What is the Best Innova Scan Tool of 2024? [Latest Models]

When you are a buyer, you will try to search for a reliable and popular OBD2 scanner brand. The Innova is a brand that has a reputation, and people keep trust in this brand. Innova provides various outstanding services through its multiple types of OBD2 scanner models. The brand manufactures all types of scanning devices for car enthusiasts, DIY users, professionals, or mechanics. So the potential buyers can get various best Innova scan tool models to choose from based on their preference and budget. The Innova serves services for the OBD compliant cars as well as the obd2 compliant vehicles.

Updated 10 Best Innova Car Scanner Reviews

Innova has a glorious history from 2003, so it can be ideal for entry-level users as well as automotive users. So check our listed Innova scanner reviews and get one that meets your requirements.

Innova 3100 Scan Tool With LED Display

This Innova 3100 diagnostic code reader can instantly detect the reason behind the illuminated check engine light. This diagnostic scanner assists a vehicle owner by giving information about the malfunction when it attacks. The 3100 diagnostic scan tool code reader can perfectly read as well as clear the ABS light trouble codes. With an LED display and an all-in-one screen, the scanner device checks drive cycle verification and the state emissions readiness. When it is connected to a vehicle, it refreshes data automatically after every thirty seconds. This feature is very useful to verify the repair completion.Innova 3100 Scan Tool

Moreover, this device has a battery backup memory that allows off-car analysis and review. Apart from these, the device suits all the domestic or foreign vehicles from 1996 and the latest. It supports light trucks, SUVs, and newer cars and is suitable for Toyota, Ford, GM, and Chrysler. With the device, you can get a free updating facility, repair solution, and customer support. 

Let’s consider some crucial advantages and disadvantages of the Innova 3100 diagnostic scan tool code reader.


  • The device automatically erases the codes within thirty seconds.
  • This is a convenient diagnostic scanner, so everyone can use it comfortably.
  • Innova 3100 diagnostic scan tool code reader gives a very good performance.
  • Innova 3100 has a LED display with all in one screen. 
  • It serves as free updating opportunities to keep the user advanced and intelligent. 


  • The gadget has a compatibility problem.
  • It lacks advanced features. 

INNOVA CarScan Pro 5610 Scan Tools

This is an amazing diagnostic scanner tool that serves bi-directional controls and accessible self-diagnostic features. The Innova scanner pro 5610 obd2 car code device operates a self-diagnostic test, and it also tests actuators by sending commands to the vehicles. The scanner tool also assists the functionality, including injectors, fuel pumps, electronic parking brakes, etc. A user knows the emission test outcomes before the annual test through this car engine reader. For ensuring the consumer’s safety, this scanning device serves the facilities of ABS and SRS advantages. INNOVA CarScan Pro 5610 Scan Tools Review

Furthermore, this Innova scanner pro 5610 obd2 device has impressive compatibility and coverage cause it covers almost all OBD2 compliant domestic or foreign from 1996 or the latest. The OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool checks oil system life, brake pad life, transmission temperature, and tire pressure. This device can read, initialize and reset the battery voltages. Besides these, the scanner pro 5610 supports a multilingual menu for the user who does not know English as a native language. With the mobile application named RepaireSolution2, you can instantly solve automotive problems. In one sentence, the Innova scanner pro 5610 obd2 car code device is appropriate for technicians, automotive enthusiasts, and DIY users. 


  • This Innova scanner pro 5610 has the facility of getting bidirectional controls.
  • It provides the ABS Brake Bleeding feature to the consumer.
  • The device serves special reset functions.
  • One can experience more comprehensive coverage and compatibility with the pro 5610.
  • The diagnostic scanner device serves phone applications with free companions. 
  • It is very comfortable to use the buttons of this gadget. 
  • It makes self-diagnosis very easy.


  • The Innova scanner pro 5610 does not have a case or storage pouch. 
  • Sometimes it can cause junk.

