Innova 3100 Review [ABS & Auto-Refresh Feature]

The INNOVA 3100 is an ideal car scanning device for entry-level as well as DIY users. With the versatile display and multilingual support, this device can make the user feel comfortable. The OBD2 scanner includes Check Engine Light reset, Emissions Readiness Test, Freeze Frame data, Oil Light reset, and ABS/SRS codes. This device can instantly check any issue related to your vehicle’s health. When it has a connection with a vehicle, the device can remove data every 30 seconds to keep you up-to-date. With the help of the freeze-frame feature, a user can also interrupt scanning and check the outcome. Let’s take a look at some impressive features and functions of this scanner that I’m trying to bring out in this INNOVA 3100 review.

Technical Specifications Of The Innova 3100 Scan Tool:

Technical Specification

Innova 3100 Scan Tool

Compatibility OBD2 (1996 and newer) and select OBD1 (1982-1995) vehicles with adapter
Display Backlit LCD screen
Live Data Yes
Freeze Frame Data Yes
Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) Yes, reads and clears DTCs
Emissions Readiness Yes, checks I/M readiness status
ABS & SRS Codes No
Battery & Charging System Test No
Oil Light Reset No
Updateable Yes, via a USB connection
Languages English, Spanish, French
Vehicle Coverage Domestic, Asian, and European vehicles
Power Source Vehicle’s OBD2 port or internal batteries (for standalone use)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 10.6 x 7.5 x 1.8 inches
Weight 1.35 lbs

Lightweight Innova 3100 Review in 2023

Innova 3100 Scanner Supports Anti-lock Braking (ABS) System

This OBD2 scanner tool reads and refreshes anti-lock braking system codes. The anti-lock braking system is a very crucial system in your vehicle. If any lock-up in the wheel arises, this system can save you from any accident. The INNOVA 3100 has the capability by which it can maintain the ABS system. Innova 3100 Scan Tool


Compatibility and coverage of Innova 3100 Scan Device

The 3100 scanner tool works on domestic or foreign OBD2-compliant cars, light trucks, and minivans. It is also suitable for hybrid manufacturers and SUVs. Surprisingly the diagnostic tool can read and refresh both OBD1 and OBD2 compliant codes of almost all 1996 and the latest vehicles. So this is an opportunity for an OBD2-compliant user as well as an OBD1-compliant user to maintain their vehicle with the INNOVA 3100. This device is very smooth on some brands, including Honda, Chrysler, GM, Toyota, and Ford.

Check Engine Light

You don’t need to worry when you notice your check engine light is turning on. To fix an issue with a vehicle, first, you must figure out the cause of the check engine light problem. You can quickly figure out the reason with an appropriate OBD2 diagnostic tool.

This gadget can read and refresh engine light codes. With the help of this Innova 3100 scanner, you can swiftly find out any issue related to the check engine light and can go ahead to fix the problem with proper guidelines. 

Check Emission Levels

You can check out whether your vehicle will be passed in the annual emission test by using this INNOVA 3100 scanner tool. This machine measures the emission level of a vehicle. If you have any doubt about the passing probability of your vehicle, this device can also assist you by providing a clear guidelineWith this service, you can easily save your car maintenance cost on the purpose of carbon footprint.  

Updated Data 

INNOVA 3100 made it possible to refresh and update data automatically within just thirty seconds. This feature will keep you updated. You will be capable of scanning your vehicle swiftly with this feature. 

Battery Backup Memory 

Efficient battery support is a mainly required feature of a diagnostic scanner tool. Without flexible battery support, you can not operate your device instantly when it is needed. Unfortunately, many OBD2 Scanner tools do not have a battery backup memory capability. With this scanner tool, you will get the advantage of ‘battery backup memory. It has an internal memory storage facility. If you lose power with this facility, you can get all your codes saved.  

Innova 3100 Offers Free Update

By updating your tool, you can always cope with the advanced and latest technology in the market. To keep you ‘up-to-date,’ the device offers the opportunity of updating for free. With a PC-enable accessory or Flash, it is possible to update the device easily. Innova 3100 OBD2 Scanner

Large LED Display

The OBD2 scanner tool comprises a large LED screen that helps you check readiness, display live data, and monitor the drive cycle. With the help of graphic data, the presentation will help you to analyze the codes.

It provides the opportunity to choose colorful as well as black-and-white displays. You can prefer any of these according to your preference. Moreover, you can set a dim light with the backlight of the gadget. Using this advantage, you will be able to use it in the dark. 

Multilingual Menu

It is imperative to have the option of more than one language. It declares the versatility of the specific device. Besides English, this diagnostic tool offers French and Spanish languages. Using this multilingual menu can avoid ambiguity problems because this is straightforward for a user to change his language from the menu.


