Innova 5510 Review [TPMS/Live Data/Smog & Battery Test]

This Innova 5510 is an automotive diagnostic scanner tool that supports the complete diagnosis in an average price range. The 5510 can check the powertrain, the engine, and ABS and SRS modules. Moreover, it reads as well as selects all the ECU modules and default codes.  With this Innova 5510 review, you can understand the cause of why this advanced OBD2 scanner can be an appropriate decision. 

This tool serves data like tire pressure and brake pad life. On the other hand, you can experience some crucial characteristics here such as advanced caliper service functionality, ABS brake bleeding, and TPMS reading. Overall this OBD2 scanner device is very straightforward to use. All types of users like home mechanics, DIY users, garage owners, and beginners can use it without any trouble. It will save you time and money by avoiding costly repairs. The Innova 5510 automotive diagnostic scanner device is essential to keep you safe on the road and maintain your vehicle smooth and comfortable. 

Technical Specification Of The Innova 5510 automotive diagnostic scanner

Features Innova 5510
Dimension:  7 x 3.75 x 1 inches
Item Weight:  1.08 Pounds
Vehicle Capability:  Volkswagen, Honda, Acura, Pontiac, BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Audi, Dodge, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Hyundai etc.
Supported Language:  English, French, and Spanish
Batteries:  3 AA Battery
Live Data Stream: Yes
Read & Clear Codes: Yes
ABS Bleeding: Yes
Oil Reset: Yes
TPMS Reading: Yes
Bi-directional System Tests:  No
Battery Maintenance: Yes
EPB Reset: Yes

Professional Car Scan Tool Innova 5510 Review 2024

The tool offers more opportunities and advantages so that users do not have to face any trouble with their car. So let us see some critical characteristics of the Innova 5510 scanner device to know more about this.Professional Car Sacn Tool Innova 5510 Review

ABS Brake Bleeding

For every vehicle owner, it is a crucial thing to diagnose the electronic parking brake retract. Every modern car has this function available. You can find various Bluetooth scanner tools that allow you to read the ABS code but fail to fix the ABS brake caliper. 

So with this Innova 5510, you can quickly diagnose the advanced brake caliper. The feature will make your life more comfortable and save you from any sudden accident by reducing excessive air in the brake system. 

Battery Test

Battery resetting is one of the prime tasks of an OBD2 diagnostic scanner device. You need a gadget that can always test the battery cause it enables you in any long drive without a repair shop nearby. Some gadgets on the market serve this opportunity, and some of them fail to allow this. You have to be concerned about choosing the scanner device that includes the feature. 

The Innova 5510 allows monitoring of the vehicle battery as well as resetting it. But for using this function, at first, you should have installed new batteries in your vehicle. Innova supports measuring voltage and diagnosing a battery charging system in hybrid cars.

Tire pressure monitoring system

One of the vital aspects of a vehicle owner is TPMS. In different seasons the tire pressure falls. To save yourself from any accident, you have to monitor the tire pressure of the car because it prevents unwanted situations. This Innova 5510 supports a diagnosis of tire pressures. Moreover, by collecting sensor data, the scanner tool displays these via the screen of the scanner or on a mobile phone. So you do not need to pay more at a repair shop to read and diagnose sensor data and tire pressure if you have the 5510 gadget. 

Oil Section

Oil is an element without which you can not imagine an old car running. It is an important task to check the oil level or reset oil lights and monitor oil life. When the meter does not work well, and the built-in indicator can not perform, then the scan tool enables you to reset the oil light immediately. 

The Innova car scan tech 5510 code reader provides the essential information required for maintaining your vehicles with the help of a strong processor. 

Compatibility and vehicle coverage of Innova 5510 Scanner

This diagnostic OBD2 scanner supports huge compatibility and coverage because you can fix almost all kinds of vehicles with this 5510 OBD2 Scanner. It allows domestic and foreign cars after 1996 or the latest including Chevrolet, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Toyota, Ford, and so on. Moreover, you can suit the gadget with California-based hybrid cars, SUVs, and light trucks.  