INNOVA CarScan Advisor 5210 Code Scanner

For an entry-level user, the INNOVA 5210 car scanner is very suitable. At a lower price, the diagnostic scanner device serves valuable features and performs qualitatively. This OBD2 scanner device serves at the professional level of functionalities. The scanner tool shows live data that the user can know about any malfunctions if it attacks the vehicle with all vehicle information. Moreover, the consumer can see important information like speed, oil temperature, RMP. Besides these, it is possible to know if your vehicle is prepared for the annual test or not. INNOVA CarScan Advisor 5210 Code Scanner Reviews

The INNOVA car scanner advisor 5210 code reader includes a multilingual menu and can self-diagnosis. It maintains safety as well as peak performance on the road. Furthermore, the scanner diagnostic device fixes all automotive problems via the RepairSolution application available on the internet at the Apple app store or google play store. It supports all OBD2 compliant cars, hybrid vehicles, or light trucks from 1996 or the latest.

Let’s see some benefits and detriments of the INNOVA car scanner advisor 5210 code reader.

Innova 5210 scanner reviews

  • This diagnostic scanner tool supports the charging system and battery status test.
  • INNOVA car scanner advisor 5210 displays the live data and the freeze frame data.
  • It includes a smog check LED indicator. 
  • The scanner device reads and erases the check engine light.
  • 5210 code reader provides code severity levels.
  • The OBD2 diagnostic scanner device serves patented all in one display as well as hotkeys.
  • This tool diagnoses the braking system.


  • Sometimes a compatibility problem may occur with the diagnostic code reader.

INNOVA CarScan Tech 5510 Code Scanner With Hybrid Battery Reset

You have already gone through our top 3 best Innova scanner reviews. The Innova car scan tech 5510 code reader and scanner can be appropriate for the DIY user and home mechanic with its professional functionalities. This OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool maintains the check brake pad life, OBD engine, oil system life, transmission temperature, and tire pressure. It can read cell voltage and initialize the battery as a hybrid battery tester. On the other hand, the 5510 code reader can record, graph, and playback data. With easy self-diagnosis characteristics makes the scanner device is more reliable and attractive to the user. The 5510 code reader has the quality to maintain protection and qualitative performance. The repaireSolution2 provides real-time solutions to fix any automotive disturbance.INNOVA CarScan Tech 5510 Code Scanner Review


  • The Innova has an electronic parking brake retract.
  • It has the ability to diagnose and read tire pressure and sensor data. 
  • This gadget reads hybrid battery reset.
  • Innova car scan tech 5510 code reader resets oil level. 
  • It indicates a smog check LED indicator.
  • You can observe live data with the help of the scanner device.
  • This gadget provides optional OBD coverage.
  • The 5510 is very useful to scan all system networks. 


  • The 5510 scanner OBD2 diagnostic tool has some compatibility problems.

INNOVA 5410 CarScan (Best Innova Scan Tool For Beginners)

The Innova CarScan diagnostic 5410 code scanner is an amazing diagnostic scanner tool that maintains the vehicle via the free mobile application RepairSolution2 on google play or the apple app. This diagnostic scanner tool includes live data and self-diagnostic characteristics that you can notice the vehicle’s information like speed, oil temperature, and RMP. Before going for the annual emission test of the vehicle, this code reader can inform you about the emission status of the car. Besides a multilingual feature, the scanner tool has the feature that lets you read and clean OBD disturbance codes, and it allows trip cycle procedures, battery initialization, and an entire module scan. This Obd2 scanner tool is compatible with all foreign or domestic OBD2 compatible light trucks, hybrid vehicles, SUVs, or cars. INNOVA 5410 CarScan Reviews

Let’s consider some main pros and cons of the Innova CarScan diagnostic 5410 code scanner.


  • This diagnostic scanner tool displays live data.
  • It can read the hybrid battery cell.
  • Innova CarScan diagnostic 5410 code scanner provides the smog check LED indicators. 
  • You can have the feature of code severity levels.
  • It resets, tests, and initializes the battery.
  • 5410 code scanner maintains the oil light, oil life, and oil level.
  • You can enjoy the hotkey with the versatile device.
  • This 5410 code scanner provides an all-in-one display.


