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How to take Care of a New Car




One of the greatest joys a person can have is owning a new car. Just like having a new phone, everyone admires it as you cruise by. But when not kept in the best of conditions, within no time, it will start to perform poorly and the paint will tarnish making it look older and just like any other car. You can prevent this by taking great care of your new car through some simple series of maintenance works. These simple steps are overlooked by new car owners but are very important in keeping your vehicle in the best state.

  1. Clean your car regularly – to keep your car looking like a new one, you should clean it regularly from tire to the top. Get the best soaps, washing mint and towel to clean it at home weekly or several times a week.
  2. Inspect the tire pressure – it is important to check the tire pressure each and every month. This will not only ensure that you drive safely but also heighten the life of your car tire. In addition, you should spin your car tires after 7,500 miles.
  3. Inspect your oil after 5, 000 miles – just to be certain, always inspect your oil after 5, 000 miles. Although many oil brands suggest the oil to be changed after every 8, 000 miles, this isn’t advisable. Buy from the best brand and if possible, buy synthetic oil which has been proven to be more effective.
  4. Ensure that mirrors are clean and in good condition – another part to maintain is the mirrors. Check the mirrors of your car before you start driving. Clean them regularly and ensure they have no carks or broken pieces.
  5. Change your brake pads yearly or after 20, 000 miles – brake pads are a vital part of your car. Even if you’ve got a brand new vehicle, constantly check the brake pads after say 20, 000 miles. This will help you make sure that you’ve highly functioning brakes in case of an emergency.
  6. Inspect lights – driving at night can be risky if one of your headlights or indicator light isn’t working. Inspect these if possible on a daily basis or weekly to be sure that they are completely operational.
  7. Keep the interior of your car in perfect condition – the car interior is one of the important parts of the car. This is where you and your family spend a lot of time. It has to be kept clean and it should smell fresh. This will increase its resale value and make your car marketable. Also, it will always appear new.
  8. When not in use, keep your car well – if you plan on traveling abroad or to a far off place, you should store your car in the best way so that it remains fully functional. Cover it, fill it with gas and ensure that it is started from time to time.
  9. Change the air filter after approximately 30, 000 – the air filter should be cleaned after every 30, 000 miles so that the car can breathe smoothly and aid in its functioning. A dirty car filter will affect your acceleration.
  10. Protect car paint by waxing – for you to keep your vehicle looking just like a new one, you should keep its paint sparkling. After washing your car, you should wax it so that it can prevent it from UV rays and the harsh surrounding.
  11. Offer extra protection to your car – a new car costs a lot. For this reason, you should take the initiative to protect it from theft and damage. Acquire add-on gadgets such as alarm systems, blind spot mirrors, bumper protectors and steering wheel security locks.

If you carry out these maintenance procedures, you will ensure that your car remains in the best condition and look as new as you bought it.


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