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How to Install OBD2




Most car users know how to use the obd2 diagnostic scanner. The only challenge that faces a good number of motorists is how to properly setup the obd2 device. This process appears to be challenging but once mastered it can be a walk in the park. In this post, we have decided to assist motorists like you who find the code reader to be difficult to install to do it easily and quickly. Different OBD-II scan tools may have different ways of installing depending on whether it is a conventional or wireless scanner.

Most of the scan tools on the market are conventional while those using Bluetooth or wireless networks haven’t been embraced widely. The conventional obd2 diagnostic scan tool is normally connected at the obd2 port. Due to its computerized nature, the obd2 in essence functions with different programs which must in most cases be setup in the vehicle computer system. Below is a procedure to follow in order to properly setup the car diagnostic scan tool and start reading trouble or error codes in order to repair your car.

Before we proceed, it is vital to know that different obd2 scanners are made by different manufacturers and thus have different compatibility issues.

Identify the OBDII port

Start by identifying where the obd2 connection port is based. Usually, it is located somewhere under the driver’s seat. In some older car versions, the dashboard would be ideal if you checked it. Also, you have to know the kind of software to be installed and where. A handful of these obd2 scan tools may be setup in the phone via Bluetooth.

Turn on the car engine

If the vehicle is turned off, turning it on may assist bring to life the car computer system. Connect the OBD diagnostic scanner to be setup and start the process by pressing OK on the keypad. When installing the obdII diagnostic code reader, you should always leave the engine on.

Run the device software

The system is bound to run itself on the computer screen, run it and enable it to bring the interface, click add, when prompted to and click ok on the computer screen. At this stage, the system is set and ready for use.

Select the interface

In case the obdII scan tool to be fixed is Bluetooth in nature, what the user requires to understand is how to start a search for the nearby Bluetooth gadgets which the computer memory may be noticing. Go to the Bluetooth settings and click, set the wireless network connection and view for the devices which are discovered.

If the device pairs on the computer screen, this will then need the user to just click next until the place where the user has the prompt for the finish. Nevertheless, if it is on the phone, choose the device to be paired only when notified. This might require to be performed at least twice if the device is of android type.

Enter password

For security purposes, a good number of obd2 device software requests for the insertion of a password which is to be utilized only by the authorized user. In the scenario of Bluetooth devices, the pairing code is what is utilized in most cases.

Utilize the OBDII gadget to inspect the status of your vehicle

The normal user procedure will take effect by simply connecting the gadget via the LOBDII connection port and then getting the readings, or pairing at every occurrence you wish to utilize the Bluetooth gadget.

With the above process, you can easily setup your obd2 scanner and start reading the trouble codes on your car computer system.


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