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Missing Man: Crishtian Michael Hughes - CA - 02/07/2013

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Crishtian Michael Hughes


MISSING SINCE: February 07, 2013
LAST SEEN: San Francisco, California
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 68.0 to 69.0 in
WEIGHT: 130.0 to 135.0 lbs
EYES: Hazel
HAIR: Brown
TATTOOS: Left Arm "West Coast' & on Right Arm "Loyalty"
SCARS/MARKS: scar on back from top to bottom on spine

Contact San Diego Police Dept. at 619-531-2287 with information.

Case #: 13005203 NamUs MP #: 19238

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Three missing men in San Francisco: Where are they? (Photos)


Attention has been recently drawn to 3 young men, all who have disappeared in San Francisco. While nothing has been said directly tying these missing men to each other, it seems odd that all 3 of them disappeared in roughly the same area, and there has been no sign of them.

On February 6th, Crishtian Hughes, who had been visiting a friend in SF's 900 block of Capital Ave. for a few days, packed up all of his belongings and left his friends' home, sometime between 2 am and 10 am. Now, really, who leaves, in the middle of the night, in an unfamiliar city, with no car and little money? No note for his friend, saying he had left, no call to his mother, to say where he was going. According to Crishtian's mother, he is not the type who would disappear without letting someone know where he is. She is most concerned due to the sketchy background of the friend Crishtian was visiting, as well as the fact that he called police, rather than family, to see if his friend had made it home. If he wasn't aware of any concerns of Crishtian's safety, why would he call police?

And speaking of police, Crishtian's mother also feels they have not been active enough in the search for him, listing him as a voluntarily missing person. The SFPD has even forwarded the case on to San Diego, where Crishtian is from. Did he catch is flight back? His mother doesn't know, because her son is a mental stable adult and the airline can't give her that information.

On May 19th, Beau Rasmussen went missing in the Golden Gate Park area, after participating in the Bay of Breakers race. He left his friends, telling them he was going to the Ocean Beach area, where is cell phone, clothes, keys, wallet, and passport were found later that day, leading some to speculate that he may have drowned. Friends of Beau and many volunteers are searching the area today, hoping for any sign of the missing man.

On May 21st, Sean Sidi disappeared, after telling his father he was taking the bus to the park, after visiting a former teacher at International High School. Like the others, he hasn't been seen since. Sean is said to be "medically fragile, after suffering a traumatic brain injury several months ago. His family also says this is out of character for the young man, saying he rarely leaves the house for long periods of time, and always lets them know where he is.

Investigator Anne MacKenzie handles all missing persons cases in San Francisco. That's likely a pretty heavy caseload for just one person. If you have any information about these missing men, or any other missing persons in SF, please contact her at 415-734-3268. Are these cases in any way connected? Who knows? But all 3 of these men have loved ones who are desperate to find them. Hopefully they will all still come home safe.

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Vigil set for missing San Diego men
By Lyndsay Winkley2:45 P.M.SEPT. 13, 2013

SAN DIEGO — A vigil will be held Saturday in San Francisco for two San Diego men who vanished from the bayside city — one six months ago, the other two years ago.

Their families are hoping the Joint Awareness Vigil will invigorate search efforts by law enforcement or lead to tips from the public. Three other families who also have sons who went missing in San Francisco will be participating in the event at Golden Gate State Park.

Crishtian Hughes, 20, from Mission Valley, went missing in February. Cameron Remmer, 31, of Encinitas, hasn’t been heard from since October 2011. Shawn Dickerson, 24, Jackson Miller, 23, and Sean Sidi, 19, all from the Bay Area, are also missing.

“We just want to bring awareness to all of our sons to let the public know that we need help finding them,” said Kim NePote, mother of Hughes. “Maybe law enforcement will finally come forward and help us.”

NePote said the missing men’s cases have received little attention from police.

“It’s disturbing they aren’t being looked for,” she said. “Our sons are not lost wallets.”

San Diego police Detective Sgt. Frank Hoerman said searches for missing adults are particularly difficult because adults can decide to go missing.

