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Located Deceased: Alexander Peter Bruchnak

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Name: Alexander Peter Bruchnak

Classification: Endangered Missing Adult

Alias / Nickname: Al

Date of Birth: 1939-12-06

Date Missing: 1994-10-30

From City/State: Waterford, MI

Missing From (Country): USA

Age at Time of Disappearance: 54

Gender: Male

Race: White

Height: 74 inches

Weight: 160 pounds

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Complexion: Light

Identifying Characteristics: Scar on inside of forearm.

Circumstances of Disappearance: Unknown. Alexander was last seen at approximately 3:00pm in the vicinity of the 5900 block of Cooley Lake Rd. in Waterford, MI. He was later sighted in May 1995 in Las Vegas, NV. Alexander has a medical condition.

Investigative Agency: Waterford Police Department

Phone: (248) 618-7518

Investigative Case #: 94-41523

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A message from Alexander's son:

"I just wanted to thank you for taking a moment to read this. I have been waiting for a phone call, a knock at the door, a letter, something about my dad for almost 11 years. My Father Alex Bruchnak, has been missing since October 30, 1994 from a Adult care center in Waterford Michigan. My dad was there because he has / had a terrible drinking problem. My father was diagnosed with Korokoff's Syndrome, after he was in a coma for a week and was not expected to live, but being the strong willed father that I grew up with, he pulled through.

I always thought that he walked away from the group home, until my mother passed away. When I discovered that my mom helped him go to Nevada, to start over. (I don't understand why, but hopefully time will tell) with the understanding that he was to call as soon as he arrived. There was no call.

I have recently found that my father had possibly been in the hospital in November of 1994 in Las Vegas, and had police contact for a minor issue (J walking) with the Nevada Department of safety May of 1995. Until recently I have taken a more aggressive role in trying to locate him, because I did not understand everything regarding my fathers disappearance, and the role of the police department with a missing adult. There has been no activity with any police since 1995, no activity with his SS#, or his insurance. That has be told to me.

I am asking for any help that you can give in helping me locate my father, and If you see him please tell him his son Todd says that he loves him very much, and that he is truly loved and missed, and not to be afraid to call me, and that everything that happened in the past, is exactly that the past. All I want is take make sure that he is o.k, and know that he is loved and missed

Thank you, for your help.

Todd Bruchnak"

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Posted by Kelly 7/7/05

Alex was found deceased. More details may be available at a later date. Please pray for his family. Thank you.


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A message from Todd:

"I wanted to thank everyone for their help and support in the search for my father Alexander Bruchnak. I have recently found that he has passed away. Even though this is not the answer I was hoping for or wanted, I did know that this was a very strong possibility. The first couple of days that I found that he passed away were difficult, but I have found that when things calm down a bit, that I am going to become more active in helping find loved ones that are missing. I truly feel that no one should have to go through the heartache and the uncertainty of where their loved one is.

Through this difficult experience I have learned a lot about myself, and that things need to change, to assist families in locating their loved ones.

Once again thank you, for all your help and support.


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The systems in place now failed Todd's family in that Alex was dead for nearly 10 years before Todd found him. Authorities knew who he was, but did nothing about it. Meanwhile a family was in pain and searching.

You can read the story in this three part series on the Project Jason Voice for the Missing blog.

Thank you.

Kelly Jolkowski, Mother of Missing Jason Jolkowski

President and Founder,

Project Jason

Read our Voice for the Missing Blog

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