Best Foxwell Scanner Reviews [Updated List of 2024]

When looking for an OBD2 scanner, the question comes first which is the appropriate brand to choose. In the market, there are many popular OBD2 scanner tool brands. Among these, it is complicated to choose one. If there comes about the FOXWELL, it is a quality full and illustrious brand in the market. This brand is famous for the services which it provides. Anyone can choose an OBD2 scanner tool because it is made for both DIY and expert users. From some average scanner tools to some advanced scanner tools are available here at reasonable prices. You just to grab one from these according to your demands and requirements. We would like to favor you in choosing appropriate scanner tools according to your necessity. We will discuss the top ten OBD2 diagnostic tools of this brand in this best Foxwell scanner review article.

Best Foxwell Scanner Reviews With Recommendations

Here is the list of best-selling Foxwell scanners you can get this year. Let’s checkout-

FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 OBDII Diagnostic Code Reader Scanner Tool 

The FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 scanner is better for a DIY user or mechanic because it comes with an advanced engine fault sensor. You can get broad facilities and prominent features with this device at a lower price. NT301 will assist you in reading and clearing codes quickly and instantly to figure out any disturbance on your vehicle. 

With the services of all OBD2 functions, this scanner and code reader is handy to switch off the check engine light (CEL), reset the monitor, erase the fault codes, display DTC definition, read live O2 sensor, or on-board monitor test data. Moreover, the scanner tool can read freeze frame data also. FOXWELL NT301

This device will help you to read,  graph, and record live sensor data. It can support multiple code requests such as Pending codes, Manufacturer-specific codes, and Generic codes.

If there comes any matter of Compatibility and coverage, then this tool works wonderfully. It supports all OBD2 protocols. The device covers Almost all foreign and domestic manufactured vehicles made from 1996 as well as some of the 1995 cars. 

LED Notifications, VIN Retrieval, Data Log, Print Data, etc., are the fantastic features of the product. Let’s see the pros and cons of the FOXWELL NT301.

Benefits of using NT301

  • The device has user-friendly gestures to use easily.
  • The enhanced and colored display is convenient for users.
  • Though it is a budget-friendly product, it offers extended features than another one.
  • Engine defects of codes from the ECM memory of the device can be erased spontaneously.
  • It provides detailed instructions with its user manual. 
  • With extensive Compatibility, it offers all OBD2 functions. 


  • The device may seem more empirical for beginners.
  • The instruction procedure may appear difficult with this device.


This OBD2 scanner tool comes to make your task easy and comfortable for vehicle management and maintenance purposes. With the help of the scanner tool, you will be able to save your money from being destroyed for extra unbearable costs. For a home mechanic and expert, the device is very effective with its outstanding features. 

This great scanner offers a check engine code reader, which works with AutoVin’s new feature. This technology helps to read and clear erase error codes, freeze frame data, retrieve I/M readiness O2 monitor test, view live data, advanced on-board monitor test(Mode 6), and EVAP test(Mode 8). With the lifetime upgrading opportunity, the device provides three central ECU systems: ABS, SRS, and Engine scanner. The  Foxwell ABS scanner performs as a Steering angle sensor calibration diagnostic tool also. It assists you in recalibrating and resetting the SAS. Moreover, with this scanner, you can bleed the brake. FOXWELL  Scanner NT630

Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of the FOXWELL NT301


  • This device offers a multilingual menu.
  • The gadget is budget-friendly 
  • The user-friendly design helps to maintain it. 
  • It offers live data graphing 
  • You can instantly diagnose your vehicle with the OBD2 scanner. 
  • The NT630 plus offers a lifetime free upgrading opportunity.


  • The gadget has limited Compatibility.
  • It is not possible to run the device on MAC systems.

FOXWELL NT624  Elite Scan Device

When you are a DIY user or a home mechanic, the scanner tool will assist you in various ways. It is possible to save your money and time with the help of the device. This OBD2 scanner will inform you of the reason behind any disturbances in your car. It will disclose the cause why the engine light illuminates and what you should do in this situation. The NT604elite is an upgraded version of the NT604elite & NT621elite code scanner that offers you OBD2 and all systems diagnoses. It provides EPB service and oil reset. Different systems, including Park Steer Assist, Instrument Cluster, Immobilizer, Wheels, Steering Wheel, Headlamp, Digital Radio, TPS, BCM, BMS, DSC, DPF, DME, HAVC, and so many. With a lifetime free software upgrading opportunity, it can read and clear code.FOXWELL NT624  Elite

With the help of the FOXWELL NT624 elite scanner tool, it is possible to view live data and experience all ten OBD2 diagnostic functions compatible with 1000+ car brands with all OBD2 protocols. You can also experience these outstanding and crucial features like freeze frame, real-time live data, data playback, and print,  and code reading, as well as erasing. Recording, printing, and playing back data will be easier with the device. It gives you a two-year warranty with a lifetime free update opportunity. It allows English, German, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Thai and, Hungarian languages with great versatility. 


