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How to Clean Engine block Easily By Yourself At Home?




The engine is the heart of any vehicle. Thus, it should be kept in the most pristine state for it to function excellently and seamlessly. One of the major parts of the engine is the engine block. This section can get dirty with grease, grime, debris, carbon, and oil. When not kept in the best of conditions, the engine block will be invisible to handle or even view with the dirt and debris built in it. The engine block allows checking of porosity leaks in aluminum heads and inspecting of aluminum castings for hairline cracks. So, if they aren’t clean, checking these parts becomes almost impossible. To prevent rust from forming on the engine block through the combination of oil and dirt, you need to regularly clean the engine block via the following procedures.

Clean Your Car Engine Block at Home- 5 Easy Steps

  • Assemble items that you will use to clean the dirt and grease formed on the engine block. These items are water, hose, engine degreaser, stiff-bristled brush, and air compressor. Adding a towel is as well recommended if you want to wipe off any grease or oil that remains on the block.
  • Select a quality engine degreaser to carry out the job with. This will help you perfectly remove the grease, oil, carbon, and dirt from the engine. Then, spray the engine with the quality degreaser that you have acquired. Stay away from a degreaser composed of harsh chemicals as they are not good for the environment and other delicate engine parts. Follow the instructions on the cleaner and let the engine block soak completely.
  • After leaving the degreaser for at least 10 minutes, spray it with pressure water from a hose. Use moderate pressure and get rid of all the degreasers on the engine block. Always use clean water when removing the grease and oil from the engine.
  • After removing the degreaser on the engine block with pressure water, it’s now time to leave the engine block to dry out. It is advisable to clean the engine in an open place so that it can dry naturally. But since other parts are hard to dry out, you can utilize an air compressor to blow off the water that might be hiding in hard-to-reach places. If you want it to look extra shiny, you can use a microfiber cloth to wipe off the remaining grease and water on the block. This is important as water left on the metal surface can lead to rusting.
  • Do an inspection and see whether all the grease and oil have been completely wiped off from the engine block. If you find that there are still some traces of grease or oil, re-apply the degreaser and follow the same procedure once more. Also, you can use a bristled brush to rub the area where you noted the dirt or grease s that it can be wiped off completely.


Keep your engine block in the best condition so that your car can have a high resale value and function excellently. Come up with a schedule on when you should clean your car engine so that you can avoid costly repairs and maintenance.



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