Launch CR529 Review 2024 [Test Live Data Graph]

The Launch CR529 is the newest version of the Ancel AD310 and Launch CR319. It offers one-click smog checks to know the emission readiness status. On the other hand, with a hotkey, the device enables you to maintain any hassle instantly. You can enjoy all the basic OBD2 test modes with the scanner tool. For any vehicle owner, the prime concern is about the compatibility and coverage of the diagnostic scanner device. The CR529 provides excellent compatibility and range. Moreover, it contains the advantage of getting lifetime free updates and sixty months of warranty. Surprisingly a consumer can consume all these things at a meager price. So if you feel eager about the diagnostic code reader and scanner tool, then read the Launch CR529 review to enhance your idea. 

Technical Specifications Of The Launch CR529 OBDII Scanner

Features Launch CR529
Dimensions:  12.28 x 8.7 x 1.54 inches
Net Worth:  1.01 pounds
Protocols:  KWP2000, ISO9141, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM, and CAN (Controller Area Network)
Display Size:  2.8 inches
Vehicle Compatibility:  European vehicles from 2002, American ones from 1996, and Asian from 2003 and later
Supported Language:  English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese
I/M Readiness: Yes
Freeze Frame Data: Yes
O2 sensor Test: Yes
Evap System Test: Yes
Turn Off Check Engine Light: Yes
Read live PCM DataStream: Yes
Read & Clear Codes: Yes
DTC Lookup: Yes
Warranty:  5 Years Warranty
Update:  Free Lifetime

Lifetime Free Updatable OBD2 Scanner Launch CR529 Reviews

Let us see some special characteristics of the CR529 Launch OBD2 diagnostic tool to get more information about the device.

Complete OBD2 Test Modes

It is mandatory to have all fundamental OBD2 functions in a diagnostic scanner tool. One can get all the basic ten functions of OBD2 with the Launch CR529 scanner device. It will serve you the opportunity to get the advantages of viewing freeze frame data, retrieving vehicle information,  and On-Board monitoring tests. The device also helps quickly read and erase Pending, Manufacturer Specific, and Generic Codes. Moreover, this automatic scanner gadget provides an EVAP system, Lives data stream, and O2 sensor. It is very effortless to switch the MIL off. 

Hotkey and DTC lookup library

Reading and removing are the fundamental and essential tasks for every diagnostic scanner tool. Every code reader and the diagnostic gadget has to contain this segment. As with other devices, this Launch CR529 also serves the characteristics that it can read and remove the codes. It performs the tasks within a second. Moreover, you can instantly get a hotkey button to access multiple sensors’ live data and standard tips. 

On the contrary, for the benefit of the user, the tool includes the opportunity to view the definition of error codes. It is conducive for figuring out the issue immediately, and it saves time and energy. You may not find the DTC lookup library facility in most of the average OBD2 scanner tools, but it serves the feature with quality. 

Launch CR529 Features I/M Shortcut and the LEDs

This incredible scanner device provides an I/M shortcut feature with which one can get immediate access to the I/M readiness function. On the other hand, the device includes three LEDs to know about perfect ideas about the engine system conditions. The three lights are red, yellow, and green. Launch CR529 Features

In contrast, the red light indicates permanent fault codes. With the yellow light, you can understand the fault codes that are pending. The green Led shows no fault codes. Overall, for keeping the engine system active and smooth, this aspect serves many advantages. 

Plug and  Play system without battery

You do not need to have a battery to operate this OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool. When any diagnostic scanner gadget does not require any battery, there is no fear of battery draining. With the help of the plug and play feature, it is a hassle-free matter to power this gadget. By plugging the diagnostic cable into the DLC socket of the vehicle, this code reader can achieve control from the car directly. It is one of the effortless procedures for beginners. 

Feature of Retrieving VIN, CIN, CVN Codes

Most of the average diagnostic scanner tool fails to supply the aspect of retrieving vehicle information which is crucial for any vehicle management sector. The Launch CR529 gives the chance to recover the calibration verification number, vehicle identification number, and calibration ID. This feature enables a customer to replace and repair parts. 

