LAUNCH CRP123E & CRP123X Review in 2024

For maintaining a vehicle, it is very crucial to own a diagnostic scanner tool and code reader. Without the machine, it is not possible to use a car properly because it may create any issue at any moment. When you want to ensure the safety and better performance of a vehicle, then you have to select a scanner device that can provide exact results and excellent performance with essential features. 

In the market, there are various diagnostic scanner devices for multiple types of users. Some of the users can not maintain advanced features and characteristics. Generally, they are in the beginner category. On the contrary, some users like professionals and garage owners need a scanner tool with the latest and most high-end characteristics. You can get the gadgets at different prices also. With better and more features, the diagnostic tools cost higher than the others. People select the product according to their financial affordability and demand. 

The Launch is an automotive diagnostic tool company that has popularity worldwide. The company makes an OBD2 scanner machine for all types of customers. Launch CRP123E and Launch CRP123X are the two most famous products. 

This is the right time to discuss these two products of Launch individually.

Technical Specification Of The LAUNCH CRP123E & CRP123X OBD2 Scanner




Display Size: 5 Inches 5 Inches 
Display Screen:  1280 x 720 IPS TouchScreen 1280 x 720 IPS TouchScreen 
Operating System:  Android Android 7.0 
Battery:  4000mAh 4000mAh 
Navigation & Hot Keys:  No Yes 
Vehicle Coverage:  57 Car Brands 57 Car Brands 
Auto VIN:  Yes Yes 
Battery Voltage Test:   Yes Yes
Support Languages:  English, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean (9) English, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean (9)
Automatic Inspection Report:  Yes Yes 
DTC Lookup:   Yes Yes
Data Record and Playback:  Yes Yes
Support Systems:   Engine / ABS / SRS / AT Engine / ABS / SRS / AT
Update Period: Lifetime Free Update Lifetime Free Update

Wi-Fi Enabled LAUNCH CRP123E Review

With the Launch CRP123E, you can experience many more features and qualitative performances than the Launch CRP123 because it is the advanced version of the second one. The LAUNCH CRP123E review will make it clear here.

Apart from this aspect, the scanner tool can perform engine, ABS, AT, and SRS. Furthermore, you can also get a health report generation and ten OBD2 test modes from the Launch diagnostic device. On the other hand, the device shows battery voltage tests, one-click wi-fi updates, and record history. With much latest technology, the scanner tool provides auto Vin technology to identify the VIN of the vehicle. LAUNCH CRP123E

Moreover, the diagnostic gadget offers more than one lakh of car models and fifty-seven vehicle brands for users. The tool supports not only OBD2 criteria but also EOBD, JOBD, and OBD also. For the betterment of the consumer, the automotive diagnostic tool supplies One to one Technical support and feedback.

The Launch CRP123E includes 2.48 pounds and ‎8.6 x 1.3 x 4.7 inches with five inches of HD and a touch control display. It has an Android 7.1 operating system and a battery run time of twelve hours. The diagnostic scanner tool performs data stream records and playback. Furthermore, CRP123E  supplies history data, and it shows the reports to the consumer. 

Let us see some advantages and drawbacks of the Launch CRP123E OBD2 diagnostic scanner device.

Some Advantages of the CRP123E

  • The diagnostic scanner tool offers a diagnostic trouble code library. From this one can easily find out the definitions of codes. It is very time-consuming to search out the code’s meaning. But with the help of these characteristics, anyone can figure out the description and save time. 
  • With the help of CRP123E, it is possible to upgrade the software with just one click. So anyone can do the whole procedure instantly. 
  • It supplies all the ten OBD2 test modes, including O2 Sensor, MIL Status, EVAP, and Onboard monitors. Moreover, it also allows VIN Info and so on.
  • The most interesting concept is that the scanner tool supports outstanding vehicle compatibility and coverage. For the technician and professionals, the device is very advantageous.
  • A user can quickly check the battery voltage or battery status with the diagnostic scanner gadget.
  • It provides a lifetime free updating opportunity. It is pretty challenging to find a scanner with this characteristic. Most of the tool supplies the facility only for a few months.
  • The Launch CRP123E OBD2 diagnostic scanner device serves auto VIN technology. So it will be effortless to get the vehicle’s identification number with this feature. 

