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How to Clean Car Windows




Making sure that your car windows are sparkling clean is of great importance. This is because windows are the first things you see when you enter your car. Clean windows are key in reducing driver fatigue and providing great visibility. The problem that many motorists face is to get the streaks off after cleaning windows. When you use the right products and methods to clean your vehicle windows, you will have highly visible and streak-free windows. In this article, we’ve compiled for you the best ways on how you can clean your car windows.

What you need

Before you set out to wash your car window, you should know that it is advisable to first wash the whole car and finish with the windows. Also, you need to have the right items to clean your windows. This includes cloth, automotive glass cleaner, sponge, bucket, wiper treatment and distilled water. These are the items one should have ready to effectively clean their vehicle windows.

Cleaning the inside glass

For spontaneous cleaning of the windows, you should start with the inside glasses before cleaning the outside.

Begin by spraying the glass cleaner onto the cloth. This is because when you spray the cleaner directly onto the windows, it will end up dirtying the upholstery which may give you additional work of cleaning inside the car. Also, the chemicals in the cleaner may damage plastic inside the car and your leather in case it’s present. Instead, place the cleaner on the cloth and wipe it on the windows especially the dirty areas.

Apply a microfiber cloth. Such a cloth is extremely soft to touch but it contains outstanding properties to get rid of the dirt while at the same time absorbing the cleaner. This is better than utilizing a newspaper which may leave behind ink remaining on your hands and as well greater than paper towels that shred with much ease. So, this is the best cloth to use for a sparkling finish.

If you want to get a very clean window, you will have to wipe it in every direction. Cleaning your window in a circular motion will leave streaks on the windows. So, you need to wipe your windows up and down, and from one side to another. This procedure will leave your interior windows looking sparkling clean.

Cleaning the outside glass

After cleaning the interior windows, you can now clean the outside windows of your car.

If you want to have an easier time cleaning the exterior windows of your automobile, you will be needed to wash your entire car first by either yourself or by taking it to a car wash. This will get all the grime and other debris off your car and windows making washing it be easy and fast.

Spray the windows with a glass cleaner. When cleaning the outside window, you can spray the cleaner directly on the windows as it won’t affect the interior. Also, this will help in getting rid of the tough stains and stuck bugs on the window to be removed easily. In addition, you should clean the windows in sections so that other parts don’t dry out while concentrating on another section.

Apply a microfiber cloth. This cloth will get rid of dirt and other substances from your windows leaving a streak-free and sparkling windows. Don’t utilize the same microfiber cloth that you applied on the interior.

For spontaneous cleaning, wipe the exterior windows from up to down and then from one side to another. This will ensure that the streaks are got rid of and you will have a shiny finish. Also, when scrubbing away the dirt on the outside, you may be forced to apply more pressure unlike that used on the inside windows.

With these series of steps, you can now clean your car windows with much ease for safer and easy driving as you will have a clear view.



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