“A high number of the adults we work with are missing because they want to be,” Hoerman said.

The mothers of Hughes and Remmer insist their sons would never just vanish.

Hughes planned to visit a friend and head home on Feb. 7. The night before his flight home, Hughes and his belongings disappeared. He never caught that return flight, said NePote.

“He would do anything for his family and friends and would never just leave them behind,” she said.

She described the San Diego High School graduate as a social person with a big heart. He had been working at a Taco Bell.

Remmer traveled to San Francisco on business. He went missing three days later, on Oct. 6, 2011. A Facebook page dedicated to his search said he disappeared from his hotel for three days and returned disheveled and babbling. Remmer has a bipolar disorder and had stopped taking medication about a month earlier, the page said. He had been hospitalized in the past.

His mother, Valeris Sorrells, described Remmer as charismatic and outgoing. He is family-oriented and regularly involved himself with charity projects.

“I’m not going to give up hope until the day we know for sure,” she said. “We don’t want to believe he’s dead.”

Hughes is 5 feet 8 inches tall, 180 pounds and has brown hair and eyes. He was last seen wearing a black long-sleeved T-shirt and black jeans.

Remmer is 5 feet 10 inches tall, 170 pounds and has blonde hair and blue eyes. He often wears T-shirts and shorts. He was last seen wearing mismatched shoes.

Anyone with information about Hughes or Remmer can call the San Francisco Police Department at (415) 734-3145. Information about Hughes can also be reported to the Crishtian Hughes tips hotline at (760) 539-7211.

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Families Of Men Who Disappeared In SF Hold Candlelight Vigil


by Bay City News | December 12, 2013 5:31 pm

Sasha Lekach, Bay City News


In an effort to keep the search active for six young men who have gone missing from San Francisco in the past few years, their families are holding a vigil tonight.


Organizers of the candlelight vigil on the Polk Street steps of San Francisco’s City Hall at 7 p.m. hope to shed light on the disappearances of Sean Sidi, 19, Crishtian Hughes, 20, Shawn Dickerson, 24, Cameron Remmer, 31, Jackson Miller, 23, and Paulo Netto, 22.


The vigil will also serve as a memorial for 20-year-old Derrick Shao, who had gone missing on Nov. 7 on his way to school at City College of San Francisco, according to Lynne Ching, mother of missing 19-year-old Sean Sidi.


He was found dead the next week in the waters by the San Leandro Marina.


Ching’s son Sidi went missing in May, and since then Netto, a 22-year-old man visiting San Francisco from Los Angeles who was last in the San Francisco’s Mission District, went missing in October. Hughes went missing in February; Dickerson in December 2011; Remmer in October 2011 and Miller in May 2010.


A joint vigil was held in September in Golden Gate Park for what was then becoming known as the “California Five” for five young men that were missing at that point.


“This is a lot of young men,” Ching said this morning. “We cannot say these disappearances are related” but she said it raises the question of why this is happening so often to young men in San Francisco.


At tonight’s event, which includes family members and supporters of the missing men, Pastor Fred Harrell from the City Church in San Francisco and other community leaders, will speak, she said.


San Francisco Supervisor David Campos was expected at the vigil but due to a scheduling conflict will not be able to attend, Ching said.


She said the vigil is not happening to create hysteria, but to raise public awareness about the disappearances.


She said the vigil is to “give voice to the missing.”


Angeline Hartmann, a spokeswoman for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, an organization that has been assisting Ching and her family in the nationwide search for Sidi, said the so-called “phenomenon” of men in their early 20s going missing occurs across the country.


She said although it seems a concentration of these disappearances are happening in San Francisco in recent years, there are similar incidents in many regions.


As to why these missing people cases keep happening, Hartmann said there is no easy explanation and each case is unique.


Those attending the vigil in San Francisco are asked to bring their own battery-operated or real candles and lighters.


Police said today that they have no new information on any of the missing person cases.

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Sighting of missing man renews hope to find him

Posted: 9:17 p.m. Saturday, April 19, 2014

By Cristina Rendon


SAN FRANCISCO — A sighting of a man who went missing in San Francisco last year has prompted a renewed search for him on Saturday.


