How To Clean Throttle Body

For your car to distribute an air or fuel mixture to every cylinder, it should have a fully operational and clean throttle body. On a fuel injected engine, the throttle body is normally the carburetor. But, how do you know that our throttle body needs cleaning? If you notice these signs on your car, know that your car’s throttle body should be cleaned right away. They include: sticky throttle, lack of power, throttle body, stiff pedal, poor throttle response, rough idling and increased fuel use. These are usually caused by a gummed up throttle body with oil residue. Cleaning the throttle body is very simple as we will discover in the steps below. The tools to use include: socket set, clean rags, screwdrivers, ratchet, gloves, replacement air filter, and 2 cans of throttle body cleaner.

  • Remove battery cables

For safety purposes, you should remove the electrical connections when you are working under the hood of your car. Simply remove the battery cables from the battery terminals before removing any other part.

  • Remove the air filter covers, mass air flow sensor, and intake tube

Disconnect clips holding the air filter housing onto the base. Also, remove the connection or clips securing the mass airflow sensor to the lower intake hose.

  • Remove the air intake hose from the throttle body

The moment the other air intake hoses have been loosened, you will be needed to take the air intake hose connection off away from the throttle body. Normally, this connection is secured by a hose clamp. Make lose the hose clamp until the intake hose slips off the outer lip of the throttle body.

  • Remove complete air intake housing from the vehicle

The moment all connections are loose, you will require removing the whole air intake housing from the engine compartment. Put it aside for now, but have it handy since you will be needed to reinstall it after the throttle body has been cleaned.

  • Replace the air filter

In most cases, the problems that are brought about by a dirty throttle body maybe also as a result of a dirty filter. So, anytime you clean the throttle body, it’s a great idea to install a new air filter. Check the owner’s manual for the recommended air filter.

  • Clean the throttle body

Even though the throttle body might vary with regard to manufacturer, the process of cleaning it is still the same. Start by spraying the throttle body intake, throttle body blades and the housing. Then, you can go ahead and clean the whole body with a rag. Allow the cleaner to stick for two minutes before spraying the throttle body cleaner on a clean rag and clean the inside of the throttle body. Begin by cleaning the inner housing and then wipe the rag along the whole surface. Open the throttle blades by use of the throttle control. Wipe the inside and outside of the throttle blades well but rigorously enough to get rid of carbon build up.

  • Check the edges of the throttle body for wear and carbon buildup

When you’re done cleaning the throttle body, check the inner throttle blade and clean the edges of the blade. Furthermore, check blades for any nicks, pits, or damage. In case it is damaged, you should replace it with a new one.

  • Check and clean the throttle control valve

When working on the throttle body, it’s a great idea to remove and check the throttle control valve. Check your manual for proper removal. Clean it in a similar way you’ve cleaned the throttle body. Then, reinstall it after cleaning.

  • Set up parts in reverse order of removing

When you are done cleaning the throttle body and throttle valve, set up everything back and test the operation of the throttle body. Follow the right steps to set up the parts correctly. Consider utilizing the owner’s manual.

  • Test the throttle body after cleaning

Start by testing the engine. You may realize some white smoke coming out of the exhaust. This shouldn’t worry you as it might be as a result of the thorough cleaning of the throttle body. When you test drive the car, ensure that the engine climbs up the RPM band.


Now, you can go ahead and clean your throttle body very easily and quickly with the above steps. Get to save cash by not visiting a professional mechanic who will charge you for the service.

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