and expresses interest in finding his biological mother. And then, over the course of three days in March, he quits his band, breaks up with Breanna, and cuts ties with his closest friends. On the next day, he goes to see a counselor to discuss his anxieties, and then disappears without a trace, leaving behind $800 in cash, his cell phone, and his keys. As his family and friends comb the Seattle area for any sign of Brian, investigators begin to zero in on his bandmates. They start to suspect that at least one of them knows where Brian is, but no one is talking.

If you have information about Brian Barton, contact Federal Way Police Dept, (235)835-6751.

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