LAUNCH CR319 Review [Affordable OBD2 Scan Device]

If you are searching for an affordable OBD2 scanner tool that is beneficial for beginners and DIYers at a reasonable price, the LAUNCH CR319 review article is for you. This scanner tool has the advantage of a ‘plug and play’ feature that makes you feel comfortable to use this device. This feature makes your activity faster and more convenient. When you plug it in at once, then it works automatically with no disturbances. It provides basic features that an OBD2 scanner does at a cheap rate. This LAUNCH CR319 will save your time, energy, and money altogether.

With the flexibility of seven different languages, it offers excellent and efficient ten diagnostic features of OBD2, including freeze frame data information,  read and erase engine light codes, vehicle information, O2/EVAP sensors, etc. The Diagnostic Trouble Codes are shown from the DTC lookup or DTC library, where more than 3000 codes are defined. CR319 is impressive due to its compatibility that supports all OBD2 compliant vehicles. This device is applicable for almost all cars from the USA, Asia, and Europe.

Technical Specifications Of The LAUNCH CR319 OBDII Scanner

Dimensions:  1.5 x 6 x 10.8 inches
Weight:  <200g
Screen:  1.77 ” TFT, 160*128dpi
Support Language:  English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, and Portuguese
Protocols: ISO9141, KWP2000, J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW, and CAN
Vehicle Capability:  1996-Now(USA), 2000-Now(EU), 2008-Now(Asian)
Environment Temperature: -20 ℃ -70 ℃ (-4 ℉ -158 ℉ )
Operating Temperature: 0℃ -50 ℃ (32 ℉ -122 ℉ )
Voltage Range: 9-18V
Read Code: Yes
Erase Code: Yes
Live Data: Yes
Freeze Frame: Yes
I/M readiness: Yes
O2 Sensor Test: Yes
Warranty: 5 Year Warranty

Plug-and-Play LAUNCH CR319 Review in 2023


LAUNCH CR319 is such a device that has enormous compatibility. It covers almost all the vehicles of 1996 and the latest with OBD2 protocols like ‘ISO9141’, ‘KWP2000’, ‘J1850 PWM’, ‘J1850 VPW’, and ‘CAN’ made from the USA, Europe, and Asia. e.t.c. It has great compatibility with Infiniti, Hyundai, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Mini, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Daewoo, Kia, Subaru, Lexus, Accura, Isuzu, Jeep Ford, EU-Ford, GM, Chrysler, Dacia, Alfa-Romeo, Lancia, Citroen, Benz, BMW, VW, Opel, Volvo, Fiat, Audi, Sprinter, Vauxhall, Chrysler, Landrover, Porsche, Renault and many more vehicles. 

Let’s check some features and functions to observe the product thoroughly

Features and Functions of LAUNCH CR319 OBD2 Scanner

Check Engine Light

This gadget can help you check emission-related monitors, reset the monitors, clear trouble codes, and turn off the Malfunction Indicator Lamps. With CR319 you can easily detect the issue and then quickly find a way to fix it. This OBD2 scanner has the capability to read fast. It figures out the trouble codes very promptly so that you can get what is happening with the vehicle. LAUNCH CR319 Scanner Review

DTC Lookup

After reading the code definition, this CR319 automatically displays the database. Since there is a built-in DTC library with over 3000 code definitions, this DTC lookup assists you in figuring out the definitions of trouble codes. 

I/M Readiness Test

You can get a clear conception of the health of the vehicle via this device. This one-click I/M readiness offers to check out the readiness and emission condition of your vehicle. You can understand the smog issues of vehicles and will be informed about whether the monitor is ready or not to pass the emission test via this CR319. Then it will be easier to save money to minimize your carbon footprint.  

LAUNCH CR319 Shows Live data

This device allows a live data feature that is very important to every scanner to change. Because a vehicle owner can get the information easily with the help of this function. The owner can get information as soon as possible by live data when any suspicious data is accessed. For the betterment of owners, this data can be converted into text and graphs also. 

