Foxwell NT530 Review [Multi-System OBD2 Tool For BMW]

The Foxwell NT530 is the updated version of the NT520 PRO diagnostic scanner tool, so the user can get more benefits and qualitative performance with the NT530. It is an ideal scanner tool or code reader that is specially made for BMW vehicles. The device is considered a two-in-one gadget familiar with a universal code reader. The tool supports OBD2 criteria and allows OBD and EOBD as well. So if you are more interested in this outstanding device, read the following Foxwell NT530 review more carefully. 

With many more capabilities, the gadget provides access to the powertrain, and it reads and removes the diagnostic trouble codes. Not only these, but the scanner tool shows live vehicle sensor data and displays freeze frame data. It retrieves ECU information as well as supports advanced functions, and required features, etc. With the Foxwell NT530, a user can experience free updating and warranty advantages also. Moreover, you can perform a bi-directional test with this BMW OBD2 scanner. 

Technical Specification Of The Foxwell NT530 OBD2 Scanner

Features Foxwell NT530
Display:  2.8” TFT Color Screen
Working Temperature:  0 To 60°C (32 To 140°F)
Storage Temperature:  -20 To 70°C (-4 To 158°F)
External Power:  8-18 Volts Powered By Vehicle Battery
Vehicle Coverage:  Maybach, Ferrari, Sprinter, Nissan, Lexus, Porsche, BMW Mini, and many more vehicles
Weight:  1.66 pounds
Dimensions:  10.3 x 7 x 3.2 inches
Active Test:  Yes
Live Sensor Data:  Yes
Battery Test:  Yes
Bi-directional Test:  Yes
Software Updates:  Free Lifetime

Upgraded Foxwell NT530 BMW Review 2023

Now let’s think about some prime features and functions of the Foxwell NT530 BMW Multi-System OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner.Upgraded Foxwell NT530 BMW Review

Service features 

The Foxwell NT530 BMW scanner provides more critical services like Brake Deactivation, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) Calibration, ABS Bleeding, and Throttle Body Alignment. The scanner tool also offers DPF Regeneration, EPB, SRS, Service Reset, etc. These features assist a consumer in maintaining the vehicle more comfortably. 

If you talk about the angle sensor calibration, it helps the consumer read the SAS codes. On the other hand, this feature also allows for adjusting the steering angle. Moreover, the Diesel Particulate Filter can be the reason for raising emission-related disturbances in the vehicle. It is essential to figure out these issues immediately and treat them thoroughly. 

Tire Pressure Monitoring System feature protects the car when tire pressure falls under twenty-five percent or less. Since monitoring the tire pressure sensor IDs from the ECU is vital, the Foxwell NT530 allows the TPMS function for the users. With the help of the EPB function, the user can keep the vehicle stationary on the road when she is not driving. 

So it is transparent, the features that a perfect diagnostic scanner contains are available in the Foxwell NT530 diagnostic scanner tool. 

Multi-System Diagnosis

For keeping the vehicle safe and trouble-free, it is very significant to have a multi-system diagnosis system on the diagnostic tool. With the help of this OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool, you can enjoy multi-system diagnosis. It offers Automatic Transmission, Climate Control, and Fuel Injection Control modules. Moreover, a user can enjoy the features of the Engine, Fuel Pump Control Module, ABS, Immobilizer, and Airbag with the diagnostic scanner device. With these diagnostic functions, the gadget helps to detect the disturbance instantly so that you can save your precious time and money.

Advanced functions

Not only basic or primary functions but also the scanner diagnostic tool provides advanced functions for the betterment of the customer. It offers programming, adaptations, actuation, and so on. But some features of the OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner are only for BMW cars because Foxwell makes the device for that type of vehicle. The BMW-supported features are brake deactivation, DPF regeneration, ABS module activation, control service interval reset, and AC troubleshooting.

Furthermore, theis versatile tool tells you about the vehicle’s performance via live data through a graph. 

Foxwell NT530 Displays Freeze Frame Data

If any malfunction attacks the car, then the check engine light switches on. It is essential to find out the cause behind the illumination and then run the car as before. Through viewing the freeze frame data, one can immediately figure out the malfunction and fix the problem. It is possible with the Foxwell NT530 BMW Multi-System OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner to view the freeze frame data.

