LAUNCH X431 V Pro Review [Full Bidirectional Scan Tool]

LAUNCH X431 V Pro is an automotive diagnostic scanner tool that is suitable for professionals. If you are a professional vehicle mechanic or a garage owner, then the reason why this tool suits you can be revealed here through the LAUNCH X431 V Pro review article. 

With the help of X431 V pro, the user can enjoy over thirty-one reset services that will help keep the vehicle flawless. This bi-directional OBD2 scanner operates ECU coding. On the other hand, it includes the latest and better configuration and hardware. So the consumer can get an excellent as well as outstanding interior and exterior gesture of this scanner tool. Since the device contains many advanced and latest technology such as auto VIN, it is effortless to consume the best features that were not possible with an average or entry-level diagnostic tool. This automotive scan tool seems to be a tablet so that the user can use it conveniently. If one knows how to operate a mobile or tablet, she can instantly maintain the gadget. 

You can get a warranty along with free upgrading opportunities with this tablet scanner. Moreover, one of the most exciting matters is its extensive compatibility and coverage, which many vehicle owners, mechanics, or garage owners desire. Like most diagnostic scanner tools, the LAUNCH X431 V Pro also offers a multilingual menu to attract a buyer. 

Technical Specification Of The LAUNCH X431 V Pro 4.0 OBD2 Scanner

Features LAUNCH X431 V Pro
Operating System:  Android 9.0
Weight:  12.58 Pounds
Item Dimensions:  7.83 x 4.11 x 4.11 inches
Screen Size:  8 inches
Power Source:  Battery Powered
Storage:  32GB+128GB(Extendable)
Camera:  5.0 MP Pixel (Rear)+2.0 MP Pixel (Real)
Wi-Fi:  2.4GHz & 5GHz Dual-Frequency
Processor:  1.4GHz to 2.0 GHz Quad-core
Language:  25 Free Language
Battery:  5000mAh
Battery Life:  10 Hours NON-STOP Using Time
Oil Lamp Reset:  Yes
Suspension Reset:  Yes
SAS Reset:  Yes
EPB Reset:  Yes
TPMS Reset:  Yes
DPE Reset:  Yes
Injector Coding:  Yes
Gearbox Reset:  Yes
Updates:  2 Years Free Update
Warranty:  5 Years Warranty

4x Faster LAUNCH X431 V Pro 4.0 Review 2023

So get ready to see some significant features of the Launch X431 V Pro OBD2 diagnostic scanner and automotive tablet device to know it thoroughly.

Bi-directional control and real active tests

With the help of the X431 V Pro, you can enjoy the bi-directional control because the device is entirely a bidirectional scanner tool. With the help of this characteristic, one can know If there occurs any problem or the specific component, subsystems, and systems are performing correctly. By commanding a tested ECU, a consumer can understand the context. This effective scanner gadget helps the user maintain the activity of the actuator and assists in sending the order to the tested ECUs. 

With this outstanding device, you can perform active tests or two-way communication. In this aspect, it is possible to perform inspection tests, functional tests, actuator tests, system tests, etc. It allows to perform Door Lock tests, Fuel Pumps on or off, EVAP tests, and Open Brakes tests. Apart from these, the diagnostic tablet device operates Injector Buzz Test, Switch cylinder correction on or off, Tank Ventilation, cycling the a/c, and Solenoid valve. With this versatile tablet tool, you can experience Modulate the throttle, EGR test, A/C Compressor Activation, clutch on and off, etc. 

Reset and relearn functions

You will get more than thirty-four reset and relearn functions with this X431 V Pro. The OBD2 scanner device gives the parts including Brake, TPMS, ETS, AFS, Gear, and Reset ENGINE. Furthermore, it performs SUNROOF, GEARBOX, BMS, Oil, ABS Bleeding, IMMO, SAS, ABS, Injector coding, Transmission, and so on. A user can solve almost all problems, and more specifically, she can fix ninety-nine percent of issues with the help of these functions. 

Extensive compatibility and coverage

A garage owner and mechanic searches for a diagnostic scanner tool that can provide impressive vehicle coverage and compatibility to its users. Because they are used to repairing different vehicles of different models, they have to maintain various cars in other companies. If the diagnostic scanner tool fails to provide an adequate coverage facility, it will be a useless device.

The Launch X431 V Pro offers this feature with quality. It supports ninety-one percent of vehicles worldwide, including Malaysian, Indian, American, European brands. It is suitable for brands such as BENZ, LINCOLN, IKCO, FIAT, MAZDA, etc. The device works for up to one hundred and fifty car brands with ten thousand models. That is really amazing! For a technician or professional vehicle maintenance purpose, this will assist you with all its effort. 

