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Missing Man: Clinton Nelson - LA - 09/01/2006

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Family prays for safe return of missing Haughton man

The search continues for a missing man from the Haughton LA area. Clinton Nelson (age 21)hasn't been seen or heard from for nearly two weeks and his family is desperate for his safe return. His family says it's very unlike him to not be in contact. They say they spoke to him just a few hours before he disappeared and everything seemed perfectly normal.

The Bossier Sheriff's Office has one detective working full-time on the case. Anyone with information is asked to call as soon as possible. 318-965-2203

Please read more at the link provided.

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Haughton man reported missing

September 13, 2006

Anyone with information about Clinton Nelson's whereabouts can contact Bossier sheriff's Detective Randy Towery at (318) 965-2203.

By Adam Kealoha Causey

Clinton Devon Nelson, 21, of the 200 block of Homer Road, last was seen Sept. 1 leaving on foot from 848 Ward Lane in Haughton, sheriff's spokesman Ed Baswell said. Nelson was heading in an unknown direction.

Nelson, who stands 6 feet, 1 inch tall and weighs about 160 pounds, last was seen wearing blue jeans, a black T-shirt, a black knit cap and red-and-white tennis shoes, Baswell said. He has blond hair, blue eyes and a fresh scar near his right collarbone and wears round-frame glasses.

The man's sister, Amanda Nelson, said in a phone call from their hometown of Spearfish, S.D., that her brother moved to Haughton about six months ago to live with his father. Amanda Nelson normally talks on the phone or sends messages to her brother on about once a week, she said.

Please read more at the link provided.

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Posted by Mandy 9/20/06

Hello, My name is Amanda and I live in South Dakota. My brother, Clinton, is still missing. My family and I are desperate to find him as we have done everything we can to locate him. Clinton is the greatest brother in the world and is an even better uncle to my 16 month old daughter. He cherished my daughter and loved spending time with her while he still lived in South Dakota. We grew up together and have so many funny memories of each other. He was always making me laugh when I was young and still to this day. He was always there for me to lend a shoulder to cry on, an ear to fill full of laughter and a voice that could soothe a crying baby.

I feel like a lost soul without my brother. It has been 3 weeks now, and as the days pass me by, I pray to the lord to bring him home safely. My heart is truly in agony as I yearn to speak with him every waking moment. My brother, has never gone this long without calling me to see how things are going in my life and to fill me in on his.

You know, I watch the news often and I see missing people here and there and I pray for the families...I never once thought it would happen to me. Life became a cruel reality when I watched the news broadcast of my brothers dissapearance. I just cant imagine growing old with out my brother, I cant imagine my daughter not ever remembering her only uncle...but whats worse. My brother is only 21. He has his whole life ahead of him. Please help me in my search to find my brother. I love him so much.

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Posted by Kelly 9/23/06

Welcome, Amanda.

We are sorry about your brother. We'll keep him and your family in our thoughts and prayers and have hopes for his quick and safe return.


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Written by Theresa Gardner

Friday, 22 September 2006

Haughton man has been missing since Sept. 1

The mother of a missing Haughton man says he was diagnosed with a heart condition days before he came up missing and fears for his life. Bossier Sheriff’s deputies continue to search despite the fact that they have had no real leads to go on. Carolyn Johnson says she prays for her son’s safe return, but has no idea why 21-year-old Clinton Nelson hasn’t been seen or heard from since Sept. 1.

“We have received some calls about Clint Nelson and our detectives have followed up on them, but, so far, nothing has panned out,†said Ed Baswell, public information officer with the Bossier Sheriff’s Office. “We are basically back to square one.â€Â

She is not sure, but believes he might be on some medication for his wound and possibly for his heart condition. “I just want Clint to know that I love him and want him to come home safely,†she said. “We don’t know what the circumstances are, but we just want you to come home.â€Â

Please continue to read at the link provided.

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Mike Mason, 9/24/06

Hi. My name is Mike Mason. Clinton is my cuz and he was also working for me. I haven't been around him that much but the time that I have spent with him was great. He is a hard worker always wanting to learn more about his job. Everyone at the rig is praying for his safe return. If you have any info about Clinton please let us know. We all miss him and want him back. Thank's from all the hand's on ECCO RIG 6 !

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Mike Mason, 9/24/06:

Clinton's scar is on his left collar bone not on the right.


Kelly: 9/24/06

Hi Mike,

Just an FYI, the scar info was published by the media, not us, but I do thank you for the information.

We're also in prayer for the safe return of CLinton to his loved ones.

