How To Clean Intake Manifold

Cleaning the intake manifold is part of maintaining your car and keeping it running smoothly with less trouble. If there is excess build up in the intake manifold, a lot of issues may rise such as cutting off air to the engine, make the anti-shudder valve remain in the closed position, causing no start condition and reducing performance and efficiency of the vehicle. All these problems can be avoided by simply maintaining your car and having a clean intake manifold free of carbon build up. Other people fear getting dirty and would rather buy a new manifold. The steps to cleaning your manifold are very simple to follow and you can carry out the activity by yourself. Read on to know how.

Disconnect the intake manifold

First, you need to disconnect the intake manifold from the car for effective cleaning. The most important thing when cleaning an intake manifold is to remove it the right way without harming any other part.


After putting the intake manifold to a place away from the car say a work surface, you can go ahead and scrape the carbon or old gasket off. Utilize a straight edge to carry out this.


For more effective removal of the soot or carbon on the manifold, you can soak it in a bucket of mineral spirits. Then, let it stay that way for around 1 to 2 hours before using a wire brush to scrub it. When you’re done, ensure that the mineral spirits should be properly disposed of.

Oven cleaner

Another way of excellently cleaning the intake manifold is by using an oven cleaner. Simply spray it on the entire manifold. Then, wait for an hour and apply a pressure washer to rinse it off. In case you decide to use oven cleaner to clean your intake manifold, don’t soak it as the oven cleaner functions excellently on its own.

Return back

After completing the cleaning, you can leave the manifold for some time to dry and return it back properly. If you find this process to be hectic, dirty and boring, you can as well buy a new intake manifold as they are usually not costly. But this process should help you clean your manifold easily and fast.


If you realize that you have an intake manifold that is causing you problems, simply remove it and clean it by using the above steps. Cleaning an intake manifold is very simple and you just have to follow the right steps. The most important thing is to remove the manifold rightly from its place to a surface where you can clean it from. After reading our intake manifold cleaning guide, you can go ahead and clean yours too instead of buying a new one.

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