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Missing Woman: Melvia Roarx - KY - 06/04/2013

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Search continues one month after woman's disappearance

By Staff Writer 04/07/2013
A Grayson County family is spending the Fourth of July holiday wondering if a mother of four is dead or alive.

It's been one month to the day since the mysterious disappearance of Melvia Roarx.

On June 4, Roarx left her home, told her family she was going to the store to buy some soft drinks and hasn't been seen since.

The 30 days that their mom has been missing feel like decades to her kids, who said they just want to see her one more time.

"It's hard because she's gone and I want her to come home and I feel in my heart she's missing and I want her to come home but she ain't," said Roarx's 5-year-old daughter, Sandy.

Not only did Roarx never make it back home, the 28-year-old's car was found abandoned about 80 miles away in Bullitt County.

The longer the family waits, the more they're beginning to fear the worst.

"I think of my baby, (that she) might be laying out there hurt somewhere. Somebody knows something," said Roarx's mother, Linda Duke.

But police have chased down their leads, and so far, there has been no trace of Roarx.

"I'm perplexed at why no one's seen her. No one's heard her, no activity on her credit cards and such," said Detective Jeff Kelsey with the Grayson County Sheriff's Office.

Anyone with information should contact Grayson County Sheriff's Department at (270) 259-3024.

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Police renew search for missing Grayson County woman
Published  4:05 PM EDT Nov 01, 2013

GRAYSON COUNTY, Ky. —Police are renewing the search for a missing Grayson County mother of four.


Melvia Roarx, 28, was last seen five months ago when she went to the store to buy soft drinks.

Her car was later found abandoned about 80 miles away in Bullitt County.

Crews from the Grayson County Sheriff's Department and Emergency Management will be out Saturday conducting another search.

Anyone with information should contact Grayson County Sheriff's Department at (270) 259-3024.

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Crew's search for missing woman from Grayson Co. turns up leads


by WHAS11

Posted on November 2, 2013 at 3:14 PM

Updated Sunday, Nov 3 at 4:19 PM


LEITCHFIELD, Ky. – A Grayson County mother of four has been missing for months, her family is worried sick; afraid they’ll never see 28-year-old Melvia Roarx again.


She disappeared after going to the store in Caneyville, Kentucky. Saturday morning, law enforcement and volunteers will ramp up their search again to try and find Roarx and bring her home.


It’s a last desperate attempt to find any indication of what happened to Melvia Roarx. Law enforcement teams from around the area banded together to search an area they couldn’t reach until now, holding out hope that they’ll find answers.


Dogs were brought in to search for her and twice, they zeroed in on an area called Horse Branch, in the Neifus area. “During the summer time, it was really built up,” Grayson County Sheriff’s Detective Jeff Kelsey said, “We put a couple search teams out, but we were unable to find anything.”


Now that hay has been harvested and some of the vegetation has died off, 60 to 80 volunteers searched the several hundred acres of land for some sign of Melvia. “Maybe a new lead will turn up from this,” Detective Kelsey said, “Maybe a message was left that we couldn’t find before, we don’t know what we’re going to find tomorrow.”


All other leads have dried up. Detective Kelsey called this search a last ditch effort. A difficult fact to face. “When I look down and see Miss Melvia’s kids, you know, it’s kind of frustrating that you know, I’m like, ‘Wow, it’s been too long'.”


Melvia’s mother said her daughter had been going to meet with an ex-boyfriend. They have a child together and, according to police and the family, were having a custody dispute.


Nearly 80 volunteers searched several hundred acres of land for a sign of Melvia.


The Grayson County Sheriff's Office said nothing of great importance was found, but leads did develop that they will follow.

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Search continues for Melvia

Wednesday, November 6, 2013 at 10:52 am



Another search for Melvia Roarx was held over the weekend. While search and rescue teams were looking for clues to the missing mother, what they didn’t find was encouraging.


“We covered areas that we can rule out now,” Emergency Management Director Ernie Perkins said.


Several places in and around Neafus and Steff were questionable to those searching. Now that the areas have been searched, the teams can focus on other areas.


“We’re trying to find any kind of lead,” Perkins said. 


Roarx has been missing for five months with few clues as to what happened to her. Roarx, 28, disappeared near Horse Branch on June 4 after purchasing soda from a convenience store west of Caneyville.


On Saturday, Nov. 2, nearly 50 people gathered to search several areas in and around Steff and Neafus.


“We gathered at Strings and Things for the search,” Sheriff Rick Clemons said.


Perkins said Jodi Powers Search and Rescue came from Madisonville for the search, as well as Ky. Bloodhound Search and Rescue of Hardin County and KyK9 Search and Reunite Services from Louisville.


In addition, Caneyville Fire Department, sheriff’s deputies and special deputies, Grayson County Detention Center employees and emergency management staff were on hand for the search.


“Several people came to the area,” Emergency Management Director Ernie Perkins said. “They were very supportive of the search.”


Although searchers did not find Roarx, the effort continues.


“We will continue to do such searches until she is found,” said Perkins and Clemons.

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New detectives investigate woman missing for two years


UPDATED 8:57 PM EDT Jun 12, 2015

By Lauren Adams


GRAYSON COUNTY, Ky. —Two years after Melvia Roarx, 28, went missing, a new sheriff and new detective are determined to find out what happened.


Melvia Roarx, a mother of four children left to pick up some cigarettes and cold drinks, and never returned home.


Her van was found some eighty miles away at a Caneyville gas station, but there was no sign of Melvia Roarx.


The family of Melvia Roarx has always maintained that she would never have left her four young children behind, and feel there was foul play.


When Melvia Roarx was first reported missing, detectives used search teams, and a drone even went to Michigan to follow up on a tip.


The new Grayson County sheriff on the case, Norman Chaffins, told WLKY’s Laruen Adams that those initial tips are being re-investigated, and investigators say details in the case are suspicious.


When the van Melvia Roarx drove was found, the driver’s seat was pushed all the way back, and Melvia Roarx being 5 feet4 inches tall, she could not have driven the vehicle herself with the seat in that position.


Chaffins says investigators are starting the case back at square one and in recent weeks have been searching new areas, including wells.


It might not provide the outcome the family was hoping for, which Chaffins says is something they have prepared them for.


“Just re-examine all the evidence we had in the case, all the interviews. Go back and reinterview people, kinda get a fresh look at what was going on with the case,” said Chaffins.


Evert Roarx, Melvia Roarx’s mother, says she is grateful for the renewed interest in the case and now feels she is closer than ever to answers.


“I feel like he’s really going to do something, I really want to believe he’s going to do something,” said Evert Roarx.


Chaffins told WLKY his detective recently obtained DNA samples from both of Melvia Roarx's parents, so in the case remains are found, they can be positively identified sooner rather than later.

Anyone with information should contact Grayson County Sheriff's Department at (270) 259-3024.

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