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How to Clean Car Glass




Making sure that your car glasses are clean reduces fatigue and allows you to see clearly in front and sideways. When you have sparkling clean windows, this increases your visibility and thus you’re able to see the road clearly. Having a sparkling clean car without any streaks on the glass requires some small techniques to be applied. People normally complain of excellently cleaning their car but they still notice that streaks remain behind. Below are some techniques to apply to ensure that you have a very clean and streak-free car glass.

Tips for excellent cleaning of car glass

First and foremost, you should make sure that you assemble the right equipment for cleaning the car glass. This includes: two buckets of clean and soapy water, several microfiber cloths and glass cleaner. This equipment will help you to clean your car outstandingly.

Have as many microfiber cleaners as possible so that you don’t reuse the one that you have already applied as this may spread dirt on the just cleaned glass. Ensure you have towels for cleaning inside and outside.

Place the car in the shade before you start cleaning. When cleaned in direct sunlight, it may dry the cleaner quickly even before you are done cleaning.

When it comes to stubborn stains and stickers on the car, you can use white vinegar which does a great job saturating these spots for easy cleaning.

How to clean the interior glass of a car

  • Spray the glass cleaner on a microfiber cloth

Cleaning the inside glass needs some extra care as just a small mistake may cause havoc to car upholstery as most of the glass cleaners have chemicals in them. So, it’s advisable to use a microfiber cloth that is soft. Spray the glass cleaner on the cloth and apply it in all directions. Don’t apply too much pressure but ensure that all streaks are got rid of.

  • Wipe the cloth in all direction

Don’t wipe the dirt on the window in a circular motion but instead from one side to another and up to down. This makes it easy to get rid of all the dirt, debris and streaks on the window.

  • Clean the hard to reach corners of the inside windows

After cleaning the whole inside window, pay attention to hard to reach areas. These are usually the corners of the glasses where you weren’t able to reach easily. Ensure that you reach these corners to clear all the dirt in these areas for sparkling and shiny car glass.

How to clean the exterior glass of a car

  • Clean your car before you start cleaning the windows

If you don’t want to do double work, then you should first of all start by cleaning your entire car. This is because, during car washing, the foam and water might splash and dirty the glass again. So, it is important to start by cleaning it before cleaning the car glasses.

  • Spray the glass cleaner onto the outside windows

Unlike the inside window, you can start by spraying the glass cleaner onto the glass. Apply on parts that you want to clean first as applying on a large surface may be a waste of the cleaner due to drying.

  • Apply a microfiber cloth

Use a microfiber cloth to clean well and get rid of all the dirt and streaks on the car glass. This is normally easier than cleaning the inside glass as you have enough space to maneuver during cleaning.

  • Wipe the cloth in all directions

Similar to the inside glass, clean the outside glass by moving the cloth from up and down and from one side to another. Ensure you don’t jump any part and clean the glass in sections.

  • Clean the wipers

After getting rid of dirt and streaks on the window, it’s time to give your wipers a thorough cleaning too. If you don’t clean them, they will dirt the windscreen when being used during driving.


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