  • With this device, you can experience tremendous and outstanding Compatibility.
  • The device offers a lifetime free updating opportunity.
  • The gadget provides a two-year warranty.
  • NT624elite OBD2 scanner is a very user-friendly ObD2 SCANNER. 
  • It supports all ten OBD2 functions. 
  • It can be called a standalone device.


  • The device can not allow Programming and Bleeding
  • It is not possible to upgrade this device on a MAC system computer

FOXWELL NT510 Elite scanner

With all OBD2 functions, this incredible BMW diagnostic tool supports all control modules check, chassis, body, and powertrain. It is suitable to read and erase error codes from ABS, DSC, DPF, DISA, EPB, SAS, SZL, airbag, engine, transmission, and TPMS.

The device serves some advanced features for BMW, including brake deactivation, battery registration, ABS activation, reset oil light servicing, abs bleeding, troubleshoot A/C, idle speed adjustment, Control service interval reset, throttle body adjustment, DVD, activate the alarm, and reset CBS condition-based service. It can turn up the brightness on UR lights. It offers a Bi-Directional or active test operation. At a reasonable price, the gadget assists some components to be configured, adapted, and recalibrated after any replacement or repair.FOXWELL NT510 Elite

Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of the FOXWELL NT510 Elite scanner Tool.

What are the unique features

  • The device contains all OBD2 functions.
  • It is okay to add additional models with the gadget.
  • It can read advanced codes as well as standard codes. 
  • With a reset feature, the device can diagnose.


  • It has some barriers in the case of Compatibility.

FOXWELL NT201 OBD2 Code Reader

This outstanding device will serve you all the functions of the BD2 car diagnostic scanner with retrieve I/M readiness, Read and erase fault codes, freeze frame data, auto VIN acquisition, advanced On-board Monitoring (Mode 6), O2 Sensor, and EVAP Test (Mode 8). It also can show live data in a graph and text format.

For diagnosing a misfire and knowing the probability of a misfire, the device can be ideal for you. With a wide range of compatibility, the device provides the opportunity to graph the real-time streaming data such as Short Term Fuel Trim, Long Term Fuel Trim, Engine Coolant Temperature, Engine RPM, Voltage, Oxygen Sensor Output ad so on. NT201 is suitable for almost all imported and domestic U.S. vehicles from 1996, European vehicles from 2000, and Asian vehicles from 2008. It allows the car to include minivans, SUVs, and light-duty trucks with CAN OBD2, JOBD, and EOBD protocol.  This more substantial and robust device has a Multilingual menu that influences people to buy the product. FOXWELL NT201


  • This device can show definitions of codes.
  • Light Engine faults and MIL can be checked and cleared with the device.
  • It has excellent coverage and Compatibility.
  • This gadget can Diagnose misfires.
  • It is possible to experience freeze-frame data and   live technology
  • It contains a Multilingual menu.


FOXWELL NT614 Elite OBD2 Diagonistic tool

FOXWELL NT614 Elite OBD2 Scanner is an advanced version of the  Foxwell NT604 elite code reader. You can read and erase the error codes, transmission temperature and switch off the warning light with the diagnostic tool. It works on three prime ECU systems like ABS, SRS, and Transmission. Besides reading and clearing error code and freeze frame data, it contains full OBD2 functions as DTC look-up, O2 sensor test, I/M readiness, retrieving vehicle info, and EVAP system test. It includes oil service, the EPB reset, Data Record and data Playback, etc. With the excellent and large 4.3″ TFT color display, FOXWELL NT614 has user-friendly, ‘plug and play ‘characteristics. The device is compatible with over fifty-two vehicle brands. FOXWELL NT614 Elite


  • The FOXWELL NT614 s very user-friendly.
  • This device has all OBD2 functions to be operated. 
  • It has broad Compatibility.
  • Results from the gadget have exactness and accuracy.


  • You may not have the opportunity to get an ABS Bleeding FOXWELL NT614 Elite OBD2 Scanner.

Foxwell GT60 Plus OBD2 Scan Units

The device gives you the scope to read freeze frame real-time live data and codes. It also assists you to scan on all electronic systems, including Engine, Chassis, Body, Transmission, Powertrain, ABS, EPS, SRS, Electronic, Air Conditioning systems, LKAS Control and Keyless Access. With excellent coverage and Compatibility, the scanner tool is suitable for all OBD1 and OBD2 vehicles from 1995 or 1996 to newer. It is applicable for over 70 Makes of  GM motorhomes, trucks, diesel, vans, and obviously for cars. Multiple Graphing Live Data service is available in the GT60 Plus with the one-year free upgrading offer.. windows, doors, idle, and wipers can be operated by this OBD2 scanner tool.Foxwell GT60 Plus

This OBD2 diagnostic tool allows CVT, EPB, DPF, TPS, BRT, SAS, TPMS, Gear Learning, injector Coding, sensors actuation, adaptation, matching, and Oil Reset. You will get seven inches HD touchscreen display, 4-core processor, 4000mAh built-in rechargeable battery with this incredible device. 

