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How to Clean Engine Sludge




Engine sludge is a costly thing that can make you purchase a new engine if it’s not taken care of quickly. The sludge is brought about by various factors with the main one being not changing the oil filter as needed. Others include short commutes, and stop and go driving. Visiting a mechanic to clear engine sludge from your car can be a costly practice. Engine sludge develops around your car’s motor when oil starts to break down and gathers on top of the engine. After engine sludge forms on the engine, oil is not in a position to excellently lubricate the moving sections of your car’s motor.

Removing engine sludge doesn’t always have to be done by a mechanic as a DIY enthusiast can as well perform it. Follow the guide below to know-how.

Steps to remove engine sludge

  • Prior to starting, ensure that you have these items with you. They are a new oil filter, engine flush, oil filter wrench, fresh motor oil, pressurized air and container for holding the dirty oil.
  • When you are ready, park your car in a level and safe place. Then, open the hood and get rid of the engine oil cap. Decant the engine flush treatment in the engine. This will treat the motor. After pouring the engine flush, close and start the engine and let it be idle for around 15 minutes. This will turn to liquefy the sludge and make it simple to mix with dirty oil.
  • Turn off the engine and start draining the oil. Open the drain plug in the oil pan and allow the dirty oil and sludge to drain in the container. If you notice some sludge or oil in the engine, you can apply a pressurized pump to deplete the oil completely.
  • Replace the old oil filter with a new one. Use an oil filter wrench to loosen the old filter and replace it with a new one. Prior to installing the new oil filter, place a few amounts of clean oil on the oil filter gasket. After installing the new oil filter, place back the drain plug so that the fresh oil doesn’t flow on the surface.
  • Pour fresh motor oil into your engine. Always make sure that the motor oil that you use is properly weighted, graded and rated. Using the wrong motor oil on your vehicle will lead to sludge build-up. Fill the oil and inspect its level using a dipstick. Don’t overfill the oil.
  • When you’re done pouring fresh motor oil and ensuring that it is at the right level, screw the oil filler cap tightly and then close the hood.

How to prevent engine sludge

  • Avoid commuting short distances or stop and go driving. When you drive for short distances, you really place a strain on your car and this leads to sludge buildup. Simply use public transport, bike or you can even walk to such distances.
  • Another important thing to do is to change your oil and oil filter on more occasions. How often you change your oil impacts the development of sludge on the engine. Ensure that you follow the recommended oil change interval to avoid such sludge issues.
  • Get a sludge remover from one of the various auto stores. Most of the users claim that an engine sludge remover works in getting rid of sludge
  • In case you find huge amounts of sludge on your engine, then you should visit your mechanic instead of removing it by yourself. Removing such sludge may be challenging and needs expert help.


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