LAUNCH X431 Review [31+ Reset Functions/IMMO/ECU]

You can get one of the economic devices with various advanced and latest functionalities with the Launch X431 Diagun v. It is the latest and upgraded version of the Launch x431 Diagun iv. The Launch X431 scanner tool performs ECU coding, active tests, relearn reset services, key programming, and so on. You can get thirty-two GB of RAM with an amazing configuration. The automotive scanner device offers a warranty and free upgrading advantage to the customer. For more details, it is necessary to read our LAUNCH X431 review.

With this scanner tool, a user can experience many OE-level functions such as offline coding, setting, and changeover, AutoAuth, Personalization, Online Parameterization, etc. On the other hand, the X431 Diagun v serves outstanding compatibility and coverage with more than one thousand vehicle models. For the professional mechanic or technician, the tool is really impressive! 

Technical Specification Of The Launch X431 Diagun V OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool

Features Launch X431 Diagun v
Operating System:  Android 7.0
Item Dimensions:  3.93 x 8.59 x 1.44 inches
Screen Size: 5.5 Inches
Item Weight:  5.15 Pounds
Power Source:  Battery Powered
Display Resolution: 720 × 1280 pixels
Frequency:  1.3GHz (4-core)
Wifi:  2.4GHz
Battery:  4680mAh
ROM:  32GB
Language:  24 Language Support
Oil Reset Service:  Yes
Injector Coding:  Yes
TMPS Reset:  Yes
Remote Diagnosis:  No
Online Programming:  No
Auto VIN:  Yes
Battery Register:  Yes
ABS Bleeding:  Yes
Active Test:  Yes
Bidirectional Test:  Yes
EPB Reset:  Yes
Free Upgrade:  2 Years

ECU Programmable Launch X431 V Review 2023

This Launch X431 Diagun v is an all-system diagnostic scanner tool, along with a bi-directional diagnostic tool also. With more than thirty-one reset functions, it provides qualitative performances so that the consumer can instantly find any disturbance and fix it immediately. So let us check some prime aspects of the Launch X431 Diagun v OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool.

Bi-Directional Device

The Launch X431 Diagun v is a bi-directional device that serves bi-directional control or active test. This feature is very crucial to command a module or requesting information to perform certain functions and tests. With the help of the diagnostic scanner device, you can experience many advantages. It can actuate relays, coils, injectors, etc. on the other hand, the OBD2 scanner code reader can perform system tests also. For functional testing, the tool actuates actuators and solenoid valves. With this aspect, it is possible to find out the issue instantly. 

Key FOB Programming

It may be an ordinary matter to lose the key to the vehicle. There are so many diagnostic scanner tools that fail to serve a system that will help overcome the disturbance when one loses any way to enter the car. With the help of Launch X431 Diagun v, it is possible to experience a key fob programming feature. This characteristic enables a person to enter the car by providing a new one. But before copying the key, it is necessary to keep in mind that the person needs to have the PIN of the vehicle. You can say that is an excellent feature of this device for the betterment of the customer. 

LAUNCH X431 Offers Advanced ECU Coding

It is a common and crucial part of every automobile actuator to have an ECU with a record code.  The code mobilizes the activity of the automobile computer. 

With the X431 Diagun v, a consumer can enjoy the advanced ECU coding. The function changes modules and disables annoying functions, unfolded parts, and so on. Moreover, it enables you to get more personality settings. 

Reset service functions

Now in this launch x431 scanner reviews section, we will discuss its different service functions. The diagnostic scanner tool presents thirty-one of the reset services functions to the consumer. It includes Steering Angle Calibration, Battery Register, Oil Reset Service, and Tire Pressure Monitor System Reset. Moreover, the tool provides Fuel Injector Coding, Electronic Parking Brake Reset, and Gear Learning. You can get ABS Bleeding, Immobilizer Matching, Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration, and Electronic Throttle Position Reset with the Launch X431 Diagun v.

For removing the steering angle calibration records and operating this function, this scanner tool assists the user. On the other hand, it is significant to perform the bleed brake system to restore the ABS brake sensitivity. With the help of the diagnostic gadget, one can activate as well as to deactivate the brake control system and control the brake fluid. 

