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How to Maintain a Car Battery




Don’t wait till your car battery can’t start to change or service your battery. If you’ve ever been stranded in the middle of nowhere waiting upon the next car to help you resurrect your car battery, then you know the significance of having your battery in good condition at all times. The car battery possesses the electrical energy required by the car to start and operate smoothly. Failure to maintain the battery will lead to costly service in the long run. In this article, we will teach you how to maintain your battery and save yourself from the dangers it cause you.

  • Identify the position of the battery in your car

First and foremost, you need to locate the position of the battery in your vehicle. Normally, car batteries have a heavy duty plastic case with two terminals to connect both the negative and positive wires to the vehicle. These terminals are usually constructed from brass or lead. Before removing the battery from its base, you should take a picture so that returning it can be easy.

  • Inspect the battery’s water level after 2 to 3 months

There are usually two types of batteries which are wet-cell battery or an absorbed glass matt batteries. If it’s a wet cell battery, you should inspect its water level every 2 to 3 months. In the case it’s an AGM battery, you should never try to open this on your own and you should get an expert. The water in the wet cell battery should reach the battery’s refill hole.

  • Clean the battery terminals

You should clean the battery terminals using a wire brush after every 6 to 8 months. Start by getting rid of the connectors from the battery terminal by moving them from one side to another side and gently pulling them up. Then, rub the wire brush into a paste of baking soda combined with distilled water. Slowly scrub the terminal to attain a shine and get rid of dried acid build-up. Utilize terminal spreaders to place the terminals on the battery. Avoid using a rubber mallet.

  • Coat the battery with grease

Another important thing that is overlooked is the greasing of the battery. This is good especially in high temperatures. When you apply the grease to the battery it will protect it from both rust and corrosion. This will prolong its use and ensure that the battery is used for a long period of time.

  • Check cell voltage during oil change

Cell voltage can be inspected every time you make an oil change or when you take your car for maintenance. This can be done by your mechanic very easily. Usually, a fully charged battery will have a charge of 12.5 to 12.6 volts. When testing a battery, it is important to know that it shouldn’t be tested until it is fully charged. This is because the tester will indicate the battery to be bad even if when it’s not. The repair shop or mechanic charges a small fee for this.

  • Inspect the battery insulator

For those who have car batteries with insulators, they should check them. The car insulator protects the battery from extremely high temperatures. This can dry the battery’s fluids very quickly. So, the insulator needs to be in place and in the best state.

  • Avail your car for regular service

One of the simplest ways to ensure that your battery is the perfect condition is by taking your car for maintenance or inspection after it covers 3, 000 miles. This will not only make sure that the battery is in perfect condition but as well the whole car.


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