Fuzion Z250 VS Z300- Scooters Review and Comparison in 2022

Fuzion Z250 and Z300 Pro scooters are some of the best entry-level pro scooters. They are favorably priced and boast several exceptional features that keep riders entertained and help them move from one place to another.

Nonetheless, since these scooters have many similar features, choosing one over the other is pretty challenging. Hence, we resorted to coming up with this review so that you can make an informed decision. We have listed the attributes, pros, and cons of both challenges. The Fuzion Z250 pro scooter and the Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter. Read on to identify the best scooter for your kid as they learn to become professional scooter riders.

How does the Fuzion Z250 compare to the Fuzion Z300 scooter?

Difference in Construction

Both the Fuzion Z250 and Z300 are sturdily constructed to last. They feature a high-strength steel dip bar with Fuzion’s hex-pattern pro grips that deliver excellent control and comfort to the rider. What’s more, they both feature more expansive decks, as the Z250 has a wide 4.5-inch, while the Z300 has a 4.75-inch deck. Note that both decks are made from aircraft-grade aluminum with Fuzion custom bottom-deck graphics.

The scooters have 110mm wheels with ABEC-9 high-speed bearings and custom Enigma brakes. Despite these scooters looking similar, the Fuzion Z250 comes with a handlebar height of 21-inches and an aluminum frame, while the Fuzion Z300 has an alloy steel frame with a handlebar height of 24-inches.

According to their design and make, the Fuzion Z250 is best suited for beginners, while the longer and bigger Fuzion Z300 is ideal for intermediate or professional scooter riders. Generally, they are well built and will withstand the test of time.


Fuzion Z250 weighs 8 pounds, while the Fuzion Z300 weighs 8.6 pounds. Thus, these scooters are light and can easily be carried by small kids and teenagers. Nonetheless, the Fuzion Z300 is heavier than the Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter. That’s why the Z250 scooter is highly recommended for beginners and intermediates.

Size of wheels 

Even though these two scooters are sold at different prices and have varying heights and weights, they both feature the exact size of wheels. They are made of 5-spoke 110mm aluminum core wheels with ABEC-9 bearings. Hence, these wheels are not only durable but as well as very precise and tolerant.

Therefore, your kid can ride one of these scooters with confidence and do different stunts. The wheels are also smooth and easier to maintain, as no inflation is needed.

Custom Enigma brake 

As parents, it is vital to ensure that our kids are safe, regardless of riding a scooter, bike, or skateboard. That’s why getting a safe scooter is paramount. So, whether you decide to go for the Fuzion Z250 or Z300 scooter, you can be assured of a safe scooter. Thanks to the custom Engima brakes that are quiet, fast, and tough in performance. These brakes will stop faster when applied to prevent your kid from getting in danger.

Ideal age 

When it comes to the ideal age of riding the Fuzion Z250 or Z300 Pro scooter, the manufacturer recommends 8-years and above. Moreover, the rider shouldn’t weigh more than 220 pounds. However, the Z250 is best suited for beginner and intermediate riders, while the Z300 is best suited for intermediate and professional riders.

Different Color Options 

Scooters are meant for fun riding and tricks. That’s why it is crucial to select a scooter that your kid will love. Both Fuzion Z250 and Z300 Professional scooters come in a variety of colors. Nevertheless, the Fuzion Z300 has various colors to pick from compared to the Fuzion Z250.

The Fuzion Z300 has blue, grey, silver, black, purple, and black/gold. On the other hand, Fuzion Z250 has black, black/gold, green, grey, and teal metallic. So, Fuzion Z250 has five colors to choose from, while the Z300 has six colors to choose from.


Fuzion is a top USA brand with a good reputation. So, if you decide to invest in one of their scooters, you have nothing to worry about. The manufacturer provides a 6-month warranty for the Fuzion Z250 and Z300 Pro scooters. On top of that, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, in case your product arrives with a defect, or you’re not impressed with it, you can bring it back to the manufacturer within 30 days and have your money back.

Price Comparison

After looking at the remarkable features that these two scooters come with, it is safe to say that they are worth the price. Besides, its higher price is justifiable since the Fuzion Z300 Pro scooter has more advanced features than the Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter. Nonetheless, selecting the right scooter for your kid and skill is essential, regardless of the cost.

What are the similarities between the Fuzion Z250 and Z300 scooters?

The Fuzion Z250 and Z300 Pro scooters have more similarities than differences. The first similarity is that these scooters are ideal for kids aged 8-plus years. What’s more, they come with 110mm polyurethane wheels. Aside from that, they are lightweight and have wide handlebars. These scooters have a weight limit of 220 pounds, meaning that both kids and adults can ride them.

Fuzion Z250 VS Z300 Scooters- What Are the Differences?

The Fuzion Z250 and Z300 may have similar features, but they still differ in several ways. First and foremost, these two scooters are not of the same weight. The Z300 weighs about 8.6 pounds, while the Fuzion Z250 weighs 8 pounds. The Fuzion Z300 has a more oversized handlebar and deck than the Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter.

Pros of the Fuzion Z250: 

  • Sturdy construction
  • Ideal for beginners and intermediate riders
  • It has a lovely concave deck
  • It comes with wide handlebars for added comfort
  • The scooter provides a smooth and quiet ride
  • It comes with a 6-month warranty

Cons of the Fuzion Z250:

  • Poor customer support
  • The scooter does not fold, making it somewhat hard to store and transport

Pros of the Fuzion Z300:

  • Durable construction
  • It is offered in multiple colors
  • It is beautifully designed
  • The scooter has large and comfortable handlebar grips for easier control
  • It is easy to assemble
  • The ride is smooth and comfortable as it has large wheels

Cons of the Fuzion Z300:

  • Not suitable for toddlers
  • It is slightly expensive

Bottom line

Depending on what you’re looking for, you may find the Fuzion Z250 or Z300 Pro scooter to be suitable for your kid. The Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter is best suited for beginner and intermediate scooter riders, while the Z300 is ideal for intermediate and professional scooter drivers.

The Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter is more durable, wider, and heavier than the Z250 scooter. On the other hand, the Z250 scooter is lighter and easier to control, perfect for intermediate riders.

Generally, these two scooters are easy to ride and allow the user to do stunts as they are not foldable or adjustable. And with their custom design on the deck, they will stand out from other scooters.


Which scooter is faster – Fuzion Z250, Z300, or CityGlide?

These three scooters are fast, but the CityGlide scooter is quicker than the Z250 andZ300 Pro scooters. This is because it’s fitted with a large 210mm PU wheel, while the Fuzion Z250 and Z300 come with 110mm PU wheels.

Does Fuzion create foldable scooters?

Yes, like Razor and Micro scooters, Fuzion also creates foldable scooters. One of the popular Fuzion foldable scooters is the Fuzion CityGlide scooter. You can fold this scooter if you want to keep it away in the store or place it in your car’s trunk.

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