He is now featured on the Project Jason blog as an Urgent Locate.

Project Jason-Voice for the Missing: 9/24/06 Urgent Locate: My Brother, My Friend

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The Black Hills Pioneer, Newspapers, South Dakota, SD

West River family searches for son

BY DONNA SMITH, Black Hills Pioneer

October 02, 2006

That's the reality for Amanda Nelson of Spearfish and her mother Carolyn Johnson who have been searching since Sept. 1 for any news at all about Clinton Nelson, Amanda's brother and Carolyn's son.

Since then, detectives have been seeking clues to his disappearance, but there is nothing. It is as if he has vanished.

When his mother talks about him, she seems lost but determined. "Someone, somehow might know something," Johnson said. "It's tough. I just want to know what happened, where he is..."

There have been no incoming or outgoing calls on his cell phone, he left an uncashed $2,000 paycheck at his home, and friends and family have not heard from him. While police suspect something bad has happened to him, his mother said Friday, there is no physical evidence to confirm or dismiss that. There is nothing.

Please continue to read at the link provided.


News for Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa


Spearfish Man Missing

Authorities in Louisiana are searching for a missing 21-year-old man who used to live in South Dakota. Spearfish native, Clinton Nelson, moved to Louisiana six months ago, but the oil rig worker has been missing for about one month.

The sheriff's department says Nelson met some friends in Haughton, Louisiana but walked away at some point and no one has seen or heard from him since. Detectives have used dogs to track his scent and have pursued several phoned-in tips, but so far, they've come up empty.

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NMCA profile:

Name: Clinton Devon Nelson

Classification: Endangered Missing Adult

Alias / Nickname: Clint, Clinton Nelson-Johnson

Date of Birth: 1985-08-09

Date Missing: 2006-09-01

From City/State: Princeton, LA

Missing From (Country): USA

Age at Time of Disappearance: 21

Gender: Male

Race: White

Height: 73 inches

Weight: 160 pounds

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Complexion: Light

Glasses/Contacts Description: Glasses with round silver wire frames.

Identifying Characteristics: Faint scars from dog bite over right eyebrow onto eye lid, corner of right eye, right temple, and lower jaw line, scar from recent stitches on left collarbone, recently fractured three left ribs and right arm, facial hair on chin and lip, previously fractured legs.

Clothing: Black "ECKO" brand T-shirt, blue jeans, black knit cap, new white "DC" athletic shoes with red trim, new black leather belt, white anklet socks with gray bottoms.

Circumstances of Disappearance: Unknown. Clinton was last seen at approximately 8:30pm leaving a friend's residence in the vicinity of Ward Ln. and Hwy 80 in Princeton, LA. Clinton has a medical condition.

Investigative Agency: Bossier Sheriff's Office

Phone: (318) 965-2203

Investigative Case #: 06-4835

Posted ImagePosted Image

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Posted by Carolyn Johnson, 11/10/06

Hi, my name is Carolyn. My son is Clinton Nelson. Today is 11 weeks since he went missing...

Today is a really tough day!

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Kelly, 11/10/06:

Welcome to the forum, Carolyn.

We are so sorry about Clinton.

Please be sure to email me for additional assistance.



Carolyn Johnson, 11/10/06:

In my previous quote I said Clinton had been missing for 11 weeks, it should have said 10 weeks. Sorry for my error.

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Project Jason submitted these missing persons to be included in the next GINA Webcast Concert for the Missing:

Brian Barton, Anna Waters, Clinton Nelson, Coreen Wiese, and Angie Yarnell. To see other missing persons, please go to - Webcast


Saturday, January 27, 2007

6:00 pm (Pacific)


GINA for Missing Persons presents a GINA Concert featuring recording artists Jannel Rap, Yvonne Perea, Gary Floyd, Clementine, Harriet Schock, Carey Colvin, & Ronni Rae Rivers


To get out the faces and stories of the missing and bring them home!

This is an interactive webcast. Encourage your friends and family to watch, and write in. Thanks for your attention!

- Jannel Rap

You can help! Forward this e-mail to your friends and log on Saturday night!

HOW TO WATCH ONLINE:Just go to Welcome to - Uncovering Missing Pieces To Find The Missing

Click on the Webcast Button at the top of the page


ABOUT GINA: Singer/songwriter, Jannel Rap's sister Gina Bos, disappeared Oct 17, 2000. Gina's story had no scandal, no suspects and lacked the hook and intrigue to get the attention of the national public. Gina had simply vanished after performing at a pub in Lincoln, NE. Six months of slamming doors inspired Jannel into action . . . and the concept of using entertainment to get attention for the missing was born.