Crishtian Hughes of San Diego disappeared in February 2013 while visiting a friend on Capitol Avenue in the city. It has been 14 months of absolute silence for his family until now.


Hughes’ aunt, Chelsea Denton, said a credible tip came in on his whereabouts two days ago.


“There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about him,” Denton said. “It’s good. I hope we find him.”


Denton said a woman reported seeing a man resembling Hughes wearing pajamas and black shoes in the Haight District on Thursday. Family friends and strangers gathered at the corner of Haight Street and Shrader Street on Saturday to pass out flyers.


Dan Crites wasted no time spreading the word about the potential sighting.


“I knew Crishtian when he was a baby so I’m just doing what I can as a friend and a local,” Crites said.


The flyers were posted in windows of businesses and handed out to people. One flyer contained photographs ofHughes, while another showcased the photo of him and four other men who went missing over the past three years. The group of missing men has come to be known as the “California 5.”


“If we’re having people look, we might as well look for everyone,” Denton said.


Denton said her family would never give up searching for Hughes until he is found.


“You’re always going to hope and pray that he’s alive and for my family he is alive,” she added. “He’s not dead. He’s alive. He’s out there.”

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Families Of 5 San Francisco Men Who Mysteriously Disappeared Seek Answers


February 24, 2015 11:36 PM

Devin Fehely


SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) – How can you just disappear without a trace? It’s a mystery, but it’s been happening with increasing frequency in San Francisco. That has the families of some of the missing wondering about foul play.


A day can’t go by without Lynn Ching thinking of her son. Sean Sidi was 19 when he disappeared without a trace almost two years ago. “I kept calling and calling him. I already realized something was wrong, but we were hoping,” she said.


Months of searches in Golden Gate Park, where Sean said he was headed, led nowhere. “Our life is on hold, we don’t know where he is,” Lynn told KPIX 5.

Lynn set up a Facebook page, and soon discovered her family wasn’t alone. Four other young men, Crishtian Michael Hughes, Shawn Dickerson Tyler, Cameron Remmer and Jackson Miller had also gone missing in San Francisco in the three years before Sean disappeared, all about the same age as Sean. Together they became known as the California 5, and all are still gone without a trace.


The mystery was about to get even deeper. Five months after Sean vanished from the streets of San Francisco, another young man disappeared, then another, and another.


The difference in these latest cases: Paulo Netto, Derrick Shao and most recently Dan Ha’s bodies were later found floating in San Francisco Bay.


Paulo’s mother suspects foul play. KPIX 5 talked to her via Skype, from her home in Brazil, with the help of an interpreter. She told us her son called in a panic from a building in San Francisco’s Mission District the night he disappeared, saying he had lost his wallet and was being followed by three men.


Later he also called 911.


But in Netto’s case, as in Derrick and Dan’s, the cause of death is officially “unknown.”


“I think it’s very disturbing,” said Lynn. “I mean no one does anything and it keeps happening?”


“I do not see a common link,” said San Francisco Police Lt. Ed Santos. He heads up San Francisco’s Special Victims Unit, where the city’s missing cases end up.


“There may be some cases where one might be similar to another, but when you really look at it, it’s not,” Santos said.


But parents of the missing wonder if police really “are” looking at each case. “The police have not followed up with me. I don’t believe they have ever contacted me,” said Lynn.


KPIX 5 asked Lt. Santos about that. “In order to really dig deep you have to do a lot of searching, and a lot of searching can take a lot of personnel hours,” he said.


And when we questioned whether resources aren’t being dedicated to fully investigate these cases, his response was quick: “That is incorrect. There’s a lot of work that goes into these cases,” Santos said.


For the families of the missing, it’s frustrating. “It’s hard,” said Lynn. “Humans are prepared for death, but not for someone going missing.”


Sean Sidi’s case is still open, as are the cases of the 4 other young men we mentioned. San Francisco police are asking anyone with information to call their hotline at 415-553-9225.

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