O2 Sensor Test

For finding out any malfunctions in the O2 sensor, CR319 works on the sensor by observing the data result. We know that after combustion the O2 sensor monitors the oxygen level of the vehicle. This is a very crucial feature of a scanner tool. it ensures you if your vehicle’s oxigen status is good or not. 


The LAUNCH CR319 is a versatile gadget that offers a multilingual feature. It provides seven different languages, including  English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian. When you can use your device according to your demand, it will be more comfortable for you. 

LAUNCH CR319 Scanner Supports All OBD2 Functions

Like the Launch CRP123 scanner, all of the ten diagnostic functions of the OBD2 scanner tool have been included in this device to ensure the safety, comfort, and reliability of consumers. The diagnostic tasks like I/M Readiness, Data Stream, Read/Erase Codes, Freeze Frame, Vehicle Information, EVAP system, and O2 Sensors can be diagnose effortlessly with this OBD2 device.LAUNCH CR319 Scanner

Five-year warranty

Permitting a warranty is thought to be a declaration of the authenticity of a product. This OBD2 scanner tool allows a five-year warranty offer to its customers. This feature is very helpful to people who use this product with their own reliability. 

Easy to operate

You will feel a better experience with this OBD2 scanner tool due to its ‘plug and play’ feature. This device is automatically powered by a DLC port so that you do not have to charge it with a battery or charger. For beginners, this gadget is treated as an ideal option.

Budget-friendly and handy device

Though it costs very cheap, it contains all of the features of an OBD2 scanner. With a 2.8 inches colorful screen, it is conducive and supportive to read and understand all matters happening. 

I hope, you have already gone through our launch CR319 code reader review article and get all the feature details the product has. Since every OBD2 scanner has some pros and cons, we must observe these before buying the device.


  • This gadget can inform the emission status of the vehicle.
  • This device is budget-friendly, so any beginner can afford it.
  • It can check fuel efficiency 
  • This scanner can support OBD2 compliant vehicles. 
  • CR319 can afford all of the OBD2 functions.
  • It has the versatility that allows seven languages. 
  • The gadget provides a five-year warranty. 


  • CR319 has a very short cord. 
  • It is not suitable for any professionals.
  • This gadget has a slow running speed and is not as fast as the Launch CRP129x scan tool.


The user-friendly design will reduce your difficulties in maintaining your vehicle. The LAUNCH, CR319 is beneficial for beginners to handle but experts also can use it without a doubt. It has a budget-friendly and easy-to-use feature that can attract any buyer. With this device, you can receive some guidelines to move on in any troubles or issues. As this gadget contains many more functions, users can feel a better experience with it. This device may protect your vehicle from any disturbances with its practical functions. So grab it and have an incredible experience right now!


Question: Is it challenging to handle any OBD2 scanner like LAUNCH CR319?

Answer: It is not challenging to handle any OBD2 scanner tool like LAUNCH CR319. Because this device has been developed by keeping in mind that any beginner or DIYer can use it ideally. It is a very user-friendly device with a lower cost. It is not necessary to become an expert to maintain this gadget. 

Question: When do I have to upgrade software?

Answer: If you can find any issues or trouble with the device, then you may upgrade the software. It is very easy to upgrade software with this device. You can easily upgrade your one instantly when it is necessary. 

Question: What is the process of upgrading the software?

Answer: After completing registration, you can upgrade it. To upgrade the software, at first, you have to use an internet connection. Internet connection is needed to be connected with the Launch official website. Then you have to download as well as install the software. After installing, please make sure to connect it with your OBD2 scanner tool. In this stage, you have to use a USB cable to connect with the OBD2 scanner. And lastly, with your computer, please select the option, “update tool”. If you still have additional questions related to the Launch OBD2 CR319 code reader review article, please comment below.