Launch CRP909X Review 2024 [Upgraded TPMS Tool]

The Launch CRP909X is the updated version of the Launch CRP129X, CRP123X, Creader vii+, and LAUNCH CRP TOUCH PRO ELITE. With the brilliant diagnostic scanner tool, you will get sixteen reset services, advanced configurations, and a smart kickstand design. The more interesting thing is that the advanced scanner device provides twenty thousand vehicle coverage and compatibility. For a garage owner or professional mechanic, the diagnostic scanner tool seems like a blessing indeed. The tool is considered all in one scanner. To know the reason, you have to read the following Launch CRP909X review article. 

Launch CRP909X serves the latest technologies like auto VIN. It allows the user twenty-six commonly used service functions. Like LAUNCH X431 V+ PRO 4.0, the CRP909X contains a complete system diagnosis. For the betterment of the consumer, this OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool includes real-time battery voltage displaying characteristics. Apart from these services, the Launch CRP909X allows a multilingual menu with nine different languages and serves a warranty card. 

Technical Specification Of The Launch CRP909X OBD2 Scanner

Features Launch CRP909X
Operating System:  Android 7.1
Processor:  Powerful Quad-Core Processor
Display:  7-inch IPS touchscreen
RAM:  2G
ROM: 16G
Display:  LCD 7-Inch
Product Size:  9.8 x 5.5 x 1.5 inches
Supported Language:  English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Korean
Battery Life:  More than 8 hours
Connectivity:  Mini USB 2.0, Wi-Fi
Battery:  6000 mAh
Operating Voltage:  9~18V
Storage Temperature: -20℃~70℃(-4℉~158℉)
Working Temperature: 0℃~50℃(32℉~122℉)
Net Weight:  700 g
Auto VIN Scan:  Yes
Injector Coding: Yes
SAS Reset:  Yes
TPMS Reset:  Yes

Full System Car Diagnostic Scanner Launch CRP909x Reviews

When you want to experience an updated and advanced diagnostic scanner tool, then it would be best to take this device. So let us see some crucial aspects of the Launch CRP909X OBD diagnostic scanner tool.Launch CRP909x Reviews

Impressive compatibility and coverage

This OBD2 diagnostic scanner device offers outstanding coverage and compatibility. It supports more than one lakh of mainstream vehicle models in the world. Furthermore, It has compatibility with more than fifty-four different American, Asian, and European vehicles that support EOBD, JOBD, and OBD2 protocols. The tool is suitable for Daihatsu, Euro Ford, Sprinter, Toyota, Suzuki, Saab, Volvo, and so on.

Moreover, the Launch CRP909X allows the user to get and store the diagnostic health report through the record, graph, and playback. It also provides printout data through the mail for more comfort and further analysis.

Reset services 

With the CRP909X, the consumer can enjoy sixteen competitive reset services. These reset functions are very crucial for maintenance tasks or repair activities. These services help a lot to figure out ninety-nine percent of different vehicle-related problems. With the help of this diagnostic scanner tool, you can have SAS Reset, Oil Reset, EPB Reset, Suspension Reset, AFS Headlamp Reset, and TPMS Reset. These reset functions are mandatory for reading the SAS codes, understanding the emission-related disturbances, keeping the vehicle stationary on the road, and knowing when oil replacement should have to take place. 

OE-LEVEL complete system diagnosis

This versatile OBD2 scanner diagnostic gadget allows entire system diagnosis as Launch X431. With this feature, the device allows the customer to read and remove diagnostic trouble codes, ECU version information, live data, and so on. It supports all vehicle systems as Transmission, ABS, Engine, SRS, Emission System, and Light system. Moreover, the tool allows TPMS, Transmission, Fuel system, Brake System, etc. 

Launch CRP909x supports all ten modes of OBD2 tests

This automotive diagnostic scanner tool not only serves updated aspects but also has ten modes of OBD2 tests. For DIY users and car enthusiasts, the device may be the best choice. It contains On-Board Monitor Test, Live Data Stream, and O2 Sensor Test. Besides these, the diagnostic scanner device includes the opportunity to get Component tests and Vehicle Information. With the help of the CRP909X, it is possible to read and remove Codes also. Launch CRP909x supports all ten modes of OBD2 tests

Advanced Auto VIN Technology 

This technology is significant when you need the vehicle identification number of the recently identified vehicle after a data connection. It is not possible to get the advantage from the conventional diagnostic scanner tool in the market. One can get the identification number through the latest auto VIN technology from some advanced gadgets. 

You do not need the door of the driver or the top left corner of the dashboard on the vehicle to get the number. The system will manually input the seventeen digits of codes that will save your precious time. 

