Launch CRP Touch Pro Review [2024 Elite Version]

It is good news for highly-end diagnostic scanner tool searchers that they can experience advanced and better quality with Launch CRP Touch Pro than the Launch CRP Touch scanner. The costs of CRP Touch Pro are very reasonable and comparatively favorable with the latest technology and qualitative characteristics. It is one of the popular automotive diagnostic scanner tools of the Launch company because it serves more features than most of the other identical scanner tools on the market. A user can enjoy its fast and accurate outcomes. So if you want to know the unique characteristics, you have to read the following Launch CRP Touch Pro review article.

Moreover, a consumer can get the seven most frequently used reset functions along with an auto-advanced hardware system with the tool. The diagnostic scanner device will provide you with all system diagnoses and impressive coverage as well as compatibility. Apart from these, the OBD2 automotive device offers a warranty and accessible updating facilities to its consumer. 

Technical Specifications Of The Launch CRP Touch Pro Elite OBDII Scanner


Launch CRP Touch Pro Elite

Operating System:  Android 7.0
Processor:  4-core 1.5 GHz processor
Storage Capacity:  32GB
Language Support:  English, French, Russian, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese
Screen Size:  5 inch Touch screen
Display Resolution:  1280 x 720
Input voltage Range:  9-15 V
Connection Method:  16 DLC
Working Temperature:  0-40 °C(32-104)
Storage Temperature:  -20-70*(-4-158)
Dimension:  9.64 x 4.86 x 1.45 inches
Net Weight:  1.32 Pounds
Remote Technical Support App:  Yes
Android-Based Operating System:  Yes
Oil Reset:  Yes
ABS Bleeding:  Yes
EBP Reset:  Yes
SAS Reset:  Yes
BMS Reset:  Yes
Battery:  6100mAh
Warranty:  5 Years

New Elite Launch CRP Touch Pro 5.0 Reviews

Let’s consider some main characteristics of the Launch CRP Touch Pro diagnostic scan tool.

Reset functions 

There is the significant importance of reset functions. If the oil light illuminates, the highest probable reason is the necessity of oil replacement. Then it is very crucial to find out the exact cause, and so the scanner tool informs you about the logic through the DTC feature. On the other hand, the SAS reset function assists you in reading the SAS codes as well as adjusting the steering angle. The ABS reset function reads and resets the ABS-related codes to keep the vehicle protected. 

You can get informed when the vehicle needs a battery replacement with the help of BMS. Moreover, the Diesel Particulate Filter can raise many emission-related issues. When you do not drive, then for keeping the vehicle stationary on the road, the EPB function is a crucial part.

With the help of this Launch CRP Touch Pro OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool, the user can experience the seven most frequently used reset functions. It offers EPB Service, Oil Reset, Throttle Adaptation, and  BMS Reset. Furthermore, it provides the consumer DPF Service, ABS Bleeding,  and SAS Service. So the professionals but the beginners will feel very comfortable with this scanner device. 

Basic functions for everyone

The diagnostic device performs essential functions also. It offers live data, reset CEL, DTCs, freeze frame data, I/M readiness, live data, and so on. For the emission readiness test result, it is necessary to see the I/M readiness status. Identifying a problem and understanding the code meaning the live data and DTCs function assists a consumer. With the help of freeze frame data, a person can store information and use it later.

Exterior construction of Launch CRP Touch Pro Scanner

It is vital to see the construction quality of a diagnostic scanner tool to assume the vitality of the scanner. One can understand how long the device can run by observing its exterior gesture. The Launch Touch Pro offers a touchscreen facility to the user. The LED-colored screen is five inches wider so that you can maintain it with your hand and the things on display become understandable. Apart from these, a user can also use a keypad if she wants. Launch CRP Touch Pro Scanner

For the betterment of its user, the CRP Touch Pro provides robust and compact construction that it can run long.

Free and One-Click software update

When a consumer can get the opportunity to upgrade the software free, she can experience the latest features and more speed capacity of the device. The upgrading procedure keeps the user up to date and reduces various hassle. With the Launch CRP Touch Pro, you can upgrade the software for free within a certain period. More specifically, it can be applicable for the next year from the purchase.

On the contrary, since the device allows Wi-Fi connectivity, a person can effortlessly upgrade it through the one-click feature of the scanner device. 