Bi-directional controls

The NT530 can perform bi-directional controls. The device commands like the PCM to the component, and then the elements perform. With the help of this characteristic, the consumer can activate or deactivate brakes, fold the mirrors, open or close the doors, roll windows, and so on. 

Active tests and adaptations

The active test is crucial when one does not use a program or code. Because with the functional test, you will be able to relearn new components. This feature enables you to use ingredients such as sensors and batteries and relearn throttle position and steering angle position. 

Multilingual menu

The feature of a multilingual menu affects the user who does not use English as a native language. In a multilingual menu, there is more than one language. According to the necessity of the customer, one can use any language from there. 

The Foxwell NT530 BMW Multi-System OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner has this characteristic, and it offers the consumer eleven different languages. You can enjoy Portuguese, Swedish, German, Russian, etc.

Lifetime Free update and warranty

Free updating opportunity is a blessing for most customers. But only some companies provide this opportunity. This feature keeps a vehicle more active and allows the consumer to use the latest technology. On the contrary, it offers more storage and extra speed. 

With the scanner tool, you can get a free online upgrading advantage for a lifetime. On the other hand, a warranty raises the reliability of that product. All the buyers want a product that serves a contract. So the exciting news is that the NT530 provides a one-year warranty to the customer. 

Compatibility and Coverage of Foxwell NT530

It is one of the essential matters for the DIY user and the mechanic to get a diagnostic scanner tool that has excellent compatibility and coverage. With this feature, you can connect the gadget to many more vehicles. So the process will be hassle-free, and you will be able to save money by working with only one tool. 

Though the Foxwell NT530 Multi-System Scanner tool has a specialty on the BMW, it supports different models. Some of them are older, from 1987 to 1996. Because along with the OBD2 criteria, the scanner allows EOB and OBD. You can get compatibility of the scanner tool with the BMW after 1996. Moreover, the user gadget supports nineteen models such as Maybach, Ferrari. Porsche, Sprinter, Nissan, Lexus, BMW Mini, and many more vehicles. 

I hope you read the full Foxwell NT530 review article to see if this sander matches all your preferences and needs. Now let’s see some significant pros and cons of the Foxwell NT530 BMW Multi-System OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner.Foxwell NT530

Pros of the Foxwell NT530 OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner

  • The diagnostic scanner tool offers many advanced features to the consumer for their betterment.
  • You can find here many more functions and qualitative performance than the NT520 PRO. 
  • It performs Multi-System Diagnosis.
  • This device has access to the powertrain.
  • NT530 offers a multilingual menu.
  • One can get a lifetime free upgrading opportunity with the scanner tool.
  • It provides the data print advantage by which one can print data.
  • the Foxwell is a very user-friendly and handy device,
  • Foxwell NT530 BMW Multi-System OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner serves qualitative performance with reliable outputs.


  • The screen quality may look very poor to someone.
  • The device may fail to change the battery type.

Final Thought on Foxwell NT530 Reviews



The Foxwell NT530 Multi-System Scanner device is very suitable to bear. The diagnostic code reader performs OE-level diagnosis for the various vehicle brands. Not only these, but the diagnostic tool offers the most commonly required services. With 1.79 pounds and 6.5 x 3.5 x 8.5 inches, the BMW Multi-System OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner provides excellent performance. It serves accurate and fast outcomes.

The benefits that a more expensive device serves, you can get these all from the Foxwell NT530. Apart from these, the OBD2 diagnostic scanner device gives you a lifetime free software upgrading facility with a warranty card. So why are you delaying to grab the diagnostic scanner and code reader? 


Foxwell NT520 VS NT530: which one is the best?

Sometimes it is difficult to search out which diagnostic scanner tool is the best. Because the characteristics and performance of a scanner depend on its price. If you want to know about the quality, then it will be the Foxwell NT530. Since the tool is the updated version of the Foxwell NT520 PRO, it is easy and transparent to say which one is the best between these two. 

What is the reason for getting a manual?

Manual is an essential thing for the product. Actually, you can get a printed manual with all of the original products of the Foxwell brand