A product offering any warranty can be more reliable than a product that does not offer it to the consumer. A warranty can make a product faithful to the customer so that they can be stress-free about the question of the authenticity of that product. 

Just like the INNOVA 5110 scanner, this product offers a twelve-month warranty. A warranty and a friendly and helpful customer care service exist to assist you with any issues related to this device.

Pros listed in Innova 3100 CAN OBDii code reader reviews

  • This device contains a multilingual menu functionality. 
  • It can read and clear code instantly. 
  • The  INNOVA 3100 is a very budget-friendly as well as a user-friendly device. 
  • It has a large LED display that can be used with colors or without colors. 
  • The gadget can check the level of emission quickly. 
  • It can erase data automatically within thirty seconds. 
  • This OBD2 scanner tool has the feature of battery backup memory. 
  • It can be updated without cost. 
  • The diagnostic tool serves a  twelve-month warranty. 


  • It may not support all brands.
  • Some advanced features are missing in this gadget. 


In our Innova 3100 review article, I have already told you that this tool is ideal for both entry-level users and professionals. With its impressive and outstanding features and functions, this diagnostic tool will assist you in reducing vehicle maintenance costs. With the essential OBD2 functions, the scanner will help to prevent any disturbances. The user-friendly design of this product can serve comfort to its owner. For a reasonable price, it doesn’t create any burden to a potential buyer. With the INNOVA 3100 ABS OBD2 diagnostic tool, you can experience genuine service. It will provide a clear conception of reading any codes instantly and clearly. Its one-year warranty offer makes you feel interested in it.


Q: What is the Innova 3100 scan tool used for?

A: The Innova 3100 is a diagnostic tool that helps users read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) in vehicles’ onboard computer systems, as well as view live data and perform various diagnostic tests.

Q: Which vehicles are compatible with the Innova 3100 scan tool?

A: The Innova 3100 is compatible with most 1996 and newer OBD2-compliant vehicles, including domestic, Asian, and European makes and models.

Q: Can the Innova 3100 read and clear ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) codes?

A: Yes, the Innova 3100 can read and clear ABS codes for most 1996 and newer vehicles.

Q: Does the Innova 3100 support SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) codes?

A: No, the Innova 3100 does not support SRS codes. For SRS support, consider upgrading to a more advanced Innova scan tool.

Q: How do I update the software on my Innova 3100 scan tool?

A: You can update the software by connecting the device to a computer via USB cable and downloading the latest updates from the Innova website.

Q: Can the Innova 3100 display live data?

A: Yes, the Innova 3100 can display live data, such as engine RPM, coolant temperature, and sensor readings.

Q: Is the Innova 3100 compatible with diesel vehicles?

A: The Innova 3100 is primarily designed for gasoline vehicles but may be compatible with some OBD2-compliant diesel vehicles.

Q: Can I use the Innova 3100 to reset my vehicle’s “Check Engine” light?

A: Yes, you can use the Innova 3100 to clear the stored DTCs and reset the “Check Engine” light after repairs have been made.

Q: Does the Innova 3100 provide repair solutions or diagnostic tips?

A: The Innova 3100 provides basic code definitions but does not offer detailed repair solutions or diagnostic tips. For more comprehensive information, consider upgrading to a more advanced Innova scan tool.

Q: Can the Innova 3100 perform bi-directional tests?

A: No, the Innova 3100 does not support bi-directional tests. For this functionality, consider a more advanced scan tool.

Q: Does the Innova 3100 support emission readiness tests?

A: Yes, the Innova 3100 can perform emission readiness tests to help users determine if their vehicle will pass a smog test.

Q: Can I use the Innova 3100 on a hybrid vehicle?

A: The Innova 3100 is compatible with most OBD2-compliant hybrid vehicles.

Q: What type of power source does the Innova 3100 require?

A: The Innova 3100 is powered directly from the vehicle’s OBD2 port, so no additional power source is required.

Q: Can I save diagnostic data from the Innova 3100 to my computer?

A: The Innova 3100 does not have built-in data storage or export features. For data storage and export capabilities, consider a more advanced scan tool.

Q: Will it provide live data?

A: Yes! The INNOVA 3100 provides live data. It automatically refreshes codes after every thirty seconds. 

Though the live data feature is crucial for an OBD2 scanner tool, some OBD2 scanners fail to contain this feature. You can be up-to-date with this device. 

Q: Is it possible to update this device for free?

A: Of course! It is free to update the device for free. You can instantly update this tool with a PC-enabled accessory or Flash. 

You have to update your gadget to keep pace with the changing world. Unfortunately, this free updating service is not available for many products. Customers can not feel free to buy a device without this offer. But here you can get this advantage.