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How to Clean Car Windshield




The windshield of your car is an important part that should be kept clean when driving. This is because dirt or any obscure particles tend to stick on the car windows which may make affect visibility. This is very dangerous as it can cause accidents. So, every motorist should ensure that their windshield is sparkling clean and clearly visible. Some people don’t know how to clean windows as they can get rid of the streaks on them. In this article, we are going to show you how to properly clean your car windshield and leave no streaks on them.

  • Make sure that you have the right apparatus for cleaning your vehicle windshield

Before you start cleaning your vehicle windshield, you should assemble the right tools to enable you properly clean the windshield. Tools to have ready include: a glass cleaner, towel and clay. Also, ensure that your car is placed in a shaded area away from the scorching sun which may make your cleaner evaporate even before you are done leaning. There are different types of glass cleaners on the market and you should choose the best. Furthermore, you should pick a quality microfiber towel to use on your windows.

  • Start by cleaning the interior of your windshield

If you don’t want to have a hard time cleaning the windshield, you should start with the interior instead of the outside one. Also, you should have in mind that cleaning the windows should be the last thing after you’ve cleaned or polished your vehicle.

Start by placing a microfiber down on the dashboard. This will prevent any glass cleaner from damaging or getting on the dashboard. Don’t spray directly on the inside windows but instead spray the glass cleaner on the microfiber towel. Scrub the interior windshield by starting from the upper side corner of either the driver’s seat or passenger seat, going down. After finishing, rub a dry microfiber cloth to dry it before moving to clean the exterior windshield.

  • Clean the exterior of your windshield

The exterior car windshield should actually be cleaned after washing the whole car. For the outside windshield, you can start by raising your wipers and removing any dirt that can be started in the crevices. Then, spray a glass cleaner on the part of the window that you want to clean first. The cleaner will soften the bugs, debris and any other stubborn dirt on the vehicle windshield. This will make them be easier to remove. Then, apply a sponge to scrub the bugs and other dirt on the windshield. Since the sponge is soft, it won’t damage the glass and you can use it gently. After that, rinse the windshield using lots of water until there are no more bubbles coming off the vehicle windshield. Get a dry towel and wipe the car windshield with it.

  • Get rid of grime by using clay

In case you finish cleaning the auto windshield and realize that there are rough patches on it, you should apply clay. Detailing clay can be found in almost any auto shop. The clay is an elastic compound that can attract grime and grit stuck in the crevice and pulls it out. You simply have to apply it up and down the entire windshield to capture the stuck dirt, grime and streaks on the windshield to leave it sparkling.

  • Wipe the windshield with a towel

When it comes to wiping off the cleaned windows, use a soft microfiber towel to clean the window. Never use a dirty towel or that soaked in water. A dry microfiber towel will leave your windows with a smooth finish.


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