Let’s see the pros and cons of the Foxwell GT60 Plus OBD2 Scanner Tool

Features we like

  • The device contains Bi-directional Control
  • For a professional mechanic, this device may be an ideal product.
  • It not only covers OBD2 compatible vehicles only, but it covers OBD1 vehicles also.
  • It has the scop to a one-year free update. 
  • This gadget serves more quality than its price.


  • This device is quite tricky for DIY users to control.

FOXWELL All System Scanner NT644E Diagnostic Scanner

this diagnostic scanner is the best choice for an advanced DIY user, technician, and automotive engineer. The diagnostic tool will help you to reset nineteen systems, such as language change, Oil light reset, ABS Bleeding, Injector, Gear learn, Clutch adaption, Seat match, Turbo, Prime fuel pump, BRT, EPB, D-P-F, TPMS, A/F adjust, Windowsdoor, TPS, CVT, and  SAS. With all OBD2 functions, including reading codes, erasing fault codes, O2 Monitor Test, live data, Freeze Frame, on-board monitor test, component test., vehicle information, and I/M readiness.

In addition, the gadget reads and erases error codes for some systems, such as chassis, drive, electrical, and body systems. Many electronic control modules can be diagnosed easily from these systems. Moreover, you can experience DTC Lookup,  AUTO VIN, Data Recording, and data printing with the diagnostic scanner. NT644E will offer you a multilingual menu with different languages and a one-year warranty. It also provides a free updating opportunity for a lifetime.

Let’s see the benefits and setbacks of the FOXWELL All System Scanner NT644E.FOXWELL All System Scanner NT644E


  • The device contains AutoVin technology.
  • It has all the functions of the OBD2 diagnostic scanner.
  • With a multilingual menu, this device works outstandingly.
  • This diagnostic tool is called a multifunctional scanner tool.
  • The OBD2 scanner offers nineteen Service Reset Features, which are crucial. 


  • This device is costly to afford. The Autel AutoLink AL619 would be an ideal option for budget-soppers.

FOXWELL NT650 Elite Car OBD2 code reader

If you want to experience some new technology at a reasonable price, you should try this product out. This diagnostic tool is called a Multi-Application Diagnostic Tool. Which keeps your vehicle smooth and maintainable with some outstanding services such as abs bleeding battery registration, engine abs airbag malfunction, steering sensor inspection, SAS calibration, TPMS, TPS or TBA, fuel injector, oil EPB light reset, CVT, and DPF regeneration.

You can enjoy the latest technology with this gadget. This OBD2 diagnostic tool offers you Auto VIN technology. By upgrading the processor and running memory to 9X35 and 1GBit, respectively, you can speed up the diagnostic tool. It contains great and broad coverage as it supports 2017 to the 2019 year minivans, cars, SUVs, light-duty trucks(12V).FOXWELL NT650 Elite Car OBD2 code reader

Things we like

  • This diagnostic tool is cost-effective.
  • It offers you Auto VIN technology
  • This device is user-friendly and comfortable.
  • It serves the scope to upgrade software free for a lifetime. 


  • This diagnostic tool is not suitable for Mac systems

FOXWELL Car Scanner NT604 Elite OBD2 Scanner

This scanner tool will be so effective for a DIY user that you can figure out if any problem arises in your vehicle. With new and flexible technology, you can experience a reliable car health monitor. With the device Reading Resetting, Clearing codes are very smooth and fast. It has some crucial features like Live Data Stream, Freeze Frame, Component Test, O2 Sensor Test, Test: Retrieves, I/M Readiness, Read Vehicle Information, and On-board Monitor Test. The device offers you not only as a diagnostic tool, but it provides transmission, an abs/srs scanner, and a check engine code reader. 

Built-in DTC library, I/M readiness menu, data playback, data print, and live data stream are available services. It does not need to download the software with it. You can get a lifetime free upgrading facility without extra charge on software. Moreover, you can meet Auto Vin technology with the diagnostic scanner. The device contains broad compatibility and coverage with sixty-plus car makers from the entire world. FOXWELL Car Scanner NT604 Elite


  • This device Works out of the box 
  • It offers broad compatibility and coverage.
  • The gadget contains Auto Vin technology.
  • It serves as a user-friendly design for you.


  • Sometimes it may slow to enter the menu. 


When you are a potential buyer, you have to search for an appropriate diagnostic tool according to your budget and necessity. You have to collect a lot of information about a scanner diagnostic tool cause there are so many products with different characteristics and features in the market. When you are a DIY user or home mechanic, you have to first look at your comfort and budget. For the professional user, a perfect scanner tool is significant to choose. Like a DIY user and an experienced user, both users can get a better experience with the Foxwell brand with its latest technology and reasonable price. 

I have listed all the best Foxwell scanner models in this review article so that you can choose the right device that meets all your requirements. For additional information, you can comment below.