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Ignition Switch Problems Symptoms




The ignition switch problems are one of the most common on any car. This is because the ignition switch is used a lot. The ignition switch which is based behind the ignition locker cylinder is used to power on car accessories and start or put off the car. As a result of this, the switch wears out with time and proper maintenance and care are needed to avoid problems that accompany it. A good number of ignition switches activate the electrical accessories in the first position, power on the fuel and ignition systems in the second position and finally, crank the engine in the third position. Below are some of the symptoms that might show if the ignition switch is bad.

Car start and stalls immediately

One of the signs of a bad ignition switch is when the car starts and stalls instantly. In case the ignition switch fails at the on position, which is meant to power on both the fuel and the ignition systems, it may lead to the car starting and then quickly stalling. The ignition switch will instantly offer to give power to the fuel pump and ignition system when it is in the cranking position, which may enable the car to start. Nonetheless, in case the car has failed in the on position, it will cut off power to the ignition system and fuel immediately after the key is removed from the cranking position.

Switch overheating

You can as well touch the ignition switch and feel whether it is hot or not. If the ignition switch is hot, then this is a sign that it has an issue. Also, the ignition switch being hot is a likely indication that the issue is emanating from the electrical system. The ignition switch is linked to a number of high resistance wires and any of the various terminals linking these wires can actually overheat. As a result, this leads to arcing of the terminals which can melt the insulating base. When this happens, the car will jerk in a violent way and decline to start.

Car stalls when driving

This is one of the major symptoms of a bad ignition switch. So, when your car stalls instantly during driving, you should check out your ignition switch as it might be bad. When the ignition switch stalls while the engine is running it might stop power to the ignition and fuel systems, which will make the engine halt. The car may be restarted or decline to restart after some time, depending on the problem at hand. See a mechanic if you experience such an issue before it persists.

No light on your accessories

A bad ignition switch doesn’t produce any clicks from the main relay, which fires the ignition. Thus, you should view the dashboard lights if your car stalls instantly. If the ignition switch is bad, there are several lights that will not turn on. When the key is turned is first turned to position two, the following lights should come on which are: brake light, oil light, charge light and other warning lights. In case these lights and the central console of your car don’t turn on, then your ignition switch has an issue and needs to be tackled right away.

Final thoughts

Since the ignition switch is one of the commonly utilized parts of a car, it wears out quickly. This is the same with all electrical switches. With the above signs, you can now be on high alert and respond to them by visiting a professional mechanic to diagnose the ignition switch of your car. Don’t wait till the switch is out of order as it might cost you while in traffic or driving.


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