Launch CRP129E Review & Comparison With Launch CRP129X

When a potential buyer wants to grab any product, he/she always considers the brand and then the device. The Launch is a diagnostic scanner-making company that supplies various diagnostic scanners and code reader tools with reputation and popularity. It is difficult for any brand to keep its fame stable. Launch provides different scan devices based on different affordability and different users. So you will not be disappointed with them. Launch CRP129x and CRP129E are their mid-ranged scan devices widely popular among car owners. So let us check the Launch CRP129E review and comparison to know about these two devices thoroughly. You will know which one is appropriate for you with your budget and necessity through reading this review article. 

Technical Specifications Of The Launch CRP129E  OBDII Scanner

Features Launch CRP129E
Operating System:  Android 7.1
Dimensions:  10.8 x 8.8 x 3.1 inches
Display :  720P 5.0-inch Touch Screen
Battery:  4000mAh built-in Rechargeable
Memory:  1GB RAM, 8GB ROM
Vehicle Coverage:  Over 57+ Car Brands
Support Language:  English, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Portuguese
OBDII Interface Input Voltage:  9V-18V
TPMS /EPB/Oil/SAS/ ETS Reset:  Yes
Battery Voltage Test:  Yes
DC Input Voltage:  5V
Storage Temperature: -20℃ ~ 70℃
Operating Temperature:  -10℃ ~ 50℃
Weight:  2.69 Pounds
Support Protocol:  JOBD, KOBD and OBDII, EOBD

Auto Scanner Launch CRP129E Review 2024

When one is thirsty for an advanced and upgraded version of an OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool, she can rely on this versatile gadget. The Launch OBD2 scanner crp129e is an updated version of Launch CRP123E, Launch CRP123E, and Launch viii. So it is transparent that obviously, you will get some extra benefits and much more quality with the CRP129E than these above-cited devices. So let us clear the conception with the Launch CRP129E review of what characteristics the device contains.

With this advanced scanner tool, one can enjoy upgraded functions and incredible opportunities like fast Auto VIN technology, five reset services, and the DTC lookup library. As a professional diagnostic tool, it offers extensive vehicle coverage and compatibility! Not only these, but the device serves four system diagnoses, battery voltage tests, and live data stream analysis advantage via graph.

 Furthermore, the Launch CRP129E OBD2 automotive scanner device contains data recording and playback features for the betterment of the consumers. Moreover, you can experience complete OBD2 test modes with a lifetime free online upgrading opportunity via this tool. 

Let us consider some significant characteristics of the Launch CRP129E OBD2 diagnostic Scanner.

Battery Voltage Test

When you do not understand the battery voltage status or if the diagnostic device gives you a disturbing charging system, then the performance of your vehicle may fall. It is very crucial to know the battery status to avoid any hassle. 

Most of the scanner tools fail to provide the opportunity of testing the battery voltage. With the CRP 129E, the user can get the chance to experience this characteristic through a real-time battery monitoring system. The device shows the battery’s health status and allows you to take the required precautions to keep it healthy and well. It is really an excellent facility for the user that can ensure smooth driving. 

Launch CRP129E Has DTC Lookup library

Having a built-in DTC lookup library is a blessing for the user. If there is no opportunity to get this feature, a consumer has to search out the meaning of default code via the internet. It is really a very disturbing and time-consuming task. Without perfectly understanding the code meaning it is not possible to figure out any issue instantly. Launch CRP129E Review

With this professional OBD2 scanner tool, one can get the opportunity to experience the DTC  lookup library, by which it is very effortless to get the code definition instantly.

Reset services

The Launch CRP129E OBD2 automotive scanner device serves you five reset services to assist the user in getting a flawless vehicle. It includes 

Steering Angle Calibration, Oil Reset, TPMS Reset, Electronic Parking Brake, and Throttle Position Reset. 

These reset functions are vital elements for any diagnostic scanner device to provide a qualitative performance. These functions can detect ninety-nine percent of the troubles of the vehicle. By giving these aspects, the diagnostic tool raises its demand worldwide.  

System diagnosis

The consumer has the facility to get four system diagnoses with the Launch OBD2 scanner crp129e. The intelligent device includes Anti-Lock Braking System, Engine System, Transmission system, and Supplemental Restraint System. The methods are used to keep the user safe and protected from an accident. 

The CRP129E reads as well as removes the DTC data flow in the Anti-Lock Braking System. The device tests in various ways and then checks its operating system also. Then the gadget switches off the warning light. 

On the contrary, it is possible to figure out fuel injection, engine ignition, exhaust emission conditions, and air as well as fuel ratio in the Engine system with the help of the scanner tool. It protects your precious time and energy by serving these characteristics.

The OBD2 code reader reads erases, and views live data in the transmission system to keep the outcomes optimally adapted to the load and speed. From the Automatic Transmission, this device can retrieve fault information also. Moreover, the versatile gadget maintains the Safety restraint system and switches off the airbag warning light. In a one-sentence, you can say the Launch CRP129E is an excellent user-friendly device. 

Now let us consider some advantages and disadvantages of the Launch CRP129E OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool. 

Some advantages of CRP129E professional OBD2 scanner device

  • The diagnostic scanner tool provides the opportunity to fix more bugs.
  • With many advanced systems, you can get fast Auto VIN technology in the device. 
  • Like an ideal scanner device, the  Launch CRP129E supports extensive vehicle coverage.
  • It offers a multilingual menu with ten different languages. 
  • CRP129E professional OBD2  scanner device serves five reset services that users can maintain the vehicles smoothly.
  • This scanner supplies four system diagnoses to protect the consumer from any disturbance.
  • You can experience a lifetime free online upgrading advantage with this CRP129E.

Some disadvantages

  • The device fails to provide bi-directional; control.
  • The price of Launch CRP129E seems to be high for some consumers.

Updated & Fast Launch CRP129x

The Launch CRP129X OBD2 scanner is one of the advanced automotive diagnostic scanner tools of the Launch. This CRP129X device has almost the same features as the previous one. You can enjoy the device as an upgraded version of Launch CRP123X, Launch CRP129, and Launch vii. With the automatic auto VIN technology, great performance, complete OBD2 test modes, and vast range of coverage, the device may be an ideal diagnostic scanner gadget for the professional user. Like the CRP129E, the CRP129X also provides five reset functions, four system diagnostics, and battery voltage tests. Furthermore, this fabulous code reader provides a one-click updating opportunity to the consumers for their betterment.Launch CRP129X

Launch crp129e vs crp129x

Although these two are the same in price and character, you can see two differences between them. The Launch CRP129E has a touchscreen, while Launch CRP129X has a 5” TFT LCD screen. On the other hand, you can get better feature qualities in CRP129e. It has some unique features such as OPDS, EVPS, EPS Reset, and PGM-FI that Launch OBD Scanner CRP129X doesn’t have. But CRP129X offers more vehicle coverage than CRP129E. So we highly recommend going with Launch CRP129E.


For stress-free driving and problem-free vehicle maintenance, choosing a perfect OBD2 diagnostic scanner is necessary for every vehicle owner. Though it is challenging to figure out the best diagnostic scanner, you can reduce the hassle of making sensible decisions with a detailed review. Since most of the features and the price range are similar between these two, you can instantly think which one will be best for you through reading the Launch CRP129E review and comparison article. These two can be an ideal choice for professional vehicle maintenance purposes. So do not delay and be confused to grab one from these products according to your preferences.