How to Use Jack Stands

Whether you want to change a tire or inspect the brakes, a jack stand should always be used the right way and safely. This is because you may be forced to go under the vehicle which should be safe for you. For this reason, we’ve come up with this article to help car jack users utilize it the right way. Below are some of the procedures to follow to securely and properly jack your car:

  • Identify a level or flat surface to jack your car

When jacking up a car, you should ensure that the surface you are working on is level and under it should be firmly supported. Jacking up your car on an uneven surface is really dangerous.

  • Go through your car’s manual

It is important to go through your vehicle’s manual as it contains the safety practices that you need to follow while jacking up your car.

  • Identify the curb weight for your car

This is another crucial thing to consider if you tend to raise your car off the ground. Detect the curb weight for your car and make sure that your jack stands are rated for that particular weight. It is very crucial to have jack stands with a sufficient safety rating for the size of your vehicle. This can be acquired from your vehicle’s manual or by searching online for your car model.

  • Adjust the car’s parking brake

This is important as it will assist to prevent the car from rolling when it’s supported. Furthermore, utilize wheel chocks on both sides of the wheels opposite to where you are lifting to prevent the vehicle from going forward or backward. If the car moves forward or backward, this can cause an accident which might in return injure you.

  • Utilize a floor jack to lift the vehicle

Cars come with their personal standard jack and a wrench for use from the factory. These are great for utilizing in minor tire changes. But when it comes to lifting a car in order to go under it, a more sturdy and powerful jack needs to be applied. For instance, a hydraulic trolley jack can be utilized. Also, the surface that you work on should be solid such as concrete ground. Avoid placing a jack on a wet surface or soil as it will sink. This is really dangerous as they can slip and cause harm.

  • Setup the jack stand below a sturdy and structural piece of the car frame

The car manual usually comes with instructions that can direct the user on where to support the car with a jack stand. Usually, the car has a small divot in the chassis close to the wheel where you can place the jack stand. Avoid positioning the jack stand below features parts like the floorboards of the vehicle. Such parts may cause the jack to break through the floor.

  • Remove the former jack and repeat the procedure on the other side of the vehicle

Professionals highly propose the use of two or more jacks of the same height so that the vehicle is equally supported on both sides. Using floor jacks of the same type is even better.

  • Examine your jack stands and add safety objects

After securely placing your stands below the car, you should push your car with your hand and observe if it moves or shakes at all. Ensure that you push on both sides and the rear. In case the car moves, reset the jack stand until you’re certain that the car is extremely stable. Even though jack stands provide stability, you need to ensure that the car is safe and you aren’t risking your life. This can be done by adding a tire or blocks of wood under your car for extra support. Never use things like bricks as they can crumble and harm you.


When a car is jacked up in the correct way, there is nothing to worry about. But if not, this might be life-threatening as a slip or an accident happening may mean harm to the user. Always follow the right steps to properly and securely jack your car as we’ve discussed above.

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