How To Clean Your Car Windows Like a PRO!

Car windows should be clean in order to increase visibility while driving. But in most cases, ugly streaks remain on windows which frustrate car owners. To effectively clean your car windows, you need to have the right supplies with you, and this includes the ideal cleaning solution, cloth, sponge, buckets, and distilled water. In addition, you should apply the right techniques if you want clear and spontaneous windows on your car. The steps that we are going to discuss in this article will assist you to have crystal clear windows.

Before you begin the cleaning process, always ensure that your car is in the shade or in a cooler surrounding so that it doesn’t dry before you wipe it off. This will make cleaning the windows to be easy.

How to clean the inside car windows

Before cleaning inside the car window, you need to gather some handy tools to minimize your effort to clean and reduce your time. These tools will also save a boatload of money that the car washer charges. So I have listed some useful tools you will need to be ready before start cleaning your own car by yourself.

  • White vinegar and water
  • 1/2 Lint-free micro rag towels
  • Rubbing alcohol spray
  • Best glass cleaner

Spray the glass cleaner on the cloth

First, take a spray bottle and mix white vinegar with 50% alcohol and 50% water. If you don’t have vinegar, you can use window cleaner. Then the ratio will be 15% alcohol, 70% water, and 15% window cleaner. When you spray the glass cleaner directly onto the glass, just half of it hits the window. Normally, a portion lands onto the vehicle’s parts, making more work to clean up. The chemicals in the glass cleaner can damage plastic parts, and thus it’s crucial to spray the cleaner on a cloth then use it to wipe the window. Try to avoid toxic ammonia-based window cleaner because it dries quickly in the sunlight, and the bubbles discolor the windows.

Apply a microfiber cloth

Using microfiber is an excellent material that is soft and doesn’t leave behind any residue, such as a newspaper or paper towels. The cloth absorbs the glass cleaner as it scrubs the dirt away.

Wipe in each and every direction

If you want to clean your windows using a glass cleaner excellently, it is by wiping the glass in an up and down movement, then in a side-to-side movement. Such a process leaves fewer streaks than wiping the window in circles.

How to clean the outside car windows

No matter how dirty your outside car windows are, you need to gather some materials, which I have already listed above. You just need to add some extra tools like-

  • Car window cleaner
  • A medium-sized bucket
  • A soft sponge

Wash the car before cleaning the windows

For an easy cleaning job, start by either cleaning the car by yourself or taking it to a car wash. This way, you will get most of the dirt and grime away, and your sponge or cloth won’t accumulate a lot of dirt.

Spray the windows with glass cleaner

Although it is not recommended to spray directly on the window while cleaning inside, you can spray the cleaner on the outside window. This will help get rid of the grime and dust on the window and make cleaning to be easy. Read the level and instruction carefully before applying anything to your car windows. Be cautious before using ammonia-based car cleaner because the chemical can damage your window rubber seals.

Utilize a microfiber cloth

Using a microfiber cloth will get rid of dirt and bugs from the outside of your windows. This will leave a clean and streak-free finish. Use a different cloth from that you applied when cleaning the interior window.

Start by wiping in a vertical then change to horizontal

In order to prevent streaks, you will be required to wipe in an up and down motion, then revert to a side-to-side motion. Unlike the interior window, you will be needed to apply more pressure to perfectly get rid of the dirt and grime on the outside window. Clean your windshield after washing your car’s interior and exterior portions.


With this guide, you can easily clean your car windows for great visibility as you drive down the highway. The steps are very easy to follow, and you should use quality supplies for effective cleaning of the car windows.

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