In 2001, Jannel organized a concert series in honor of her sister, called GINA for Missing Persons, bringing together recording artists from all over the country in an effort to raise awareness of all the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children who go missing every year. In addition, through GINA (Welcome to - Uncovering Missing Pieces To Find The Missing) Jannel has produced a television series called "America Lost and FOUND", and now hosts a monthly international webcast featuring missing persons from around the globe.

For more information contact:

Jannel Rap, Founder


Welcome to - Uncovering Missing Pieces To Find The Missing

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Carolyn Johnson, 3/20/07:

It is coming up on 7 months since my son disappeared. In the past months (which feels like years), I have realized how many moments I allowed to pass without appreciating, the soft touch of a child’s hand, hearing a child laugh, having a child to hug and kiss.

As a mom looking back on years of parenting, I wonder if I had done things differently would my child not have ended up in this situation, whatever that situation may be. But I know in my heart I would not change things, if it would mean not having my children for whatever time I am allowed to have them with me. I know that they are my heart and soul. My children are the gift that everybody should be so lucky to receive! They have truly been a blessing from above and I hope and pray that they always know that I love them and I have always tried to be the best mom that I can be.

If by some chance Clinton is out there, somewhere, reading this, I need you to know that I love you! I am proud to have you as my son! Imperfections and all, just as I am not perfect, I have never expected you to be perfect. I hope that where ever you are that you are safe and happy and know that my love for you will never stop! We all miss you and pray that you will return to us!

For the rest of you, don't be in such a hurry that you miss the little things in life, which make life worth living. You never know when the little things in life will be gone! Don't forget to tell people you love them and give them a kiss and hug! Let them know you appreciate them even when they are frustrating!

It is always good to be reminded that GOD is an awsome GOD! Let GOD Bless your day! I hope that whatever it is that you are enduring today, that you allow the peace and love of GOD, to get you through it!

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Denise, 4/2/07:

Points well taken, Carolyn, and I am sure there was nothing you could have done differently. I am so sorry for what you are going through.

Spearfish man still missing in Louisiana

BY MICHELLE HALL, Black Hills Pioneer April 02, 2007

SPEARFISH - A former Spearfish man disappeared in September of 2006 without a trace and is still missing.

Clinton Nelson, 21, was last seen on Sept. 1, 2006, at approximately 8:30 p.m., leaving a friend's house in Princeton, La. His mother Carolyn Johnson of Spearfish said, "He was at a friend's house and he left the house walking around 8:30 p.m. and just vanished."

Johnson said it has been incredibly hard on her family. "You go through the whole gamut of emotions," she said. "Is he alive, is he dead, if he is dead where is he, is he hurt, is he scared." She said he has two sisters, Tarah, 16 and Amanda, 22, who have both had a really hard time with his disappearance. "They have both had a really difficult time at understanding what has happened and not knowing how to deal with it because we don't know what has happened," she said.

There have been varying stories about his disappearance, which have piqued the interest of local law enforcement. Johnson said they've been talking to the Louisiana Police and they are treating it as a crime. Detective Charles Owens, said they have to treat any missing person in that manner, just in case there was foul play involved and they have to take evidence into a courtroom. In reference to Nelson, he said, "Due to the circumstances of this case, it's highly likely a criminal offense has occurred but it still remains the possibility that its not."

The police department is not the only establishment involved with the case. Texas EquuSearch was called in to help with the search efforts around Thanksgiving, but they didn't find anything.

Through tears, Johnson said, "Whatever happened that night, we don't know and I'm praying that if he's still alive and has spoken to anyone that they would come forward and let us know that. If anybody knows anything we just want Clinton to know how much we love him and miss him."

Case coordinator from TES, Cindy Wisdom said, "We searched there for two days. We were able to do some things law enforcement was not able to do. We were able to speak with the people who had last spoken to him and search their grounds. We're still working with law enforcement to try and clear this case."

Texas EquuSearch is a highly acclaimed Mounted Search and Recovery Team that was started in August 2000 with the purpose to provide Volunteer Horse Mounted Search and Recovery for Lost and Missing persons. Tim Miller, a parent of a child who had been murdered, started the organization. Miller and the others do not charge families for their services when they contact them with a missing person.

Texas EquuSearch is a non-profit, strictly volunteer organization that is funded completely by donations. Wisdom said the most important thing is time. "Don't wait to call us we need to be the second phone call after law enforcement. Time is of the essence."

