Launch X431 Pros Mini Review in 2024

With a 7.0” HD touchscreen, the launch X431 pros mini can be an ideal scanner device for vehicle repair shop owners or professional mechanics. This OBD2 diagnostic scanner device is an amazing product with eleven special functions. These special functions are for making the user’s life hassle-free. Moreover, the device offers ECU coding,  complete OBD2 system diagnosis, TPMS reset, etc. Besides these, the diagnostic device is entirely a bi-directional scanner tool. With broad coverage and compatibility, the tool provides two years of updating opportunities to the consumer. In this Launch X431 Pros Mini review section, we will discuss the incredible build and design specifications of the product.

You can experience live data and anti-theft functions with this great gadget. The anti-theft feature will protect you from the thief. Interestingly, it provides an extensive run time that is about eight hours. So you can rely on this Launch X431 series to get proper and qualitative services. 

Technical Specification Of The Launch X431 Pros Mini OBD2 Scanner


Launch X431 Pros Mini

Display Resolution:  1024 x 600
Item Dimensions:  15.91 x 11.89 x 4.21 inches
Screen Size:  7.0 inches HD Touchscreen
Material Type:  Plastic
Operating System:  Android 7.0
Memory:  32GB
Camera:  Rear 5.0 Megapixel Camera
Vehicle Coverage:  91 Car Brands and 10000+ Cars supported
Language Support:  English, Italian, Chinese Simplified, German, Japanese, Russian, French, Chinese Traditional, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Arabic, Danish, Korean, Persian, Romania, Serbia, Finnish, Swedish, Czech, etc.
Battery:  4680mAh


Software Version:  Newest
Item Type:  Engine Analyzer
Voltage:  12v
Special Features:  Wifi, Bluetooth
Item Weight:  7.45 pounds
Hardware Version:  Newest
Electronic:  Yes
Injector Coding:  Yes
EPB Reset:  Yes
Oil Reset:  Yes
ABS Brake Bleeding:  Yes
TPMS Service:  Yes
BMS Service:  Yes
SAS Reset:  Yes
Technician support: Free and in time
Item Type:  Battery Testers


2 Years Online Free update

Bi-directional Scan Tool Launch X431 Pro Mini Review

Now let’s consider some significant characteristics of the launch X431 pros mini to observe the device more clearly.

Anti-theft functionality

When a diagnostic device can ensure the safety of a vehicle, then the user can be relaxed. Since it is imperative to keep the car protected from the thief, the launch X431 pros mini provides the characteristics to keep the vehicle safe. With the help of programming new keys and removing lost key data into the ECU database, the diagnostic device protects the car. On the other hand, the IMMO function offered by the scanner gadget tights the security of your vehicle. For any level of the vehicle owner, this functionality is valuable and crucial.

Wireless functionality

A diagnostic scanner with wireless service is very straightforward to carry and handle. The user can maintain the scanner according to their preference, you can handle a wireless tool from a distance, and you do no need to carry a cable. It sometimes becomes a hassle to bear a thread. 

The Launch X431 OBD2 scanner tool provides both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions. So there is no hassle of any cable. It allows you to operate the device inside the garage or under the hood. 

Extensive vehicle coverage and compatibility

The diagnostic scanner tool covers more than one hundred and fifty vehicle makes and ten thousand models. It is suitable for Asian, European, and American brands such as Nissan, BMW, Honda, Mercedes, etc. For those who want to experience more coverage and compatibility, the X431 is then perfect for them. 

Android operating system and ECU coding

In this launch X431 pros mini OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool, you will get a 7.0 Android operating system. With this Android operating system, one can install other Android applications. These applications are capable of using this diagnostic tool to diagnose the trouble codes. 

The scanner tool allows ECU coding, module replacement, and online coding. You can disclose hidden aspects and modify the ECU for ninety-nine percent of cars. With the help of the latest ECU function, you can learn, program or match replaced ECU for turning the actuators on or off. Figuring out the disturbances in sub-systems except by using vehicle control is possible. 