  • It can not be connected to a printer.
  • The device has not included an odometer option.

Affordable INNOVA CarScan Reader 5110 

Innova car scanner and code reader 5110 helps to protect the vehicle with the best performance. At a significantly lower price, you can experience huge functionalities. This scanner tool fixes the issue via the mobile application named RepairSolution2 for free. The application is reachable on the Apple app store or in the google play store. With the excellent diagnostic tool, you can verify fixes, understand which part is appropriate for repair, show the maintenance schedule, know the technical bulletin, purchase parts, etc.

On the other hand, this premium code reader has moderate coverage and compatibility with which it can be suitable with many vehicles. One of the special features of this 5110 code scanner is that it has self-diagnostic capability. The scanner tool lets you know the smog test result before the annual emission test. When you understand the emission status of the vehicle, you can be alert and can maintain the emission. Moreover, the fantastic OBD2 scanner device serves an all-in-one display that the user can use the device comfortably. It provides twenty pieces of information on a single display. Innova car scanner reader 5110 includes a hotkey that easily one can access its functions. With the help of the device, you can figure out the issues instantly, so it is possible to save time by not scrolling the menu. 

A consumer experiences ABS or Brake codes, read and erase trouble codes, smog or emission check readiness LED indicator. So you can trust the device. For a DIY automotive enthusiast or home mechanic, this is the best Innova scan tool for the money. 


  • This device is very cheap.
  • It had code severity levels.
  • The diagnostic scanner device can diagnose the braking systems.
  • The Innova car scanner reader 5110 code scanner provides a smog check LED indicator.
  • The 5110 code scanner can read and erase the check engine light with the help of one button.
  • The OBD2 scanner tool is very straightforward to use. 


  • It does not have advanced features.
  • The device can not calibrate the steering angle sensor. 

INNOVA 6100P OBD2 Scanner With One Press Hotkey

A consumer can experience a wide range of impressive functionalities at a lower price with the Innova 6100p OBD2 scanner. It provides ABS and SRS transmission so that you can figure out the disturbance and solve this instantly to keep your vehicle safe and protected. Moreover, this OBD2 scanner tool has the capability to diagnose the oil light reset. On the other hand, it can also monitor the oil life or oil level of your vehicle. The diagnostic scanner device includes an alternator test and battery test. With the help of the diagnostic tool, a user can enjoy the code severity level function that informs you if the repair is essential right now or it can happen later. INNOVA 6100P OBD2 Scanner Reviews

With this diagnostic scanner tool, you can enjoy the check engine light by DTC severity. One press hotkey will switch off the check engine light after repair. The device serves live data that displays RPM, fuel coolant temperature, spark timing, fuel injector pulse width, etc.


  • The OBD2 scanner tool has the advantage for the consumer to enjoy the transmission, ABS, and SRS services.
  • You can enjoy the hotkey opportunity with this excellent tool.
  • The OBD2 scanner device can read and erase the default codes and switch off the check engine light. 
  • It provides a tightly fitting screen protector to keep the display safe and protected.
  • Innova 6100p OBD2 scanner tool tests the battery with the alternator test.
  • The INNOVA 6100p test performs the oil level or oil life along with the oil light. 


  • Sometimes it may perform slow.
  • The device can have junk problems.

Innova 3030g Diagnostic Code Reader 

With some brilliant features, the Innova 3030g diagnostic code reader is available at a budget-friendly price. Like other OBD2 scanner tools, the Innova 3030g can read and erase check engine lights. The gadget includes a patented all-in-one screen that shows twenty-five crucial pieces of information. It is compatible with all OBD2 compliant domestic or foreign vehicles for 1996 and newer. The scanner tool is suitable for  Toyota, Ford, Honda, Chrysler, GM, and so on. It has yellow, green, and red LEDs that show emission status. This Innova 3030g diagnostic code reader automatically removes the data every thirty seconds. 