Furthermore, for observing the battery charge status, registering the battery replacement, and monitoring the closed-circuit current, you have to depend on the X431 Diagun v because it has a battery maintenance function.  So it is very transparent that the scanner diagnostic gadget enables a person to solve any issue through various processes and characteristics.

LAUNCH X431 Scanner Supports OE-Level Functions 

This OBD2 diagnostic scanner device includes many more OE-LEVEL functions gradually. It provides settings and changes over that is to cancel ABS driving test, unlock the engine, and AdBlue reset procedures for the BENZ cars. On the contrary, the tool supplies auto auth for FCA SGW for the Fiat, Dodge, Chrysler, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, and after 2017 and the latest. Moreover, you can get personalization for the Subaru, Porsche, Toyota, and BMW. It gives a chance to experience Online Parameterization for the Seat, Volkswagen, Skoda, and Audi.

Vehicle compatibility and coverage

An ideal diagnostic scanner tool always contains the characteristics of having a significant level of vehicle compatibility and coverage. Without this aspect, most of the scanner tools lose their acceptance. LAUNCH X431 is compatible with more than ten thousand car models, and it supports over 150 vehicle makes. The device can perform for all of the systems of a car, including ABS, Engine, Power strain, and SRS. Furthermore, it serves as an Emission system, Transmission, Brake system, and Chassis.

Warranty and upgrading facilities

You do not get a contract or free updating advantages from all of the products. A warranty makes a product more attractive. On the other hand, when people get a positive effect from free updating, they can do the task randomly and stay up to date. 

With the Launch X431 Diagun v, a consumer can get a warranty of sixty months. This facility really raises the faith and belief in the product. 

The versatile gadget also offers a free upgrading facility to the user for twenty-four months. It enables the consumer to easily use the latest features, more storage, advanced technologies, and speedy outcomes. 

Diagnostic report print and data analysis

Most of the time, the printed report helps to analyze the data for the latter experiment. Many diagnostic tools fail to provide the opportunity to print out the information for further analysis. But with the X431 Diagun v, you have the chance to do it. 

The tool automatically produces a diagnostic report after finishing a successful diagnostic operation. Then the device saved the data and sent it via mail to the user for printing it. On the contrary, the versatile gadget displays multiple live data through graphs. Now let us check some advantages and disadvantages of the Launch X431 Diagun v OBD2 Diagnostic scanner tool.

Some pros of the Launch X431 Diagun v

  • The scanner device has outstanding compatibility and coverage that can attract a potential buyer.
  • This Launch X431 Diagun v OBD2 DIAGNOSTIC scanner tool includes many advanced and latest technologies for professionals and experts.
  • You can get enough storage in this diagnostic tool.
  • It provides bi-directional controls for the users. 
  • With the scanner tool, it is possible to get more than thirty-one service functions. 
  • Launch X431 Diagun v can perform all system diagnoses.
  • You can experience with the X431 Diagun v many more OE-level functions.
  • It offers sixty months of warranty.
  • For the consumer, the diagnostic scanner tool contains free upgrading advantages for two years.
  • Launch can print and analyze the diagnostic reports. 


  • After two years, the user has to pay for further upgrading.
  • The advanced features may not be suitable for all of the cars.

Final Verdict

You have already known about the tool by reading our LAUNCH X431 reviews. The diagnostic scanner tool is actually one of the best products of the Launch that provides many more advanced features and characteristics. With 16 x 14 x 5 inches and ‎5.15 pounds, the scanner device includes 5.5 Inches of the screen. The user-friendly characteristics and reasonable price of the gadget will make you comfortable buying the scanner tool. Launch X431 Diagun v supplies extensive vehicle coverage and compatibility so that it can be one of the best choices for a technician or a garage owner. 

The automotive diagnostic scanner tool includes a warranty and accessible upgrading facilities for the betterment of the customer. So feel free to pick up this gadget for professional use. 


Between the Launch x431 Diagun iv and Launch x431 Diagun v, Which one will serve better performance?

From these two diagnostic scanner devices, you can select the second one. Because the x431 Diagun v is the upgraded version of x431 Diagun iv. So definitely you will get better performance from the latter one than the first one. 

Does the diagnostic code reader re-calibrate electronic throttle position sensors?

Yes, why not! This scanner tool contains basic as well as many advanced characteristics. It is possible to re-calibrate electronic throttle position sensors with the help of Launch x431 Diagun v.