Some drawbacks

  • The Launch CRP123E has no bi-directional support for the customers.
  • This diagnostic tool may not perform an EVAP leak test. 

ABS/SRS/Transmission Scanner Launch CRP123x Review

One of the best launch products is the CRP123x. It is the advanced model of the ANCEL FX2000 and vii.

The scanner tool contains many more OE-level functions. With the Android 7.0 operating system, the diagnostic device has a 6100mAh rechargeable battery, five inches of HD 720P Touch Screen, and 16Gbs memory. Moreover, you can experience the Automatic Generate Vehicle Health Report with  CRP123x. Apart from this, the automotive gadget serves four system diagnostics as CRP129 and CRP129X. 

It provides five years of warranty and completes obd2 functions. For the customer benefit, the diagnostic tool supplies health reports and lifetime free updating opportunities. Furthermore, this OBD2 scanner code reader includes advanced and latest technology such as auto VIN. Launch CRP123x

The user, who is not used to English, serves multilingual support in ten different languages. It allows you to record, report, and print data—the features of real-life data print and four in one data graph. The most impressive thing is that you will experience more than ten thousand vehicle compatibilities and coverage with the device. Besides this, the tool is suitable for fifty-seven vehicle makes. 

Now let us consider some benefits and detriments of the Launch CRP123X OBD2 diagnostic scanner device. 

Some benefits of the CRP123X

  • The diagnostic reader can perform four system diagnoses: ABS, Engine, Transmission, and Airbag (SRS). 
  • With the help of the Launch CRP123X OBD2 diagnostic scanner device, one is able to figure out the code definitions because the tool supplies a diagnostic trouble code library.
  • It performs EVAP Test for the Fuel Tank System.
  • This scanner tool provides extensive vehicle coverage and compatibility.
  • The user can enjoy a multilingual system with nine different languages.
  • It is possible to view the vehicle’s history because the machine allows direct access to the previously tested cars.
  • The CRP123X OBD2 diagnostic scanner includes all ten OBD2 tests modes.
  • For the benefit of the customer, the code reader serves free software upgrading opportunities for a lifetime. It is really awesome.
  • CRP123X  can Check vehicle emissions and fuel efficiency.
  • This gadget offers advanced features like auto VIN. With the help of this technology, it is straightforward to find out the vehicle identification numbers. 

Some Limitations

  • The scanner diagnostic tool may fail to diagnose engine acceleration faults.
  • It may not be possible to perform ABS auto bleeding.
  • This Launch CRP123X OBD2 diagnostic scanner device does not perform active tests. 


It is really challenging to select a perfect OBD2 scanner tool. Sometimes higher prices may not ensure the best performance if you take the device from a discredited company. Any issue related to the vehicle can be figured out with the help of a diagnostic scanner. But an ideal device will save your wealth and keep you up to date. So, grabbing a machine from a reliable company is mandatory.

You have already known about these two scanner code readers through the LAUNCH CRP123X and CRP123E review article. Though these two products serve outstanding services, there are differences in some features and prices between them.

You can trust the Launch company and take a device from here because the Launch is one of the reputed and believable sources. So it is high time you can choose one with confidence.


Question: Is there any difference between the blues driver and the Launch CRP123e?

Answer: Yes, obviously there are some differences between these two. The first one is for ABS, SRS, engine, and transmission system diagnosis. On the other hand, the second one is an engine-enhancing scanner tool. Though these both have excellent performance and the same similarities, with the help of the major four systems, the CRP123E generates and diagnoses professional diagnostic reports. 

Question: Is it possible to get live temperature readings for the transmission and coolant with the CRP123e code reader?

Answer: Why not! The device will serve you the opportunity to see the live temperature reading for the transmission and the coolant. 

Question: What is the difference between the Launch CRP123X and the Launch CRP123? Which one is the best?

Answer: There are huge differences between these two. Because the first one is an updated version of the second one, you definitely can not get the same performance and characteristics between them. If there arises the conception of being the best code reader, then the first one can be the right choice.

Question: Can Launch CRP123x be adjustable with the diesel vehicles?

Answer: Obviously, you can adjust the diesel vehicle with this diagnostic scanner device because the tool supports excellent vehicle coverage. The advanced OBD2 diagnostic scanner gadget and code reader can be an ideal product for professionals.