Moreover, this diagnostic scanner tool reads as well as removes ABS light fault codes. The plug-and-play, as well as robust design, provide the opportunity that you can use the device according to your desire. Not only English, but also you can have Spanish to operate the diagnostic scanner tool. For the user, this 3030g offers an anti-lock braking system, freeze frame, etc. 

Let’s see some positive and negative aspects of the Innova 3030g diagnostic code reader.

Positive aspects

  • One can have an all-in-one screen with this outstanding device.
  • Upgraded version of Innova Equus 3030 device
  • The diagnostic scanner tool can perform ABS, freeze frame, and many more services.
  • The Innova 3030g diagnostic code reader has green, yellow, and red LEDs about the emission status.
  • The 3030g diagnostic code reader provides the opportunity with which it can automatically refresh the fault code thirty seconds later.
  • Besides these, the consumers can get qualitative customer services with the Innova 3030g.

Negative aspects

Innova 3160g Pro OBD2 Scanner

One can use the Innova 3160g pro OBD2 scanner very smoothly and conveniently. The diagnostic scan tool can read and remove check engine lights. It is compatible with the domestic and foreign OBD2 compliant vehicles for 1996 and the latest. The device includes SUVs, hybrids, and light trucks. This 3160g pro OBD2 scanner saves live data as well as diagnostic trouble codes from the three vehicles that have been scanned previously.  Apart from these, the scanner device reads and clears SRS, ABS fault codes on most Asian, European, and American cars. 

Furthermore, the OBD2 scanner tool resets the initialization and the maintenance light. This 3160g pro also provides recording and streaming of the real-time live data. With the internet updating opportunity, the diagnostic scanner tool provides LED lighted connectors and customer support. 

It is an advanced scanner that is beneficial for DIYers as well as the professional Tech also. So do not delay picking this one. 

3160g Innova scanner review

  • This is a scanner device that offers oil light resetting, 
  • It reads and removes SRS and ABS disturbance codes. 
  • The 3160g pro Innova scanner records real-time live data and streams it. 
  • One of the best Innova scan tools for professionals
  • 3160g pro resets battery maintenance.
  • You can update the internet for free to be up to date.
  • With English and Spanish, the device also provides excellent customer service.
  • The OBD2 scanner device serves LED lighted connectors.


  • The Innova 3160 pro OBD2 scanner is a comparatively costly device. 
  • The cable may not include the device.

 Fast and Accurate Innova 3150RS OBD2 Scanner 

One of the popular models of the Innova is the Innova 3150RS OBD2 scanner tool. The device diagnoses safety codes and breaking codes. On the other hand, it reads and removes engine codes. With the device, it is possible to reset oil life or oil level and oil light. The device also provides live data to monitor the crucial information about the vehicle. By watching the real-time data, the diagnostic scanner tool helps you to diagnose the problem. This Innova 3150RS OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool is an outstanding tool that tests the battery and charging system. 

The all-in-one display and hotkey provide an excellent opportunity to maintain the gadget quickly and conveniently. 3150RS shows the freeze frame and offers a smog check LED indicator. Apart from these brilliant features, the OBD2 scanner includes code severity levels to aid you in fixing any issue instantly. 

Let’s consider some main positive and opposing aspects of the Innova 3150RS OBD2 scanner tool.

Positive aspects

  • The device includes the battery and the charging system tests.
  • It provides to the consumer the hotkey and the all-in-one display.
  • With the help of the Innova 3150RS OBD2 scanner tool, one can see live data.
  • It diagnoses the safety system as well as the braking system.
  • This device shows the freeze frame data.
  • The gadget has code severity levels.
  • It is a budget-friendly device.

Opposing aspects

  • The functions may be limited for some users.


The Innova is a famous brand, and it has the ability to impress a potential buyer. This brilliant scanner device brand always tries to do more excellent work with the help of the latest technology. Innova ensures the guarantee of the products. For the different genres of consumers, it serves different types of models or products. 

The following products listed in our best Innova scan tool review article are highly qualified, and these have acquired the trust and reliability of people around the world. So you can confidently and efficiently pick one according to your requirements.