Razor A2 Kick Scooter For Kids- User Opinion and Review

Why should your kid walk when they can use a kick scooter to school, park, or even playground? A kick scooter is easy to use and fun at the same time. You have to get a quality kick scooter for your kid, such as the Razor A2 kick scooter.

Razor A2 kick scooter is affordable but reliable for 5-year-old and above kids. It is sturdily made, lightweight, foldable, adjustable, and has a wheelie bar for doing tricks. So, not only will your kid learn how to balance a scooter, but they can also learn how to do scooter tricks with the Razor A2 kick scooter.

In this Razor A2 kick scooter review article, we have included most of the information you need to know about the scooter so that you can make an informed choice. Continue reading to find out more.

Honest review- What features make the Razor A2 kick scooter stand out?

Excellent Construction 

The Razor A2 kick scooter is made from top-quality aluminum. Not only is aluminum durable, but it’s also lightweight. Therefore, your 5-year-old kid won’t have trouble lifting the scooter from one sidewalk or pavement to another. Additionally, they will have an easy time loading and offloading the scooter from your car’s trunk.

Other parts are also well made as it comes with two polyurethane wheels, foam grips, a wheelie bar, and a front suspension system. Overall, this scooter is well-built to defy harsh conditions.

Beautiful design 

When buying a scooter for your kid, it is crucial to look for a beautiful design that will stand out from their peers. That’s what the Razor A2 kick scooter offers. This scooter is beautifully designed and comes in a variety of colors. As a result, you can easily select a scooter with a color that your kid loves.

Razor A2 Kick Scooter is Lightweight and Portable

Why pick a scooter that your 5-year-old kid will have trouble lifting to and from the car trunk? The Razor A2 kick scooter is very light, making it perfect for young kids. With 6 pounds, it is one of the most lightweight kick scooters on the market. Therefore, lifting it from one place to another or keeping it away shouldn’t be a problem for small and big kids.

Solid wheels  

Urethane wheels may not be the best for rough or bumpy surfaces, but they are solidly built to last long. What’s more, they don’t need maintenance as they don’t have a tube inside. On top of that, these wheels are resistant to abrasion, solvents, and chemicals.

The Razor A2 kick scooter comes with 95mm polyurethane wheels. Not only are the wheels durable, but they are also small, which is crucial for young kids learning tricks or riding a two-wheeled scooter.

Vibration dampening front suspension 

A unique feature of the Razor A2 scooter is the vibration dampening front suspension. This feature helps to smoothen the ride and keep the scooter in control. So, if you hit a bump or rough surface, the ride will still be smooth, and you will easily control the scooter.

Foldable and adjustable

A good scooter for daily use should be foldable and adjustable. A scooter with a foldable frame, such as the Razor A2 kick scooter, allows the rider to securely keep the scooter in the storeroom without using up a lot of space. Also, it is easier to transport such a scooter.

On the other hand, an adjustable scooter allows kids of different heights to ride the scooter safely and comfortably. Besides, your kid can grow old with the scooter.

Comfortable foam grips 

A good kick scooter should be of the right height and style, but it should also have comfortable grips so that the rider can comfortably control the scooter. Razor A2 kick scooter comes with foam grips that offer comfort so that you won’t feel any hits and runs of the wheels on your hand.

It has a wheelie bar  

Since the Razor A2 kick scooter has a wheelie bar at the rear, your kid can do stunts such as a wheelie. But you should ensure that your kid is confident and ready to do tricks before allowing them to. Also, they should know how to balance correctly to avoid accidents from happening.

The Scooter comes with a rear fender brake 

All Razor A kick scooters come with rear fender brakes. This brake should be applied slowly and not once for safe stopping of the scooter. With these brakes, you can relax knowing that your kid will be safe if they apply emergency brakes.

No assembly needed

Not every person is a DIYer. Therefore, since the Razor A2 scooter doesn’t need assembly, you don’t have to worry about putting parts together before your kid can start enjoying the ride. You will only have to tighten the bolts for your kid to start riding the scooter.

It comes with a 6-month warranty 

Razor has complete trust in its scooters, and that’s why they provide a 6-month warranty. If you have any doubts or issue with the scooter, you can get in touch with the manufacturer for a replacement or repair within 6-months.

Who should ride the Razor A2 Kick Scooter?

The Razor A2 kick scooter is built for 5-plus-year-old kids. What’s more, it can be used by even adults, as long as they don’t exceed 143 pounds. Nonetheless, this can be challenging as most adults will be taller than the recommended height of this scooter. Regardless, this scooter is perfect for kids aged between 5 and 13 years.

Additionally, kids aged below five years can still use this scooter if they have the confidence to ride a two-wheeled scooter and know how to balance a scooter.

Features we like

  • Durable construction
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • The scooter can be folded and adjusted
  • It has a rear fender brake for safe riding
  • It can support up to 143 pounds
  • The ride is smooth and quiet
  • It features a wheelie bar for stunts
  • No assembly is needed
  • The manufacturer provides a 6-month warranty

What are the limitations?

  • The wheels are not suitable for bumpy or rough terrain
  • The break wears out faster

Final Thoughts

The Razor A2 kick scooter is among the best entry-level 2-wheeled kick scooters on the market. Not only is this scooter affordable, but it is also simple to use. On top of that, the scooter is light for easy carry and storage. What’s more, it can be folded to take up less space in the trunk. Since it can also be adjusted, your kid can grow with it.

Nonetheless, it comes with urethane wheels that are not good on bumpy or rough surfaces. Besides, the rear fender brake wears out faster. Generally, it is an excellent scooter meant for kids aged 5-plus years. It can be used for tricks in skatepark or fun riding around the sidewalk.

FAQs on Razor A2 Kick Scooter

How does the Razor A2 kick scooter compare to the Razor A3 scooter?

These two scooters have a lot of similarities making some people confuse them. However, the Razor A3 has slightly larger wheels, and it is relatively heavier than the Razor A2 kick scooter. Additionally, the Razor A3 is more durable than the Razor A2 as it’s made from aircraft-grade aluminum, while the latter is made from aluminum.

How many color options does the Razor A2 have?

The manufacturer offers the Razor A2 in six colors. These include black, red, green, blue, purple, clear/black, and red/black. This allows parents to select a favorite color for their young kids.

Does the Razor A2 come with light-up wheels?

No, the Razor A2 kick scooter does not feature light-up wheels. This includes the rear and front wheel. If you want to light up wheels, you may have to look for another scooter.

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