"We've been credited with the highest find rate of any search and recovery organization in the country," said Wisdom. She emphasized that they utilize a lot of technology that may not be available to law enforcement because of cost.

"We are no longer just on horseback, we utilize ATV's, airplanes, helicopters, remote aircraft and a very large range of technical equipment," she said.

Owens agreed saying, "They have dogs to assist in searching that can find evidence that humans can't detect. They do have a lot assets available a lot of departments can't afford to have, such as helicopters or dogs, it's a group we can call on to assist law enforcement".

The relationship between the organization and law enforcement is beneficial. Wisdom said, "It's a good relationship. Law enforcement doesn't have the resources we do. We can get whatever we need within hours. We have such a large resource base. The biggest expense is hotels."

Owens said, "They came up (to Louisiana) and provided some manpower and equipment for the search. They're always helpful. They have quite a good reputation in Texas for assisting missing person searches."

The two entities are working together to find information about Nelson. Johnson said that Texas EquuSearch has recently donated $5,000 to the reward for information leading to her son's whereabouts and/or information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible. That was added to the $5,000 reward already being offered by the family and the $2,500 Johnson's office donated.

"The reward money is to try to get some incentive for someone to come forward," Johnson said. "If anything were revealed they (Texas EquuSearch) would be willing to go in and help organize or assist with any other searches."

Johnson said she would like to encourage anybody who would like to help to make donations to the Texas EquuSearch foundation. Donations can be sent to Texas Equusearch, P.O. box 395, Dickenson, TX 77539 or donations can be made directly through the Texas EquuSearch website at Texas EquuSearch - The Texas EquuSearch Mounted Search and Recovery Team was started in August, 2000 with the purpose to provide Volunteer Horse Mounted Search and Recovery for Lost and Missing persons..

The Black Hills Pioneer, Newspapers, South Dakota, SD

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From the Family:

"Hey Everyone,

I really don't believe in forwarding email or sending out stuff that I know people really don't want.  However this is a You Tube video of my son. Clinton Devon Nelson went missing on 9/1/2006 from Princeton Louisiana.  We are desperately seeking answers as to what happened to him.  I am asking two things of you 1st please pray for answers.  2nd please forward this email to everyone that you can.  We are not having a lot of luck getting this information out on a national level, so if we start sending it by email, maybe someone will recognize himand can fill us in on what happened over 15 months ago!  Please help our family find the answers that we need. 


Carolyn Johnson

Mother of Clinton Nelson

Missing since 9/1/2006

From Princeton Louisiana"

New YouTube video about Clinton:

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Help find what happened to Clinton Nelson

Black Hills Pioneer editorial December 17, 2007

After work one day, Carolyn Johnson was driving home when her son called. He had recently started a new job in Louisiana and he told her stories about working on an oil rig and how much he loved it. They told each other "I love you."

That was 15 months ago.

It was the last time Carolyn talked to her son.

Clinton Devon Nelson, 21, of Spearfish went missing days later in Princeton, La. To this day, his family, friends, son and the Northern Hills community have no idea what happened to him or where he is.

Multiple leads have turned up wanting and many search efforts have produced nothing.

In January his family is organizing a new, massive search with law enforcement and search and rescue teams. They are looking for volunteers from the Northern Hills to volunteer to go to Louisiana to help. They're also looking for $5,000 in order to provide food, lodging and transportation for the search and rescue teams. They need this money by Jan. 1, 2008.

We bet our community will step up and help.

"We are going to search shoulder to shoulder across the entire area where he was last seen," Carolyn said.

Clinton's son Austin, who was born months after his father disappeared, is now a bouncing baby boy and Carolyn and her husband Ross Johnson, a lieutenant with the City of Spearfish Police Department, are gearing up for another holiday season without one family member.

"The anxiety, guilt, frustration and panic that a mother experiences during this time is horrible," she said. "It is the most unbearable and excruciating torment that anyone can imagine."

After Clinton disappeared, Carolyn filed a missing persons report, which she described as a difficult experience. "Adults have the right to disappear if they want to," Carolyn said. "Clinton is an adult."

Later the detectives on the case in Louisiana called. "They believed Clinton had met with foul play and they were searching the woods with dogs for a body," she said.

To no avail.

"The two theories are that my son either died from foul play or some kind of accident that he has not been found yet," Carolyn said. "To know the only way I can find my son is to depend on other people and their money is a very difficult thing for me. But, I would do anything for my son. I will never stop looking for him."