Advanced Better Performance

Now in this Launch CRP Touch Pro review section, let’s talk about its performance. The Launch Touch Pro OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool has 32 GB of storage capacity with a 6100mAh of built-in rechargeable battery. The user can use the device to get considerable space, and the run time of the battery is also outstanding. Besides, it has Android OS 7.0, and a 4-core 1.5 GHz processor drives it; these show speedy outcomes.

Furthermore, this automotive diagnostic machine contains Auto VIN technology that allows to the identification of the models, years and makes information of a vehicle. It assists in performing speedy and decoding the VIN of the car. 

Warranty and multilingual menu

Reliability and authenticity of a product consist of the warranty most of the time. Any contract can make a user smile when she falls into an issue. Some companies do not offer any commitment, and some give a warranty for a few months. With this tool, you can get five years of contract. It is really awesome and time-demanding. In addition, it includes sixty days of free refund for replacement or refund facility for the consumer. In a single sentence, the Launch CRP Touch Pro is a very user-friendly tool. 

The user who does not speak and understand English will face many issues without a multilingual menu. This feature makes a user feel better, and it provides comfort to them. The CRP Touch Pro provides a multilingual menu where the customer can get Spanish, German, French, etc., besides English.

Extensive vehicle coverage and compatibility

A professional or mechanic always wants to search for a diagnostic scanner tool that has the capability to provide outstanding vehicle compatibility and coverage. Since the CRP Touch Pro is a high-ended and professional diagnostic tool, it is mandatory to have this feature.

The device can perform on more than forty-four mainstream car brands and more than ten thousand car models. Moreover, this scanner machine is compatible with JOBD, EOBD, and OBD2 protocols. So the Launch automotive scanner tool works on Subaru, Audi, Dacia, Honda, Jaguar, GM, Chrysler, and so on. 

Real-time Battery and the Voltage Check

When a diagnostic scanner tool can display the battery status and real-time voltage, then the user can understand the condition and run time of the battery. According to this information, she can take precautions. The Launch CRP automotive scanner tool monitors the real-time data and checks the battery status of the car via waveforms. After connecting the test vehicle to the scanner tool, you have to just click on the battery voltage located on the job menu. Let’s see some benefits and limitations of the Launch Touch Pro automotive OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool. Launch CRP Touch Pro Scanner Review

Short Feature Review of Launch CRP Touch Pro Elite Scanner

  • The diagnostic scanner tool provides a large LED colored display with five inches that the user can easily use and understand the meaning of codes.
  • This diagnostic tool is one of the popular devices of the Launch because of its accurate and speedy outcomes.
  • Launch CRP Elite automotive scanner tool has impressive compatibility and coverage. 
  • The product is exceptionally durable and user-friendly.
  • You can enjoy wi-fi connectivity with the OBD2 diagnostic tool. 
  • CRP Touch Pro provides a multilingual menu bar.
  • The device is more advanced compared to Launch CRP123 and CRP129X
  • For the betterment of the consumer, it serves real-time battery voltage checks.
  • A user can experience advanced and the latest technologies with the scanner tool at a favorable price. 
  • This automotive and high-ended diagnostic scanner device includes five years of warranty to the user. 
  • It also offers one year of free software updating opportunities. 


  • The diagnostic scanner tool may be slow at times. You can use Launch CRP909X TMPS scanner which is faster than CRP Touch Pro.
  • After a certain period, it charges to upgrade.

Final Verdicts on Launch CRP Touch Pro

The characteristics that professionals or mechanics search for are available in the Launch CRP Touch Pro automotive scanner tool. It is such a perfect advanced scanner tool that has excellent coverage and compatibility. On the other hand, the device supplies advanced technologies like auto VIN. Though the diagnostic scanner device may be slow over time, consumers can rely on the CRP Touch Pro because of its impressive gesture and performance. It serves very crucial aspects for the betterment of the user, such as five years of warranty and one year of free upgrading opportunity. So if you are a professional mechanic, then do not hesitate to take it. 


Question: Is it possible to run tests on various modules with the Launch CRP Touch Pro automotive scanner tool?

Answer: Yes, why not! With the help of the Launch CRP Touch Pro OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool, it can be possible to read and remove codes. From different data modules, the automotive scanner tool reads data streams.

Question: Does the device support ABS auto bleed for the vehicle?

Answer: Yes, the scanner tool does it. The OBD2 diagnostic device always tries to make the user comfortable. So You can have many more functions with this CRP Touch Pro, like ABS auto bleed service.