Since compatibility means a lot for any type of vehicle owner, then this feature of the 5510 will impress them. On the contrary, a user can get a multilingual menu with the scanner tool that provides different languages. Besides English, the scanner device allows French and Spanish languages also.

Graph, Record, and Playback Data

When your diagnostic scanner tool is able to store data, then it will be elementary and instant for you to detect any issue. With the help of the Innova 5510, you can record fault codes, graphs, and different parameters. The automotive OBD2 scanner tool provides this facility so that you do not need to take the vehicle physically to the mechanic when any error code arises. Also, it is not required to scan the car again and again. 

The diagnostic gadget allows Bluetooth for storing all the data via the application on a mobile phone. Furthermore, it is possible to print out data according to your need. 

More and more, this product contains the advantage that it is effortless to test the alternator and the battery. With these, the gadget will inform you when the proper time is to bring the car to a mechanic. 

So it is transparent that this versatile OBD2 automotive tool will reduce your hassle in various ways. 

System network scan and OBD coverage

Innova 5510 OBD2 scanner device can remove all the fault codes in the ECU modules. It reads and erases the generic principles of SRS transmission, powertrain modules, and ABS., so with this diagnostic tool, your car maintenance at a lower cost will be possible.

On the other hand, the gadget is optionally compatible with OBD1 adapters. But if you can use this advantage, then it is necessary to buy the adapter individually. Innova 5510 OBD2 Scanner

Innova 5510 Has Smog Check LED Indicators

This scanner gadget supports smog check LED indicators to understand whether the vehicle will pass the annual emission status or not. A vehicle owner must know about the emission status before the test due to stay prepared and reduce the carbon footprint cost. It enables a user not to generate excessive carbon emissions. 

Easy to use criteria

With the automotive device, one can maintain her car very effortlessly. It is just 7 x 3.75 x 1 inches and 1.08 pounds. For operating the scanner tool, it is necessary to have three AA batteries already included in the scanner previously. 

Since it is very required for a consumer to handle a device properly, it will be possible with the 5510 Innova automotive OBD2 tool. Now let us see some crucial pros and cons of the Innova 5510 car diagnostic device.

Some significant pros of the Innova 5510 

  • The diagnostic scanner tool supports OBD1 coverage by which it is possible to suit the mechanism with very old vehicle models. 
  • It is very straightforward to use the gadget.
  • This Innova 5510 automotive car scanner can read and remove the SRS, ABS, and powertrain. 
  • With this scanner device, one can get ASE-certified customer service advantages.
  • It supports mobile applications to reduce the hassle of the user. 
  • You can experience data storage, playback, and live streaming with the Innova 5510 car scan tech code reader
  • It can perform Self-diagnosis of emission-related issues.
  • The vehicle has excellent compatibility.
  • Innova 5510 allows connecting itself with Bluetooth.


  • The device may fail to reset TPMS.
  • It does not support any bi-directional function, so you can not consider the tool as bi-directional.
  • This Innova 5510 professional OBD2 scanner can serve only three languages in the multilingual menu.

Final Thought Innova 5510 Review

The Innova 5510 is an impressive tool for a DIY mechanic due to its qualitative performance and instant feedback. It costs very little and offers many more effective services. With the help of this scanner device, it is possible to experience extensive compatibility and coverage. The most exciting thing is that if anyone wants to use the gadget with an old model, then she can do it effortlessly. On the other hand, the 5510 is a very straightforward scanner machine so that the consumer can maintain it in any situation.


Is it possible to get the code definition with the help of the Innova 5510 automotive diagnostic scanner gadget?

Yes, you can get the code definition with this Innova 5510 versatile scanner device. Not only this also, but the diagnostic tool will provide you with the code information. For the betterment of the user, the Innova 5510 offers many outstanding features. 

Does the Innova 5510 code reader scan the oil level?

Obviously, why not! The diagnostic code scanner can scan the oil level. You do not have to feel any headache if any disturbance occurs to cause this outstanding code reader will inform you very fast about the issue.