Data recording and replaying

While repairing the vehicle, the scanner code reader allows you to review the data continuously by providing the facility to record Freeze frames, diagnostic trouble codes, and data streams. This is an imposing feature for a regular user that makes the car maintenance task very straightforward. Not only this, but the device includes the characteristics of printing and recording data through a USB cable connection. You have to connect the cable to a computer. Then the next task for getting professional advice is to share the recording with the mechanics. 

Construction of the tool

The interior structure and the exterior design also affect the vehicle maintenance purpose a lot. An ideal OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool obviously contains wonderful gestures for the user, and it includes very good interior infrastructure.  

The Launch CR529 is 12.28 x 8.7 x 1.54 inches and 1.01 pounds. It includes 2.8 inches of Colorful LCD Screen that one can use the display effortlessly and understand the codes instantly. Moreover, you can also see the outcome in the dim environment with the help of this LED display. 

Compatibility and Coverage of Launch CR529

One of the most concerning matters for a mechanic is the compatibility and coverage of the scanner tool. If a scanner device can provide an extensive range, then the tool can be ideal for any user. The CR529 has the capability to support all OBD2 protocols as J1850 VPW, KWP2000, CAN, ISO2000, J1850 PWM, and ISO9141. This incredible automotive diagnostic tool suits Asian vehicles from 2003, American vehicles from 1996, and European vehicles from 2002.  Furthermore, it is perfect for mini-vans, light-duty trucks (12v only), SUVs, and so on.Coverage of Launch CR529

Warranty and free updating opportunity

With the help of the Launch CR529 OBD2 automotive scanner tool, one can experience a lifetime free upgrading opportunity along with sixty months of warranty.

These are brilliant features to impress the buyer. Because a user always wants to find a diagnostic scanner device that can serve as an advantage of getting a warranty. A contact can raise reliability and acceptance. On the other hand, the free upgrading opportunity is another outstanding and demandable feature that makes the consumer updated and advanced. Now let us consider some of the crucial positive sides and some of the essential opposing sides of the Launch CR529 OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool.

Some positive sides of the Launch CR529 OBD2 automotive diagnostic scanner tool

  • The device helps to retrieve the vehicle information.
  • You can have sixty months of warranty with this OBD2 scanner tool.
  • The diagnostic scanner device serves a lifetime free software upgrading scope.
  • You do not need any battery to power this outstanding product.
  • This OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool provides a hotkey service to enable one if any problem has taken place. 
  • The Launch CR529 OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool includes a one-click smog checker feature.
  • It supports excellent range and compatibility.
  • It allows complete OBD2 functions.
  • This OBD2 diagnostic code reader can record, report, and print data.
  • You can know about the engine system condition with the help of green, yellow, and red LED colors. 

Some Limitations

  • The diagnostic scanner tool may fail to check the charging system and the battery.
  • It does not allow any Japanese vehicles.
  • It may not be possible to adjust the diagnostic scanner tool with the iOS phones. 

Final Thought on Launch CR529 Scanner

With the help of our Launch CR529 review article, it is transparent that the device is versatile and supports many more crucial features for the betterment of users. It will reduce the regular hassle of vehicle maintenance purposes. Besides, it is a convenient product that one can take anywhere at any time. Overall, you can get a machine with qualitative performances and impressive characteristics at a significantly lower price, so do not think but take this one with confidence. 


Question: What are the functions of the help button?

Answer: With the help of the help button, you can get appropriate advice and suggestions about repairing the vehicle. It saves your time from being destroyed by unnecessary technical terms. The help button serves you the opportunities with which you can figure out the problem and fix these immediately. 

Question: Is it possible to remove check engine lights with the Launch CR529 OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool?

Answer: Yes, why not! The device serves all the fundamental OBD2 test modes so that anyone can use the scanner tool without any harassment. It helps to get qualitative performances and many more outstanding features. So, you can remove the check engine light with the CR529.