LAUNCH X431 V Pro Has a Multilingual menu

A multilingual menu is a crucial characteristic of any device because the user who does not know English properly can maintain the machine. People always want to communicate in their own language because a native language brings happiness and comfort.

It is exciting that LAUNCH X431 V Pro offers twenty-four languages to the users. Besides English, It offers German, Dutch, Russian, Turkish, Finnish, and so many other languages. With this context, a consumer can operate the scanner tool more comfortably. 

Software Connections

In the Launch X431 V Pro OBD2 diagnostic scanner and automotive tablet device, a consumer can connect it with Bluetooth because the device runs on open-source android 9.0 along with 4.0 Bluetooth technology. So a user can easily maintain the gadget and can cope with the latest world. The operating system is one of the fastest systems, so the tool is very speedy and smooth. 

On the other hand, you can get a one-click update opportunity with this versatile gadget. It means anyone can update the software without any hassle. The scanner device provides instructions on how to update the software. 

Software upgrading and warranty

For keeping the device advanced and up to date, there is no alternative to upgrading the software. But many scanner tools do not provide the facility to get the software updates free. This X431 V Pro offers accessible software upgrading facilities to the consumer for up to two years. With a Wi-Fi connection, you can update it instantly anywhere. So a busy mechanic will definitely love the device. After that period, the user must have to pay a certain fee to upgrade. 

The diagnostic scanner device provides sixty months of warranty. That is really outstanding service. The psychology of a potential buyer says a warranty attracts most in buying any product. They can rely on the product that serves security. So undoubtedly, this is an advantage for the consumer. 

Impressive and better hardware 

The X431 V Pro has 2.4GHz&5GHz Dual-Frequency Wi-Fi,3.0 hardware, and Open Android 9.0 OS. Moreover, it serves a 4x Faster transmission rate than older, 32+128GB(EXTENDABLE) storage, and 5000mAh more substantial battery capacity. Apart from these, it offers a CPU Processor Updated from 1.4GHz to 2.0 GHz quad-core with 8XFaster AUTO VIN Technology. 

Now it is transparent that the automotive diagnostic tablet scanner contains impressive and more robust hardware than before. The user will enjoy its benefits and advantages. 

Exterior Design Of LAUNCH X431 V Pro Scanner

It is a very crucial part of any device because, on the basis of an exterior design of a gadget, one can assume how long it can run. On the other hand, a user can have comfort with an appropriate gesture of a tool. The scanner device includes 18.5 x 14.33 x 6.81 inches with 12.58 pounds. On the contrary, it requires one Lithium-ion battery to operate, which is included with the tool. The user-friendly and robust design of this automotive scanner helps the consumer to maintain it effortlessly. LAUNCH X431 V Pro 4.0

Now consider some positive and opposing sides which are listed below our LAUNCH X431 V Pro reviews section.

Some Positive sides of the Launch X431 V Pro OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool

  • This tool is very easy and comfortable to use.
  • It is an updated version of Launch X431 Pros Mini 
  • X431 V Pro has a greaseproof, dustproof, drop resistant, and waterproof nature. 
  • It covers impressive coverage and compatibility.
  • You can get two years of software updating opportunities with this tool.
  • The Launch X431 V Pro offers five years of warranty.
  • The Launch has extensive storage.
  • It is a wireless diagnostic scanner tool that has convenient and straightforward connectivity.
  • This obd2 diagnostic scanner tool contains a multilingual menu.
  • With the help of Launch X431 V Pro, the user can experience the latest and advanced technologies. 

Some opposing sides

  • Comparatively, it is one of the most expensive scanner tools of Launch.
  • It can not perform mileage correction for cars.

Bottom Line

No gadget in the world is entirely flawless. From there, you must search for a device that has comparatively lower flaws and can perform well. LAUNCH X431 V Pro gives you the scope that you can adequately utilize your money and save it wisely in vehicle maintenance. This scanner tool is a popular diagnostic gadget that contains advanced features. On the other hand, the gadget serves better performance and qualitative characteristics to save your precious time and money. 


Does it work with the heavy-duty module?

Since the Launch OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool allows ECU coding for gasoline and 12v diesel vehicles, it is suitable for SUVs, MPVs, 12V cars, Pickup, and so on. Though the gadget has extensive vehicle compatibility and coverage, it fails with a 24V heavy-duty truck.

Is it mandatory to update the software?

Not at all. It is not mandatory to re-update the software. The decision is really up to you. But if you want to be up-to-date, then it is compulsory to re-upgrade the software.