Developed configuration

The user can be impressed to judge the configuration of a product. This versatile device is 9.69 x 5.49 x 1.32 inches and ‎3.99 pounds so that anyone can carry it anywhere. 

The more the construction improves, the more the reliability of the product rises. With The Launch CRP909X, a consumer can have an Android 7.1 Operating System, 7.0 inch IPS capacitive touch screen, 16GB ROM, Larger Memory with 2GB RAM, real-time battery voltage of 12V, and a 6000mAh rechargeable lithium battery. Apart from these, the tool offers bug fixes, Tons of live data PIDs, brighter as well as more prominent display, and One-Click Update opportunities to the user. On the other hand, the automotive scanner device allows getting Diagnostic reports automatic generation, which supports this upload. 

Multilingual menu and kickstand for the betterment of the user

Like all of the diagnostic scanner tools, the Launch CRP909X offers a multilingual menu. The diagnostic service makes the customer comfortable with nine languages, including Spanish, English, German, and French. Moreover, it allows Japanese, Russian, Korean, Italian, and Portuguese also.

The automotive diagnostic gadget enables the consumer to get rid of hesitation when they are not used to speaking and understanding English. 

Apart from the characteristic, this fantastic tool includes an intelligent kickstand. With the help of the design, one can get her hand free because you do not need to hold the gadget continuously for the kickstand feature. The aspect is not available with all of the devices in the market. 

Warranty and online repair resources opportunities

This Launch CRP909X OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool provides a warranty along with online repair resources to the consumer. The most impressive thing is the device offers a warranty for sixty months! In any difficulty with the scanner tool within that particular period, you can get the advantage to repair or exchange the product. 

On the contrary, the service team is always ready to enable you by providing guidelines even via the internet. If any issue occurs, it is not a matter of tension because the diagnostic scanner device will support you every step. 

One-click update and detailed diagnosis

You can update the software with just a single click on the option named ‘ upgrade.’ With no more hassle, anyone can instantly be able to upgrade it. Updating is useful to experience the latest functions, advanced technologies, more storage capacity, and fast outcomes. Moreover, the feature allows the user to get more vehicle coverage, qualitative performance, and more languages. The CRP909X OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool provides this opportunity for one year only. After the period, one has to pay for it. 

A user can get details about the diagnosis with this device. Because it contains Live Data Stream Record, Live Data Stream Sharing, Diagnostic History, Live Data Stream Graphing, Diagnostic Report, and Live Data Stream Playback. So one can immediately check out the previous records via the automotive diagnostic scanner tool. 

Let us consider some benefits and some drawbacks of the Launch CRP909X OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool.Launch CRP909X diagnostic scanner

Some benefits of the Launch CRP909X diagnostic scanner tool

  • This diagnostic device provides massive coverage and compatibility to its consumer. 
  • You can enjoy more advanced technologies with the scanner tool. 
  • The Launch CRP909X OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool performs complete OE-level diagnosis. 
  • It serves a multilingual menu and kickstand for the betterment of the consumer.
  • For the customer, the gadget offers five years of warranty.
  • To make the user update the scanner device allows free upgrading opportunity for twelve months,
  • It supports ten modes of OBD2 tests.
  • One can get sixteen reset services with the OBD2 device.
  • This automotive diagnostic scanner tool comes with advanced and latest configurations.
  • The Launch CRP909X contains twenty-six deep maintenance and upgraded functions for the user. 
  • It allows you to observe the voltage and battery status.

Some drawbacks

  • The device fails to support bi-directorial functions or active tests.
  • It may not be able to reset the AdBlue countdown.
  • CRP909X does not correct the mileage of a vehicle.

Final Overview on Launch CRP909x Scanner

The advanced automotive device has the power to take access to all subsystems and systems of the vehicle. It allows for getting detailed diagnosis Information and storing them. This brilliant scanner device is known as the best money saver automotive diagnostic gadget. 

The Launch CRP909X is such a machine that it offers extensive vehicle compatibility and coverage. It may be the best choice for car dealers, auto repair shops, advanced DIY users, and automotive engineers. On the contrary, it is also suitable for DIY beginners, backyard mechanics, automobile tech, individuals, and automotive students.


Does the device show voltages on the fuel tank level circuits?

Obviously, you can see this with the help of the CRP909X because this device allows this feature. But to get the advantage, the vehicle must have this sensor. 

Can I have injector rates with the help of the Launch CRP909X OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool?

Why not! CRP909X is an advanced gadget that provides many more advantages to its consumer. It always tries to do better to make the user benefit. By reading the live data stream, the automotive scanner device monitors the injector rates.