A fund has been established to help the Johnsons find out what happened to their son.

To donate to the fund, please contact any First Western Bank in the Northern Hills and ask for information on the Clinton Nelson Search Fund.

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Search for missing Bossier man to go on all weekend 

Rob Blackmon

Created: January 18, 2008 05:39 PM     Modified: January 18, 2008 06:08 PM

Family and friends of Clinton Nelson are combing through woods and underbrush looking for any signs of the missing man.

Nelson was last seen leaving a house on Ward Lane near Haughton in September 2006.

Jeff Mason, Clinton's father, said he last spoke to his son on the phone the night before he disappeared. Mason can't understand why Clinton left, where he might have gone or what might have happened to him.

"He moved down here from South Dakota to go to work in the oil field", Mason said.

Volunteers plan to spend the weekend conducting a grid-type search for Clinton in a five-mile radius around the house where he was last seen.

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National Groups to Help in Missing Man Search in Haughton

Posted: Jan 18, 2008 05:47 AM CST

  Members of three national missing persons groups will be in Haughton--possibly through the weekend--to help with the search for a missing man.

  Clinton Nelson, 21, was last seen in September, 2006, at a home in the 800 block of Ward Lane.

  Since that time, his mother and other relatives have been working with the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office to find him.  The family has also handed out flyers on occasion in an attempt to locate him. 

  Members of Texas EquuSearch began arriving in the area Thursday afternoon.  At 9 a. m. Friday, they plan to begin a shoulder-to-shoulder search of the neighborhood, covering a five mile radius around the home where Nelson was last seen.  The search will continue until about 4:30 p. m., and may resume on Saturday and Sunday, if necessary, according to a worker with Texas EquuSearch.

   The groups are in need of volunteers.  Anyone who wants to help is asked to show up at the Bossier Parish Fire Station on Highway 157 near Highway 80 at 8 a. m.   

Volunteers must be at least 18 years old with valid identification.  They also are advised to wear long pants, bright colored shirts and closed toe shoes.

  Story by Katrina Webber

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Day 2 of search for missing man turns up nothing

Quest to learn what happened to Haughton resident continues today

January 20, 2008

By John Andrew Prime

Better weather and word of mouth helped more people show up to search for a Haughton man who has been missing since late 2006, but Saturday's search still ended empty-handed.

"It was about like Friday," said Leff Mason, father of Clinton Devon Nelson, who hasn't been seen since Sept. 1, 2006. "We didn't turn up nothing."

Three national missing person organizations organized the three-day effort that will begin anew today at 8 a.m. The search is concentrated around U.S. Highway 80 at state Highway 157.

The sleet and bitterly cold temperatures that crowned Friday's efforts were replaced Saturday by blue skies and milder temperatures as searchers ventured out into thick woods near Princeton in east Bossier Parish.

"We pounded the ground all day," Mason said. "There were a bunch more people than Friday. Today, there were three groups. Yesterday, we only had two."

He estimated there were at least 50 people on the ground Saturday, up from about two dozen or so the previous day.

Nelson, 21, of the 200 block of Homer Road in Haughton, left a residence on nearby Ward Lane, leaving behind a $2,000 paycheck. He was on foot, and investigators say he had only a few dollars and no credit cards.

The groups have set up a base at station 3 of Bossier Fire District No. 1 on state Highway 157. Members look at maps and plan their grid-by-grid search starting at five miles out from the house where Nelson last was seen.

Bossier sheriff's deputies have made no arrests and say they don't know of anyone who would have wanted to hurt Nelson. Nelson, who had been commuting to Tyler, Texas, to work on an oil rig, moved to Haughton to be with his father. He'd lived here about six months when he went missing.

Though easier than Friday, Saturday's going still was rough, Mason said.

"It was easier going, but the woods were still tough," he said, sounding tired after the full day hacking through brambles. "Those were biggest thorn bushes I've ever seen, and the biggest briars I've ever seen. My legs are like roads maps."

The local response has been heartening, he said.

"Everybody gave 150 percent. I'm really grateful."

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Search for missing man unsuccessful

January 21, 2008

At the end of a weekend-long search of the Haughton area, the family and friends of a man missing since fall 2006 have no new information on his whereabouts.

The three day search for Clinton Devon Nelson, 21, ended unsuccessfully Sunday.

"I was disappointed we didn't find any clues," said Jeff Mason, Nelson's father. "It was a lot of hard walking through big briars."