Launch X431 Pros Mini Supports Special Reset functions

With the Launch X431 Pros mini 3.0, one can experience thirty-one different and special reset functions. Some reset functions are Tire Pressure Monitor System Reset, Oil Reset Service, ABS Bleeding, Gear Learning, Electronic Parking Brake Reset, ABS Bleeding, etc. Besides these, the OBD2 scanner tool provides Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration, Electronic Throttle Position Reset, Battery Register, and so on. These functions are enough to fix 99% of the issues with your vehicle. Launch X431 Pro Mini Review

Live data and printing results.

The device can view live data and store these. So with the gadget, you can diagnose as well as analyze any problem instantly. The device allows you to print diagnostic results if you desire. For printing this, you must have a launch manufactured printer. With some simple presses, you will be able to print the result. 

Free software upgrading and warranty 

To keep pace with the rest of the world, it is crucial to communicate with the latest technology. Free software upgrading allows you to use the latest features and technologies. So it is vital to update the software and consume the technological blessings. When your device provides free software updating opportunities, you can reduce pressure and save money. 

The launch X431 pros mini serves as a free software upgrading the facility to its consumers at a specific period. After registering, you can avail of this offer for two years. Connecting the Wi-Fi with your diagnostic tool lets you instantly operate the upgrading process. In addition, the scanner tool offers five years of warranty to its consumers. For any problem, you can consult with the experts. The service center is always prepared for you. 

Intuitive user interface and Sturdy construction

The OBD2 scanner tool contains 7.0 inches of a touch screen with high resolution,  the newest 3.0 version, a 4680mAh battery, a Rear 5.0 Megapixel Camera, and 32 GB of memory. The user can feel comfortable with the device because the icons are so transparent. It is very straightforward to locate various functions with the scanner device. 

On the other hand, the user can have a sturdy and compact gesture with the device because of the waterproof, drop-resistant, and grease-resistant context of the X431 pros mini.

Multilingual menu of Launch X431 Pros Mini

With twenty-four language support, the X431 serves a multilingual menu. When your native language is not English, then you can use the menu to become comfortable. The multilingual menu includes Chinese traditional, Persian, German, Chinese Simplified, Spanish, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, French, etc.Launch X431 Pros Mini

Now let’s consider some benefits and detriments of the Launch X431 pros mini.


  • This is a bi-directional OBD2 scanner tool.
  • With the diagnostic tool, you can enjoy more than thirty reset functions.
  • It offers a multilingual menu with twenty-four different languages.
  • The X431 contains a high-end hardware configuration.
  • The Launch X431 pros mini supports extensive vehicle coverage and compatibility.
  • You can experience auto VIN and various of the latest technologies with the OBD2 scanner tool.
  • The diagnostic device serves diagnostic reports and lives data. 
  • This Launch scanner gadget offers the consumer a warranty and free software upgrading opportunity. 
  • It offers waterproof context and user-friendly constructions. 


  • Sometimes, upgrading procedures may be time-consuming. 
  • Comparatively, the device may not be budget-friendly to some consumers. 


We have highlighted how features and design specifications make this device an appreciative unit throughout this Launch X431 Pros Mini review article. Launch Pros mini 3.0 is an upgraded version that offers key programming, bi-directional scan, more than thirty-one reset functions, and so on. Moreover, the device allows Autovin technology for the active test, FCA SGW, free updates, etc. With internet connectivity and the latest technological contexts, the OBD2 scanner tool serves more than it costs. It can be amazing for a professional technician and garage owner because only a few products in the market beat the pros mini 3.0. With this versatile device, you can enjoy the multilingual menu with twenty-four languages, free software upgrading, five years of warranty, extensive compatibility, and coverage. In addition, the Launch includes an ECU coding facility for the consumer. Furthermore, for the user, the gadget contains advanced OE-Level functions too. 

As an advanced automotive diagnostic device, it is one of the most popular models of Launch. So you can be confident to buy the product. 


Which is better between the Autel ms906 or the Launch X431 Pros mini?

If you talk about functionalities and performance both, then the Launch X431 Pros mini is better than the Autel ms906. Because this pro mini not only performs ECU coding but also offers many more functions and features than the Autel ms906. But if the expense concept arises, the launch X431 Pros mini is more expensive than the other one. So, according to your necessity and budget, you have to fix the appropriate one. 

Is the software upgrade free for a lifetime?

The Launch X431 Pros mini 3.0 serves the facility of software updating to the users. But it is for only a certain period and the period is two years. You have to pay for it after two years.