Nelson hasn't been seen since he left a residence on Ward Lane in Haughton on Sept. 1, 2006, leaving behind a $2,000 paycheck. He was on foot, and investigators say he had only a few dollars and no credit cards.

Texas EquuSearch,  mapped out the search that on its final day began at 8:30 a.m. and ended around 4:30 p.m., said Carolyn Johnson, Nelson's mother.

Volunteers searched in and around the site of the new Princeton Athletic Complex and Timberland Estates, around Fillmore Cemetery Road and other areas along U.S. Highway 80 at state Highway 157, Mason said.

The crowd varied through the weekend, and while the number of volunteers hit a high point Saturday, fewer came out Sunday.

Food donated by local restaurants and help from the Red Cross was appreciated, Johnson said, as well as the help of everyone that stopped by.

The search for Nelson wasn't ending with the coordinated effort Sunday.

"I'm going to keep looking. Me and my family and friends," Mason said. "Probably won't be but about four or five of us, but we'll be looking."

Mason still has the maps detailing the search area and he plans to keep looking in areas they weren't able to get to this weekend.

Both parents hope someone will come forward with information that ends their search.

"We want to plead with anybody that knows what happened to Clinton that night to have the courage to come forward," Johnson said. "We know someone knows something. We need to know what happened to him."

"I feel it in the bottom of my heart," Mason said. "Somebody knows something."

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Additional reward offered in missing-man case 

Created: July 31, 2008 02:45 PM   

Modified: July 31, 2008 04:25 PM

The family of a Haughton man who is missing and presumed dead is offering a $2,500 cash reward for the recovery of his remains.

Clinton Devon Nelson was last seen the night of Sept. 1, 2006, when he left a friend’s house near Ward Lane and U.S. 80 in Princeton.

The reward being offered by Nelson's family is unrelated to the $12,500 reward being offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case.

It will be paid anonymously as soon as Nelson’s verified remains are recovered, Bossier sheriff's officials said in a statement released in cooperation with Nelson's family.

Any tips can be called in to the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office, 318-965-2203.

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Another search set for missing Haughton man 

Created: November 7, 2008 10:28 AM   

Modified: November 7, 2008 10:38 AM


Volunteers are needed to help with the weekend search for Clinton Nelson. Crews will search this Saturday and Sunday at 8:00am.

Nelson has been missing for 2 years now. He was last seen on September 1, 2006 walking away from a house on Ward Lane in Haughton.

The mounted horse patrol group Texas EquuSearch will help search an area near Highway 157 and Highway 80. Bossier Sheriff's Deputies say it's about a 6 to 8 square mile area.

Volunteers are asked to wear bright colored clothing.

Family members say it's been a difficult two years not knowing what's happened to Clinton.

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Parents plea for help in finding missing man

Family offers $15,000 for information on Clinton Nelson

By Loresha Wilson • • November 8, 2008 2:00 am

The parents of a missing 23-year-old Haughton man are asking the public to help in a search to find him.

Texas EquuSearch, a mounted horse patrol group, will lead a search for Clinton Nelson today and Sunday between Princeton Road and Ward Lane, and Jeff Mason begs for volunteers to help find his son.

"It's more of just opening old wounds," Mason said. "But I'm hoping to get some closure. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. It's just tough."

Nelson, who was 21 at the time, was last seen visiting friends at a Princeton house Sept. 1, 2006. He left a $2,000 paycheck and had no transportation, credit cards or financial means other than maybe a few dollars. He had recently moved from South Dakota to the Haughton area to stay with his father.

Bossier sheriff's Capt. Doyle Dempsey said detectives continue to investigate Nelson's disappearance, but it's unusual. There's no evidence of foul play and nothing in his background that explains why he's missing.

"We have talked to people in the area and all witnesses have been interviewed," Dempsey said. "We have no evidence at this point that a crime has been committed. Witnesses say he walked outside, and they expected him to come back inside but he never did."

Authorities on several occasions thoroughly searched the area where Nelson was seen last and have come up with nothing.

There isn't new information on Nelson's whereabouts. EquuSearch specializes in searches using horses, and authorities want to continue looking for the missing man.

Officials will meet at the Bossier Parish Fire District 1 Substation at the corner of state Highways 157 and 80 at 8 a.m. They will search a six-mile area near the home of Nelson's friend.

"I wake up every morning hoping to get some answers," Mason said. "It's just hard on the whole family."

The family is offering a $15,000 reward to anyone with information about Nelson's whereabouts. If you know something, call the Bossier sheriff's office at (318) 965-2203

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